Slacker and Steve - Busted 8/9

Thursday, August 9th


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Steve are there. We wanna do on those are about when he busted into like an epic come crazy weird way though. Just busted Lleyton robbing a bank because the died tax Ross in your face. Move on TV. You busted by something foolish by something weird. Com the story that just came out is this 33 year old woman from Champaign Illinois. Was it's just she's casting her job. Yeah and she decided you don't stealthy and on more of her lunch breaks. Go out to Asia to adopt best results show style known really. I. Yeah and she would have she was perfect shooting pulled it off. Probably is there is a local TV station. Still laying. That's a job fair moon and they took a liking to her face so they make when she he's. Clothes on she doesn't that's her job then later on and everybody's watching the local news and dare she is sitting at a job fair in different clothes I think she expected it. I'm pretty. She is busting up succeed I her current employer. Because what are the odds of ending up on I mean she's B roll we see. Maltby TV related to how many times people busted call an answer to work and you enough catch enough. A foul ball at the Rockies an elite front page or section. Yeah our your the highlight displayed over and over wasn't air. It's killer army but haven't we talk to somebody who was like a bouncer in a club. And busted somebody. I was I was a girl I was using a fake I do you see him it is bouncer in the bouncers look at that it would commit you're going. This is my girlfriend. You somehow his girlfriend had loss Friday yeah and this other girl found it clearly was you need to try and you're. Like now if you're a bouncer would you make to go through all the questions okay you did if you had any friends at a fake ID. He's just a quiz. It's like what's your birthday Tuesday that the memorize O although I crap projects. We give me your zip code. Let me just ask you random questions Osce ID to prove this you and she got them all right I would go you know what come on you're gonna do so. I imagine right. Into the imagine you're at it but I mean I was about try to please me to jump to some who looming I would just drought buster right away. Pomp and then we are talking and Steve had heard this other story and we had scoured the Internet talking. It happened a while ago I have been ranked a few months ago somehow. A dude got busted cheating. Because of Jimmy Johns yet he was at his place by himself apparently in his girlfriend be really cool girlfriend went ahead and called Jimmy Johnson had food delivered over to his over his place. So the delivery guy shows up you can see this is a big window in the door. And so we rings a bell whatever in the guy who boyfriend comes to the but he could see into this guy's place in the season naked girl back there are so there. Not so I I would she must've done when she called Jimmy Johns is like. I just feel bad my boyfriend studying I don't know if your if your Jimmy John's driver how often do you get involved in the situation she rise doesn't. Made this situation known night or sometimes singing my boy's been Mathis who still hunkered down trying to study yup I just want him to either one to get some good nutrition or whatever. And then the dude season Mickey girl. And so than Jimmy John's delivery guy turns around and it's a hole with some Terkel would set always food. Com. Though. Make her own accounts and if you're not dare eat it's she's with somebody else isn't she's like alone. And so she she made Jimmy John's gotta describe the guy and she's like yeah how that's is room. So that's annoying voice trio busted via Jimmy John's. I'm shouldn't. Delivered just keep just don't hate just that was my question for you sit. I mean I'm a girl I wanna know she and her name is cheating and I am glad that he got I'm glad that. The bad guy got busted him. The man appeared to you do have to flee to report every do you have to do your job just to be freaky fast instead can go away fast and goes free keynote Steve should. Freaky reporter reed thinks that I at a curious my eight year old business he's telling you Turkey Tom ensure that your face don't talk anything about. The naked girl the I need somebody else who got us I mean the do any of your busted stories. But. We don't Molina cheating we don't know mall being nothing guarantees we don't know Maltby about. Dot com on camera club apply if you need a singer or more. I nom there was a a friend of show a long long time ago who got busted because she was having a little bit of an affair and his wife worked. He would have this other person and come over to his house. And parked in front and come inside and they would do it at his house. And one of the neighbors. Just automatically assumed it was a cleaning person yes. And night when so why things like. You know I am so proud you think your just farm in that stuff out king knew he'd give me her name because I see your coming and secure like twice a week what's. What should put seniors cleanly and how much shards new website from wesun about I don't have we don't use them what are you tell us who I want. I don't remember ever getting to the bottom of the story but I wonder it's a guy had to bring a mop and or something. As a ruse I mean I would if I was like Dolly made a lot of big car yeah. You Ngo trial. If I was doing it you don't subtract. Our radios don't do it holds her smoked. Gordon the visible for so then the woman descent like cameras in the house and nobody has wasn't. Wasn't Mary Maliki hold. Who is Trent did you name him and he got busted cheating so. If you want to it it we usually hear the voice is guys just it was you got busted or you want a rat out somebody else they got busted in somewhat of an epic way. We won't hear your best busted still Greece. Chad's Norton here I know you are disguised. Oh busted. I urge the large our board the board remote. Of who and what's been milieu it's the same where. People who embrace technology in their lives to send cash to one in the purple yeah may affect what I. I'd be database sort of does the memos kind of like a cut then those become that Cooper you know I mean that's the one the most you know look I can use how. How did you give us about them off. Her long patrol Warrick arguably Pro Bowl where. Euro. Artists Jack. You are so what are walked a lot of Mardi. Are frequently. Out report were white barred way. Got a big got a word. Alert to red. Search you really really could go out there and led yet. I'd give give more and more war you know huge huge situation. All we are always open that would more bullets. Tollbooth derby route yeah it's nearer mud orange pure white blue I don't know. Good wondered what should of heard little mark one thought it would blow Tokyo Gretchen do. Although we'll let you. Narrowed. Due eight per room. There I want I want Mike Williams saw a great Kia sport. Where you period we Bartiromo. Good fodder to our tests we're a little more G. Is that Stewart all Smart story. Off who. Can even if it's her but she could say Blake's. I just I did I'd sold in some tires and whatever kind of put in a mode when you called deal will mode she's on there you know it's hard two that's screams derby hits. She's a hot. It's not at all are you divorced or what happened dude. Are still ripping on the culture Jewish. Roger but. On his real quick you so we embed mil a you can see other people's traders. Is your own transact online order significantly to if you're if you've ever been mowed somebody or your friends put them through other social media and see you'll see solar memo crap good. So that the you know Chad not Smart yeah working to a stop gambling well and Peter good gamble. Gamble with cash. Thanks a call and Susan. Yeah I busted. Okay about two weeks after I got married my husband and I had a big site and he went to stay with a friend of ours are nighter to cash and I went to work the next day and late husband -- called me asking if she was coming into worked. Condoned to get ahold of him so I drove over to that our friend how amend my husband's truck without trust and walked Guillen and content in bed with someone else. Yeah. Two weeks off after getting married. What is the current session who dumped. So I was that Smart that was the end of your two week. Marriage some. It's actually it lasted for years they what didn't we. Didn't. It didn't last they are and that. No. I well yes you definitely Dawson and thank you for the call season high pain he's. Yeah I busted. I. I'd thank you my boyfriend. I am out finally at my data that out early doing it go awry. You know big task and did it but they grown up and have elation and everything go read related. Huge last but not everything everywhere else sees an X and we dean good to get up. And the garage or coated beans she can't it is. OK. Okay you don't you'll. I'll leave it com. Season and drops two feet yeah they can. And did it and are you would he not give it as well he's so what you saw. But a few new high. I and drama respect. You kind of moderates recognize that what happened yeah totally busted. Come bleary and the neighbors you remembered that she was watching all night. Lapping at it stress or bring out legs like I even called nanny met out of the rat backed out like you've orchard meaning that I figured out. At. I'm loud. And it's awful.