Slacker and Steve - Bug Related Incident 10/17

Tuesday, October 17th


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Steve on the I guess we've got enough clothes stuff sitting here to go DRI on people bug related incidents you if you were gonna go there. Cheer. If you've got an incident with a bugged. Liked idea you know embrace the month. She embraced you know why is it. How many times do we have to do like stupid news stories or just people in general. Read about spiders and bees or anything in their house. You learned that killing a blood we'd find your thank you. The idea. Do you watch or can end commercials or whatever her charm and X or whatever it is. She stayed in there with a rent goes up flames are going to. You're right there. Everyone turns to fly your in your written about bond fire officials in Arizona say Amanda was attempting to burn spiders that. And Kurt have his mobile home you don't hit it but it is seeing Debra mainline. And spotter unnaturally. And Europe born. And mixed. I didn't do Tucson fire responded to a report of smoke and flames coming from a mobile calls for scores. Suzy is in a propane torch to clear the spider webs and it's just another random thing in the truce girl I use I just there rope yeah. Rag. So I think if not what on this why are. Yeah activity multiple units including 23 firefighters elevenths evil he double wide out beauty is. It's as in this story the cause of the fire remains under investigation. We could score points. He's an idiot who took a look at the we didn't. And tortured you would use it underneath his mobile home. Narrowed down to a few other suspects. Don't it seems that this isn't this in the bud really good guys Oprah's show yeah. Confident just compounded within moron. I did this and not get in more than thirty students in high school Maryland were attacked by bees although I know right. He's if you still not been stone I have not outlaw of these still because I don't I don't I don't really fear remain familiar attracted to fear. SY trying to steer ninja career do you and I want credit and that no did you just noise and you lure I had zero momentum where you don't read your fearless. A boy do you remember perhaps are there stocks. Opened you know. Doctors I have no from your mom we can get yeah well Troy god take loser be exploits. They just I think there's deep places do honey Steve but I know there's always those those specific spot where it's like it's. All of us staying. I think to make it happen OK we did two rooms and he Soka show your positive pregnancy tests and the fear comes out of their you can. You talked about it he. It. Well this period I Tivo to Boyle who fear I know you're good so for the still nice to come but I too didn't you down. So you've got an instant. What are we glossed over what more real quick no I didn't there's a story about there's this girl she drove on an island should take a ferry to the mainland to get to school. Well so morning's apparently you have so. All she was walking behind a garbage truck in the worst kind of walk of shame imagine open some sort of ferry hit the dog she was smack in the middle of free decked. In the garbage trucks literally started rainy. Mad gets. We re named Matt hit slacker so yes figure yourself out Micah do you. What's so they were like literally come from the sky. And just follow. You. Hillary is stops. You look at Kennedy. Nor its ratings through your face up and so you're saying you open your mouth and taken the race and regardless this is the part that I take over the garbage out theory but she's. You guys I seriously you are or even yak alleged use graphic. Are you gonna trashed him. OK I think there's maggots in the draft. My. Students. This poor girl had a terrible thing happened you were and the things fell from the sky and that's awful but what you're saying is. Then all garbage trucks are always just they are holes chalk full light just how much to our first yeah. Scott stated you know when it rained maggots it was an okay you know packets are considered designer bag under literally you don't let me put it I. There's nobody is in fact you hate maggot I hate it or not. I east durst goal attempted just think of all the maggots on the ground rules please stop generally sweet to do so myself I would power wash tactics could add a little bit. Yeah mag and high pressure so I don't know any time we go to BRIs did that there are rules. But I'm telling you right now I believe if there's a maggots or darn well we've had our loan. I hate this I was literally. By Gil was in the Akamai throw I was this close because you wouldn't stop 'cause if I look. If I love my brain go to where I'm imagining what happened that girl on no I'm done for the stop. As I know what you're gonna do and it's not gonna work I'm just go Memphis. Steve I swear I will make it my mission to get enough and the bogey reduce all free so girls had mostly you should stop lipstick because I know you're triggers just as much as you know just one yeah. It's just one week I know people who told still reading blogs news much worse bring me the person I would. Take a shower. Followed noted in Booker just sucks it. What it's it's in a heartbeat over before we did in the tub. With VMware L magazine stop with the so I really wanted to help there you are in your business. In your book your shall yeah cricket hero hello I just thought they would narratives over here. It's good I lost the love of freer to world however yet this is the coop. You know it's funny that in hell we'd be roommates. And so what is that it who's being punished not because it's there it's a little bit of ball isn't that if you try if you. Mega stories. It can be beat it can be as spider it can be any bug in the world I just