Slacker and Steve - Bug Related Incident 4/10

Monday, April 10th

With the warm weather returning, it means one thing…bugs! We want to hear about your worst encounters with them. Tell us your bug related incident

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Steve are there. I think to go home why I don't want deaconess. A from eagle my kids' school on my daughter just recently had two on. Had a touch bugs it's cool although I'm book for a great like on purpose yes I'll cut you a thing where it's like earth warms up and oh yeah I mean. Which she has been exposed so she's got a lot of friends who like in do it might save spiders and to get butterflies in steals this button but not in our house is a cool thing so my daughter just had a bug related incident. At school well I don't do dates or shoot I don't think dating did you in. But it's I mean I saw these pictures summer class and all these kids are home worms. Dude you're not that guy. I knew leader I enjoy session means script. I'm like hit you like your. It's a beer part has yet brilliant Dana hug and sausage is part of OK I might touch the action since the may need to get to debate. Like touch and we're sorry because I can't tell. He technology uses the salmon eggs those big super orgies they're also really touch anything you know I don't know I don't know use caviar look at. Yeah they didn't NATO's just almost. I don't it's legal. Sunnis are yes of course I don't dig the big hadn't been yet they go catch Trout himself yeah I vote whatever way we use of corn. Don user does wasn't an illegal that's really tough on illegal Reich is they can't digest vegetables safe special. Are there any point something film you're going to kill. You're cold or. It's time to digest his last meal. That's just stupid I think it's illegal because his team eat at the other it is hard for them to digest. Usually don't blow lead against you know my. I will show we have slipped in the corn out with a man are you start the it's we're supposed to talk about DRI slug related incidents there is some. There's there's like ten different stories involve bees and we don't want all these stories to mobile I'm happening would be used an eleven year old who shot. A behind us when we began he would. You learn his lesson and how returns to its door hundreds scientist. I feel like to butter on your guy. I mean it's bad what happened to him but then you have learned though is it's the lesson in light flares Iceland Ireland native American culture. They look they're kids walk into a fire so they won't do what a second time that's how we learn that he emerges that here's your. I wouldn't so what do you make your decision. It's not like my girl or some like that like I know that's right she can't. Guy oh gee guys I'm Carly yeah all that's right I forgot yeah oh that's a bad way to find out how I kind of pigment or having a fun show like this and lasting and then she. Did no good do you combat the unrealistic. There's another one and then somebody I think our intern Jamestown this one this isn't even a DRI this is. According scorpions all in your fingernails on purpose because I guess it does includes a manicure now or something I think are doing it for decorative purposes slow. He avenue decent annual art. Mean I know you don't spend a lot of time with people who do their nails up in my. The site is a sub urban women duel like bullying a total diamond jewels like changing our fingernails up. They need to take in eighty scorpions include among their nails okay well. And select real like real dedicated scorpions why that's a cinema could kill a victim in fifteen minutes law because in mood school I. I don't seem to eight scenes. It dollar triggered an RBI did I did it would probably be cost prohibitive to put it on all which probably got on like maybe six months judge I got yes yeah. Yeah so I'm not gonna put a great score and that's just weird isn't it I don't undercut. Doesn't necessarily qualify as a DRI but it kind of this is on. Speaking of the intern found this thumb he standing here and apparently he served somewhere what are you. Oh yeah he all right interns yeah AAF totally out so I was in the Marine Corps as students doing work outs in the grandstands so Steve you don't trust what you're allowed although we don't know how you'll write them I apologize hole. I did Clark really a secret and with. So yeah we we were do we were doing a work workouts for Afghanistan we're out not 29 palms California a little machine gun range having a good ol' time and that. Little did we know was we were on May like nesting ground spurred those camel spiders since it's a time when it Willits came a spider thing you know their legs they're like half spider half like scorpion I wanna say I don't think they're even like technically spider you need to exercise and they're. The ones that we are dual prob like half dollars. Still asleep and they did I got out all over your body because kids they love the heat they've they're definitely okay. They're looking for that heat in the the whole desert so yeah I mean I rolled up my eyes so Matt the next day there's probably five or six watts is undermined undermine lie so mad you listen this is why don't wanna just not take you have to do. I don't want to hear people have spiders on that all I got my ACC by spider. Our result and I'm sorry I. Even happened so I was in my basement put some stuff where only two stairs in my base which I haven't been underneath their for a while that might saying I think I fell asleep on the couch with my glasses on because when I woke up I had these two huge red welts on my face like a blow my nose on my forehand. And then the next day. That's out there were spider bites IDs to do in my whole series was small you can go to the doctor for like a week I do not. Those things get put where you're I almost sealed shut you right to do was in a brown recluse 'cause are still alive so outside of that I don't choose it just makes just interior. Well that's what it might say he's kind of look like brown have all learned just now I have these permanent scar did it's in my head because our gimmick Stacy my spider it's gonna give those cars are still you can actually do that I know people are thinking I'm. Eagle attacked a gallon stage Janet one. And is now asking her ankle yes