Slacker and Steve - Brutal Breakups 5/21

Monday, May 21st


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Staying on and so the way you breakup with people. Cook and not always always mean what am I doing right. I feel like you do right now that I've read all these stories that we asked. I feel like you they are all ice futures. What Steve does when he's breaking up somebody's been slow ghost you know. Or she makes them feel like it's their idea. Yes like two it guides you get a moody like wait a historic. Don't forget it. To other. This is OK I run to remember you know words are around. We had a couple stories and we wanna hear yours although we all of brutal C. Brutal brutal breakup slow ghost is always better the rumor ago. Yeah opposite of the brutal limit some dude. Decided she wanted to break up with his wife. So key. As he's out I mean. It's got a mistress I think part of the stories we're just weird well so on. He disappear. Them his wife reported him missing there was a massive manhunt hunt for an. And eventually someone finally spotted him by the side of the road about twenty miles away weird. He told the FBI he had been kidnapped by two guys and take into the motorcycle shop people own where they robbed. There Ike goes soldier's career is securities and he's like. Well well you roll. For now they'll. The dream visible Julie Sawyer and embryos does what we come at the on the footage because we never demand. Armed there's nothing on the footage yeah then he said Bynum and then. I was kidnapped by a motorcycle. And if all of okay now doesn't dabble again I know what I heard a Laker. I Kirk guys. Bombed and they need they took me because I owed them money. So they looked in that answer who knows all bone. So he finally does it look I got amateurs and I wanted to say he kidnappings are you doing my wife and his B with a rubber like day Netanyahu chickened out Tony miles away and yes subs on the road so his wife had to find out after sending him the federal authorities looking for him. Believing he was dead and more kidnapped by. Two motorcycle guys are butcher motorcycle guys just. It really is China relations or somebody other than her. Right and now every radio show is doing this story and she gets to keep re married calls her. Dennis the doctor. Turned it into brutal break itself. I get to hear stories of people who have broken up was harder and I are deeper if there was one and we even had somebody called in before prom. Where she went over to her boyfriend's house and yet his mom knew it. You can literally. He was sitting at the dinner table she was the mouthpiece she went ahead and later all out you did it. Even look up that he has kept looking down and then I I wish you would had a response like go off on him through mom yes like she used to. Point seven thank god for. It's a thumb sliding newspaper across deals with Tom so we're gonna search for the most from brutal. Awful break out this one person and was headed back to college. Well I guess she was headed home from college. And she's I honestly backed in a week or whatever so she's going home and on the train platform shook her boyfriend she's like. Don't worry I'll imagine we don't see you then he's like no you won't boo. Do it in the conductors like oh yeah exactly what doors close she should just order. Sure sure we don't break arms if the so they they broke he'd like Joseph literally running back. New momentum off with Ted dump term nobody knew he's like he's had reason for sixteen world are you back. I'm good thanks for all of more. It's art we can't talk about those are not beyond. You have fun train ride off season. Though moon somebody else this sounds pretty awful. She got she she didn't like her boyfriend turned their app. In trouble but she was very unique she couldn't find the courage to like telling the things she didn't like so. And she got drunk. And then told him everything. It just laid it out just went off saying I'm sick as supporting you financially and sickened catering cheer every emotional need and I am done with you were breaking up go by getting out of my life. Hum he came the next day to pick up the stuff and she's night. I said what she remember. Bono here remember regular SEC number Smith is she was hammered and ash should I hammered is just worship and she was remember none of them are not why. You get your stuff for a look good to me I hired him you know Clinton stopped but the I didn't want it now. The last one. They went out to a club. And she went into the bathroom in the club when his buddy and he was like. Dude I'm so sick in his rural I we Jack I'd got to find a way to dumped her is all false statistic. Everything about her now I know Harrison well. On and he realizes they're one of those swanky club where is nice. Well I don't dual agenda is that this is really unisex bathroom so anybody can be in here any found that out as his girlfriend came out on the install this. Okay yeah local metric I guess. I break up with you Compaq how I I have the courage to say to finish not since Paul. There are no fly I'm done with him with a fixed you can cook. At the. Came ready copies you probably damage caused real who has broken up with it looks to either side and whether you're the breaker upper room or the breaker up. We lose money here kidnappings. Horror. What ever it is we won't hear the worst most brutal breakups. Kelly yeah and I really break us. Basically what happened was. I was dating a guy for earth guy if it non. We were put on have a dates. And he hadn't seven year old daughter. And rather than come into the restaurant and break up at me he and his ten year old daughter. You know I've seen no he did not. She just came man and I mean I met her report coalition know she found me and if she is sad that my daddy doesn't want to see you anymore. She these first one we take like I got jealous seven year old but doesn't look bad to being an hour of anybody so she decided I'm so brutal Roy didn't do his dirty work. She wasn't horrible do you AM to his daughter mean to suit her that's not cool act all the rights pursuant seven year old law. And and then she just turned and walked away and that was the end of your relationship. Did you text your call and go what the hell is your problem. Yeah you know wouldn't even talk me after. He that is the ugly this law own a home. While thank you Kelly that's Rudolph who I always just. Yeah. I can snuck. I have heard. I don't have a dating my boyfriend from my early data and we were fifteen. And that we were in college but then what sparked by the ears. And I used to bringing dinner at doing its job and older I was driving all the way at the boulder at the U and I. I don't get because I'm half Italian shop and he ate the entire dinner and when he got down and he said he wanted to date other people. It's broke up with me. My kids are tired and good is. I mean Terri did do probably an element right. Who played ash I soaking it into the Dave because we actually got married and I married. And truth is that good enough to fix it it's going to God's Lehman the other people realize their philosophy wasn't as good as yours. He knew if you took him back with wow that is brutal on a lot of fronts and in the early show us Sarah. Yes brutal break ups. You add boyfriend and the time I got pregnant. And I app and locked ended up losing the baby clothes and the very next eight. He technique thing you know coming out of our apartment because he got I don't know pregnant. 000. Whole wall wore little roller coaster of emotions on that value Ortiz. Is really how bad. Law. Is she still with her do you know or you just like to hear you scorched earth person. Oh I'd say I'd. Like a sweet karma and I got John it turned out to act when they did warrant a night in his. How high those problems in his door that's that is number could feel like. On an exact practiced with now is that it has brutal thank you sir and then on Sarah. Yes brutal break jumps. You add boyfriend and the time I got pregnant. And I app and lock ended up losing the baby clothes and the main X eight. He technique thing you know coming out of our part man because he got I don't know pregnant. I'll whole wall wore little roller coaster of emotions on that value Ortiz. Is really how bad. Law. Is she still with her do you know or you just like to hear you scorched earth person. Oh I say I. Like a sweet karma and I got John it turned out. When they did warrant a night in his. Behind those problems in this door addressed that in zombie computer icon. On an exact tactical unit is that it has brutal thank you sir.