Slacker and Steve - Bug Related Incidents 8/14

Tuesday, August 14th


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And you wanna talk about. PRI's bug related incidents. And if you knew the show what we do every day as we come and we start looking at stories that are happening now they're like oh my god look at all the different people who are being affected Majorly by bugs and and we can't. We can't help but talk about DRI little. There is a there is a Rampage of drunk angry wasps. And I guess it happens every year what is I don't under strong actual alcohol. Those from NT fruit apparently in this time in years they fruit from renting if there's some. True play around it only takes similar one little drink and there. He hammered and now I guess I hammered Boston. I just washes aren't already angry bitter creature meanest things you tell the difference between washed and it's yellow jets do it aren't you. I don't know did attend tele yellow jacket from how do you know. No I watch some movies and bugs life for the other one year ago and they showed lost its so knowing knowing see those dangling legs. Know that dangle is the angle of the dangle there so there's something going on there so they yeah I don't you talk about like that yeah hangs down in the legs are just downturn right that's an old etc. but asked to be what's a yellow jacket. That's just to be when a bigger beef and should be that let yourself. It's the but the anyway yes so they they get drawn to get angry these mosques. And they look for people distinct hazardous sites will be to you to be happy drunk when lobbies. Be angry belligerent I bet you bees are happy drunks yeah ha yeah the eastern time lost the apparently it only lasts a few weeks but if you see wasps. Ryan is there and Cameron could be a DRI incident yeah away. Damage drunk incident here's another DRI. Connecticut woman found black widow spider and drinks I think we talk about that story when it first happened not a good. Are deadly isn't synod of the dark black widow GAAP. You're just perfect where as a kid I believe there's a black widow big you you would be dead. I think you are no I think all of the other. Brown recluse yeah I would just like turns your that banks are six or you're still and I think it until you. He kills you know I think the Blackwood who supposed to be bad and I know you are casual little hourglass shape and it's back yes to deliver a thank you apparently it. I think he's caught it's cold widow deck is a huge if he touches you you die I think he kills its neat. Oh and easily I think they're praying mantis cannot exactly doing a premium to where they Boynton install an off so that if I did good I'm fine I don't figures I think Kirk's. In America died but I don't think you're gonna get certain poison out of gas nobody asked her leg so connect. Cutting ax over the jump to go to the cost cutting beginning to go I don't you need anti venom immediately I did it did to her dead they're milking a little spider is they have this little. It does voices right now I can try to find a different voice it's he had to say very much people. Yeah you know anymore I'm Arnold so we actually don't want. Who ranks. Is. I that I look at and that aborigines they were green see those subjects they were the purple green white flag wide differences and a team. Because I never find the spiders and greens seem loose ones that I eat it up but it was superb boards you know you eat you we know he's yeah because they're sweet and there are no new genre -- what does oh my god you know if you're finest fruits and vegetables and Steve meets the what are doctors charge the ones are right now he has still kept secure and our next to doctor told the live cockroach I don't know persons here. Our hate though while that's cooking you don't know what's in there what do you do anything nose and in this weather at the doctor. Do you inject up Jack Myers. Specifically what I don't like him a letter. Could see did did the memo does not a black widow could. Urban Q you have potential to take. What does Europe curls and Indian black widow applied with the worst spider he helped pull off but they do those hadn't shot and the assay data going with that oft told stoked. Did you hear the news you know well there's your best gold to me they do like what to do with the tape worm to set a Snickers Erin had to come out she's. Seek so yeah it's a cigarette to know that's a that's a bit. Going to taper and just put out to kill put is bickers they do. It's like putting sixty longest drought when he returns. Zoologist or this fight directly instead they just put a Snickers biter but if you are now it's going to be six fund's size (%expletive) no other reason it didn't want to attract and then as it comes out just keep walking on water and back off all until you feel like oh yeah. You got enough to pull the sure the Mars goes on you don't you're wanting to learn more about black widows or how to extract tape one. That button because we don't know yet though is that I tapped in in a fire captain and Orange County. Told reporters any woman was stung more than 200 times by bees. 200 wow well. Okay. You said he could be Deere tractor. She wasn't dead when they sounder base interface is completely covered in these oh my gosh 200 she was essentially covered from head toe they said she's a housekeeper she went outside to grab some supplies from her car. Which was right by a beehive. She's. Been named Jane can Kono here at least odd that she was so bad responders when against protocol and didn't even suit up. Has had to just try to help her she was cupboard almighty god sees some sort of carbon dioxide spring to get to diss to let go over. You just throw some butter and shall be good. Yeah that's what I was after watching a B movie you would have been helpful. CEO we see you doing you know it makes of these kind of go to sleep come from what. Other load eat. What makes the recipient receives notice a coal cigarette cigarette smoke blow smoke out of that's why