she's wanted to cancel would know she's a trooper she said don't into this to your shoe models like. Is it kept getting on her and then she tried to get rid of who tissue. But just like when you try to kill a spider in your house or whatever. If you don't see the evidence of the being on you can never she'll say oh you're right it's always nice to ask your return house lights on she wants a look on just dollars. I don't know how it is yeah. I. Love her leg it's had gone to a. Oh most tells you you closure on the arm another Oklahoma woman was helping a BT or remove hide and apparently the tree was like so weighted down with these beads literally broke off Smyth all of this stuff came crashing down on her Saturday that are head unlikely kid who shot the behind you who got stung for a times. The rumor is she got stung zero. Somehow one of these were chill and it won't because she never shot him first they were designed we all Arabs a thousand music Bart rider should you be O previously stated test if that's true because I will never shower again maybe I think you're attracted to bar you guys have been stumped. I know or ever been so lost reveal a wanna be because I wanna know what it's like it they won't do it's not a bad. These and had a more seats feels hot when it goes in and around the corner your body just has he was like yeah I would do a little electric tanked as I sat on in Lincoln leaned against it was on my car seat. It was like all the semi backers icon Michael what is that all get our guys on a seven stroke or something in the Madonna and aside he was dead did you simplest of singer. So was his left to go to relieve in the ads are still has active ministry crisis for a touch. Us. So I tell a guy in cell blocks users were in his eye to Chris don't want to mess only. Sure I would should ask adds a stinger he's like but some butter primarily it was okay. OK so this all for meal when there's a beetle. A scorpion now a spider. A slot what if you've had a home run in with some sort of bond and something went. Crazy wrong with your bug we column bug related incidents. And we wanna hear your stories does Suzanne. Yeah IA BR I hate. Well I think living in Miami and I walked up and an Atlanta night after I felt something it's crawling on my test and it didn't feel like my. I've been. You got a lot of plutonium really proves your mother crawl on your chance likable you can sit. I would like I have a husband anyway. I'm planning and then you guys well and things you do we're grown just let her know I wouldn't. I wouldn't amassed troops elected he would Atlanta I started around you know in my hands it would lead to end pop medal crock cockroach until. I that's a big talker Fred they're crunchy and there's total crunch when they hit us as their brazen enough to crawl on a per cent hike they stopped caring about the whole circle licensed. So it ended. Yeah I just hang out grossed I can yeah you can what do you do with it and try to flush it or yeah I sit at that point. Jack is was walking on your mommy part it's just now. This is a slithering or whatever they do need you federal slithering all day so they so things. They seem to have you ever been around if you lived in the city was cockroaches you ever I've never lived in one well I mean he's guessing let me okay. This one of the first times I ever saw like I was in a band we hope we never I do I didn't lead in the city that adamant that time. We were playing in his city to have them didn't know it all had a bunch of pizza in the room when they show team that's put the lights on no. The boxes were moved the there's there's no all look at each coffin no no it's it's I don't need that didn't you don't yes sorry on who you. I. Bug related incidents what happens well. I had so I would Ryan. That's like work trip I spent the summer embers out which has some nasty bites adding I would. I just got to take a shower and someone had Betsy in its financial act. So before I got I already forgot I was like you know let I better make shares slid a strip so as and I lifted up the court are meant at all. And I was like hiding in my. Oh are you. Don't your head yes. It is do you ever sleep a 20. I'm not very well that someone actually came and squish it after that with like a big work this and they had blue blood it would show. He walks. These squish you are told I suck so what are you good I don't know somehow killing that Davis fighter not something like Indio. That's just you know it's too much meat yeah see emotionally. To do she moves she thought they can't let alone why is. Right eat some. Obama I'm trying to. Brazil is your most fighters and now I kind of regret not pushing more of them one's blue blood. Oh I'm. Actually in. Eight DRI's. Yes I was at fishing and that and the glamour there are a product and I are can you lean up against. And you just glossed right. If you're burying the lead on this terrain no it's not ironic stories but it's like like chili's big run of fishermen we sometimes head down to Brazil. Second Brazil story hero oh my god anyway so I'm afraid of what's gonna happen but you can sue Toronto fishing CC what do you do with a Toronto once you catch and what's your date for for a to every failure Ashland from Lou yeah. So we leaned up against the side of the tree and they can't we're all of that street. And at one of them got on my arm bit mean I'm my whole arm pulled up got a rash and then I had my wounds. Do you dreading it and then I object to my arm up after it bit me and I put my hands the cup but that should. And are now you are the big for them trying to call but I know it's. That's got a letter she got. This how could you you couldn't CD answer because a lot of times are so many Kansas amusing to look at trees is a brown tree but it's not a brown treats. Looks. Into. I'm yeah my whole arm saw that. Earning it Sheen the whole thing turn red from what. She's what do you eat the Toronto then is that the point. Products. Oh you make soup Protestant okay uelman is over and yes the Euro is due to pay your gloves good luck. You know this week. You know I IDR. I have bug related incidents. Oh my gosh so I ended up in emergency room on Halloween it's. Promised spider bite. Oh my god you and Steve. What happens. No I don't I didn't admin arch and I would do unlike the whole Halloween thing