was reading this are maggots are not actually bugs. They're classified as some other species but what are we were right it's I can't remember the species are look it up and along later to him well there's something else so they wouldn't qualify you for a DRI story we'll also take we won't do generally close no we won't close enough. Zero mega store and I guess but if you've got a bug related. Incident we'd love to hear all about wrists to begin the. Yeah I'd be our eyes. Yes well this could well I was campaigning Canada. Anywhere in being locked away that work but we're telling him because. On the heat up another five and you're. Under up by each need. Well I heard it or not like that not pilot unit we had that fire d'alene. There was about thirty SE that I don't know how many I just locking down. I. Was reading Steiner school and raining out there. And yeah. Not because he added you know like Barry I I they're. Big dogs my whole terrain similar sized hole yeah. Oddball we are pretty clean running around. I'm like growing crop art 10. Now my it was OK. With with what I mean. What do you do adapt right eats eat you just. Well we got you Byron latitude. Okay is it the other tiger was not a smoking. Yeah out why you went well. It would would have cyber talent buyer what it. It's always simple I've never heard of that but I can imagine that it would like to show releases smoked it the bugs don't like dead things Centrino like. The lake that is great endorsement for the bug repellent. You'll give them my mosquito but rain helps fireworks this writer has now I'm no. Trees are important but okay. Yeah I know that I know I that is the stuff that we would have given during clamoring mornings or the eyebrows of my life they keep the car seat and oh yeah. Rain. Yeah I hate bug related incidences. Is. So again very separate trash my had been found on the weekends and help them out and we went up near a tiny restaurants. Rain rain rain rain let you need to be very careful because this is a trash story anything goes or I think you're going. I will come to your house it's all it's all good range I'm just saying you and me. Ha ha ha ha maybe a I'm meg. Challenging me right now that he's not your best plan because I just come in my. I've come heroes an all California he he probably will so he. Hit Oregon. So take your own risk I'm just saying if it's bug related incidentally on your kids are all about bonds the. Yeah and under the truck scandal at not being but Mac and its. It. It's a riot I thought it would look right until it started and they have not bad right. I. Oh there was writing I use millions of little pieces are answer can tell you how much I love sushi and we talked about maggots it makes it so I technically there's one piece in there and stop you don't all that's right oh my god helmet over explain. They see Peter. I hate it didn't rain are you okay we're drains. For real the don't answer the door and the. I wouldn't I really brain I'm serious I am an empowering yet are. I think you'll numbering it would be right no but some bring in rice yeah. I'm bringing it up right am I am I am force feeding you write some success at some point tonight. They can't I will bring them yeah you frames you guys are so you are terrible people. Camille. Yeah I did. I. Spoke related incidents for some reason. So when I was twelve I had a really bad cold and I don't look at bat well I went to sleep with but my alphabet. Well woke me up with a eight in my mouth all of that and that that mop and I'm. And I had lost his office I couldn't afford it's still what I call it dubbed a little bit dust proof it just proved moss whom. Yeah how does that. Actually I caught and dust actually came out I amount. Oh yeah cockroach what do you us it was gusting all right this just decided to die your match this time there was like yeah yeah. They do we you know you know wasn't the only mosque there was others all my guys are true I don't know how many years later. At the pace she'll miss the call it's awful moaning pounds. Andrea. Amber and I were a little these tired from work in an unrelated incidents. Well what are younger my brother used to do like irritate piled on tighter. Endless brother element older okay little decided that he would do it and nobody at home when and his friends. Judge okay okay to act caring and believe it aren't tired. Tired trail led back to pick our camera didn't understand the fire exit will be able to do at his friend which hit him. India Iron Lady on tired well see Redick and older and put the house and both Jimmy boy out of sight. In the hands relatives sit there watching the floor show us what often and I'm going gone it's a it's the bombs. That sounds yeah I don't don't have the right here and bugs hide out it. You or demands to the Gaza into the hole used by Eric Stephens. Yeah I bug related incidents. This web site or so when arrogant college read several other oust. The summer and a Wii U wanna like garbage tech hat I don't know each bag or garbage. Oh you guys you guys EU we didn't just the story would garbage I already know what you gonna do. Install. Oh I'm just a guy watching a horror movie you've won don't go outside and. My side too much does a huge roller Gaza garbage story I don't know what you did you do it well ahead what are. Terrorists could put all the garbage elements to hillside remote gets in the greeted news mentions and lest there all summer and we're gonna take it to the dump at the end of the summer gas and at a time the story ended there is like an inch worth of guards do you in the room oh hole coating of baguette screwing in the carpet so in Denver it's car it's. In the carpet like embedded with. Soon look like her to themselves. You can harness. And let's yeah.