every stump as YDs ever come around because I here's our side of things. In her pocket under the snow and it our noon these. Angry wants to come they welcomed me like he's all like mark gross is promising edited. Seeded extends much buzz to. We keep going our stories and he's there was so much there was a mom who on her daughter was only seven years Scioscia ravaged by bed bugs little. I never actually exactly what you wish big colored around the bed bugs you couldn't get nasty if they swarmed the pharmacist seats because a lot of lawyers sleep and images. Accomplish our reviewer. That's definitely bought and it drowned this is exactly the kind of misinformation you're gonna show. Or you're all the other day and get a stickers. Most. Shower you shower up if you could secure. There was its knickers protect. I don't always bizarre bed bug that's it he does he worm out of our so hopefully I get real like east and connects at. School just started so that in common good cook the yeah so clean 98 but little. Music in New York. It. Resources on proper role that's what it is to growing our. I learn I know that's a quick if they don't grab a golf club since the low lying area when you have likes the anyone still listening I know who started all people who are trying to produce our show right now must. Still bug that was just us now with a kick to the so I'll be all right see our city riding incidents related to bugs. We'd love to hear all about it's let's call your super tickets to see buddy you're rich city in Rex loads and gardens armed hug his two reasons you surf. It's the other way when you call your stories will tell you what you should've done. It is all yeah I'm sure there must yeah. Knew. When I tell you that we're makes you wait for network to do in the studio V our eyes bug related incidents Lauren. Hi guy yeah I. Eyes what got us. I'm onetime you know the kid he'd while I Lil inside of my ear on. Mosques all wounds. Aaron is so what got in there and eventually dependent diet AS I had to lie down on my diet and it just spell out on its own. The whole thing was packed yeah. And you don't want peace can cheers that they might need some goes in my year I immediately Digg and no one's making it worse. Let's admit I'm spirited swings I set its sights. But it all came out how else. Yes talking no one piece and I debate luminaries kind of freaked out my mom I'd like. Just when I'm hundred science beat at all out and certainly to the hospital but out on it now. Door aren't you supposed to use four legs when you've got a slight year are useless drown it. You have yet poorer poor draw aren't you due to pour alcohol in their behavior here. Like I meant like rubbing a culture maker's mark was to put three she's truly is laid out can dry out the money buys another million angry lost. We're only an adult now I'm glad you got to fly out of here yeah associated go Lauren and a glimpse. Yeah. But related incident. I'm used to work for a potential company for my ears and I got a phone call asking to go inspect an apartment after they had bombed it. And I let that pantry door it was close and I asked my city where this open when you've gone to hear about thinks now and I opened it and I finished our esque. Our urgent move on exams this season even Millwood error. They all ran up you know where they're alive. Yeah they were all questioned him every corner and want to buy it and elected and I liked it there all over merit pay and use like. Yeah. Yeah digital running around a business Jonathan rulings and no. Russian on your clothes off free drew steal yeah did make it right away I don't know. Outside IG might pull it there in the driveway snag when she's. Doing and really it would add it's really bad. Steve really creepy on your daughter right now is wait supreme movie but Mohammad see me naked girls come out the hardware the Big Ten is with. You for the dog when the and then. Yeah I do I he DRI. All right so we. Managing here we go and we had a lady bug infestations. What hundreds and hundreds of them and uses English vacuuming. Before you go any farther. I heard it's a good thing for stuff like. Culturally your whatever spiritually people see lady dogs are great and good luck and there are also. Really good for your garden OK let's do you like I lady bugs in praying practices like putting your garden and you know helped. Tivo other bugs out and keep pollination no wonder whatever but. Like I just freaked out one and eighty bucks you do is kind of crawl if I can imagine oh thousands and that's a lot. While saw anybody we we just Terry like vacuuming them up in the catch particular sanction they were eating them. Turned out we had actually English comic and they told us that it was probably someone around that are growing lead and made about the lady bug. Tore that and they got into our apartment. How many nods when your Parma thousands tens of thousands. We'll watch track at like three under they were like ouch but gather in the ceiling and shot rigorous supposed to make a wish and each woman ready McDonald's yes but I wish my pot growing neighbors we go away with that that would be a wish I would. Our guys with the oh my god that's. Except they were able to get rid of him. Where I was upon and you'd. You're asking the burning question through this loses it's a bit the yes it was odd Christie's. Nine but related incidents. So I expect a played a boot you have a lack. And an excellent well over it and I forgot about it and about three days later I like it might happen and it looked the oil back a boot enabled well let it. Yeah. Yeah it's better I sprayed a match like grown and I read what I L I broke my brick I had to break then we're in much but it Lance MacKey. Hope they can't catch up to tell us. It's considered a pass you love Bruce. It's a G. Zero YE and west are you writing almighty god go all over the chicken right. Christie Alex I just you know what's MIT hear you anymore I stop listening to all this song after I heard the title my memoir. Running from the.