go under the lights. Gary. Han eight out there had been on the we're diet and what we speak calf and in the don't Cali get quieter guy undermining it. We even my jacket and then we does. I did he go to the emergency room community and really got I don't like you study like this Khalil I don't. Her tour it deteriorates your skin is started to do it I don't know Guerrero oh really fine. Now it's scar the emergence Syrian people or so a lot of Batman that we got to I didn't take it you know it aren't how will we see is now. Well let's you can get scars I guess it's slow them down around. Oh yeah. Last time there after resource Steve Moore takes care happy are these fighters who are here for a little gives you some street cred I'll. Doolittle you'll milanese. Including here in jewelry music you don't tell anybody got a Brohm Snyder is that the donor was from lights. Some probing you stand and could not source tighter than. And try to scare that's putting some of my crafts away is that true and got to place a greater consensus is so limited to errors out with crafts to Claudia who. Yeah yeah yeah I hang out she sees is gonna boost with fighters soon. Only yuck PRI's what are you guys. I'm ten years ago I was picking up Reynolds answered probably our garage and I haven't bitten by a black widow. No. Yes and did not realize its size and that the go to work. Until my condition that kept getting worse number number and I have to be taken to the doctors. Actually you on the next. So that's a blood flow that's like arteries as bad G. It would back because of what it does I found that it impacts your muscle groups so they just kept moving down in my body and then let it settle then that. But and I area. That's what I would go into emotions and our backs. We were entitled to it lol so he should control our as long as we're here we might as well find out. Well I just incredible pain but to sit by the time I got the doctors nothing they were able to. You. Now listen what do they just painkillers he's rude or. Yes thank you epidemic through it. No and he went number I didn't get hospitalized which I should've been probably and I need an anti venom about world and it was comedy hour early error. And obviously in an M would have done anything then was already is deep in your tissue and you screw up because it does take Oden to real blood stream and the regular patch York. Since. Your immune now so you do it again nothing I have no actually it's a progressive saying if you get bit again it just make that worse and worst. You climb buildings and she went on your hands or anything cool so yeah. That's working for you and on a fighter and we kept her for a while and we expect her. And then we starter. OK so you sound. Murder victim and a murderer at the site is that's one of the weirdest just. Twist endings I did not see coming when you center for a while bells and when they're just like stuff easy and you guys going to. Branch than ever put a bit one other big yard I'm gal and I'm like bottled and that's where she retro wild. That is okay thank you who called Claudia wow look what a weird twist and I says yeah the ability. AE IA BR I have what are you guys. All right we're gonna neck clinic and I had a trial that went outside and shoot low on it stumping finale set into terra. And human guidance that you had injured. And I went out the picture up I didn't know in the broader and and then the content of treating search but never lead got on me. I didn't realize. That one had actually gone up into my appeared with crawling around bull but other. Probably around America and so he had decay. And ears open source of control out of my ear. Okay must leave now should be easy to spot the and non core Credo like a long and kind of reddish now and then you know it's this big sleaze so this is making animals that are. Yeah almost John. Gusting to hear it moving around your blue moon after I long haired every MI here kind of ballooned and right here I think it not only in there again. Well thank did you become known bug come on down with squirrels Carroll's defense. Yeah I yeah I think. PRI bug related incidents as. Our eyes so I'm about five years old I was helping my grandfather clear out just hand. I when he equated I'll watch the cited it hate me expand my eight year low income a year and then called an item or. Two years old and I don't know aren't. She played because you show them deeper and you can't you can't OK now you what do you do far. I'm I was actually lucky I got my ground pop pops its head out as Chad off the force during my eardrum and then I had to wait for it to adjust each and nothing like your ball out. She she's pretty got to do it off of it so now you know the decomposition. Grade assay. Hamas took well you can now Kurt thank you that's useful information for the the dude he's that costs on us all lots her thank you for that call though. Mickey's. Yes yes see our eyes. Around the side of Clinton in Arizona and we had a pool. And groomed I. I cannot wait to get after it got out of the pool when you try a different stuff went back outside. Just try to prolong might soon god if I need and it was full of flying fire him. Okay. Lying on this. Up and I pulled out here often jump in the middle aged man hey it's ideals. About my babe bit my mom oh. Hello hey got chlorine water on your very nice senior who. I'm. Asking do you. Oh my gun that is her that is our holes then you really can't the end. Yeah I guy may be our eyes related incidents. On the soul of Billy remind. Footage of the Mexico and was up there about a week or so got a spider bite out of legs always came back. About a week into it eat realize that it was getting really battled diligence that started to look contacted and everything. And she does happen immediately and it was scratch or really bad and he stopped beating this foreclosed started gradually let now. And despite her related exhibit. Just days okay. Home. Really. Yeah dead serious Jesse's got the start of true. And so little baby spiders came flying out of his leg. Yet it is slow and outlet it was standardized. Dell doesn't love the possibly not only. I don't have oh god yeah. I'm not here last season. A line Steve. But policies fighters such a surprise you have to my mind now our PRI's over on the slugger and Steve Hayes lieutenant.