Slacker and Steve - Butt Dial 10/16

Monday, October 16th


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Eight. God you know with all the new stuff coming out on the iphone's us you know the one thing we need him really that they're working on making them wireless charging and all these things they need in the makes the phones. But dial prove how do you buzz and your Mac. You know I think I I brisk dialed. 91 alternate submit its ad. Oh. It's and I watch apple watched yeah. Still it was a little easier members it's a whole lot anyway there's a thing wears a watch. I know how to do you know I hope this there it is so if you hold our mosques emergency SOS I clearly must've hit that. It's a zoning and so west it will Coleman on one. Yeah all I'm 'cause I also and I had. I'm looking at these miss cuts as you know I don't ever answer my own and I am looking at my missed calls and there's his number. They'd kept calling me on Sunday over and over and what does that dumped moves like it was my town means. Emergency. Housing what so I'd go look at my phone log in my iPhone had a dial. You. And I'm one that's illegal you were Brinkema and one I wasn't pretty but do they move would and you hit your name on the digital check. But I need 8% to. The culture and political role the world now conceive you can no joke I look at my people I hope it's a clinical back right they get my voice mails I know I it's like you're gonna get out. Which is through it and whatever Madison avenue Duma is trying to deserves to come on it's that the Mac. So I just. Let it happen to us some do have 91 wine mine now seeing he was like saying I'm really drunk. I can't find my keys. Bomb. He's he's literally on the phone number one not realizing it. Announcing he's about to drive drunk who he was I think you're announcing all this so I didn't cocky in front of the patrons at a bar. Now knowing that the nine when I was listening Noll times they did they dispatch he was telling the patrons of the bar look a motive for my keys and you drunk I can't even see straight. So the police send a unit to where is that they get there about 3 in the morning he's still there. But he hadn't turned his car on yet so they couldn't get him for do you why this sad moment but when they ran his history. He had a previous drunk driving charge and wasn't allowed direct and he was like three times Cooper is illegal is like points to 87 or just like shall. Yeah it was to be positive but there was he was there with a couple of bodies six other people the bar them one was a 61. Year old dude who was out on parole. Must do you he was there for cocaine charge. He wasn't went to meet and they arrested him they the 33 year old bartender got busted for serving. Alcohol after hours now water. But diet also could cause our police lives I mean this county is like. After. All what makes you hurt it. I mean bottom line is we would love to hear your most. Damaging. Mud down 90% of the stories I for CJ more to do anything but people but dial when their happened. Oh relations with somebody they're not supposed to run it's not you would never listened. I would listen I wanna hear through doing new stuff that I did know motor. Give you can't always tell when you hear installs the they're not announcing play I like it. I got a just now it's different than what my husband dogs. There exists no no. I suspect the attack be cool I would believe that there's not an announcer New England but beyond. So one friend and I've had former friend cool he got caught in about Al. I understand the concept of it now I always wondered how you're gonna Dick weed your side work Boca. And accidentally call your wife right but the way that it happens is your legs. Started hot having you know you're gonna have some relation sincere right. I'm gonna be your from. And he did tell my wife all call home okay almighty god works. It is still broken sergeant it's going to be another couple hours I swear on the back sooner can blow you might. And you either don't hang out. More new home. Bump your phone any dials that you know how it is now because I. Last number does so when you when you called him some may cure excuse. You. The wheels in motion for your butt dials. Ins since his uses public service. So hey she's not an easy snake called your husband's. Like two hours earlier than colts three other people that wouldn't mind hearing you have relations with your side works. OK if you bunt down you're not I don't know there's one person and no I called my dad. And men might stir. Some hope and one of those guys gets the call that but the but the there was somebody who dialed while they were in the movie theater watching ninja assassin that's a good movie need to see is great the greatest fight scenes and it. Others know many employers and it's just a great story how did you find it because of the titles that sounds interest it's an assassin because it was her idea. What this does is they are great movie I'm so yes apparently but dialed their parents. While in the theater for ninja assassin as someone who's seen it is there a lot of screaming Luttig or a lot of oh it's all nor its all death not just jobs yet so the parents are literally sitting there listening to what they believe we know there was a child being slaughtered all dude for hours. And the guy got out of out of the theaters and down. And yes the parents and try to calm like 600 I could see one appears to freak you know does that movie is one nonstop. Nonstop violence and another astronaut but I don't from space. We will wait. Answer Johnson space but tell someone deficit don't then all of us also but now the stranger like hello is this planet earth is linked. Allude to. They don't own decisions. Billion won calls though. That is zero do you call my mom did the things until you will gladly shoot high blood expenses as they thought trap the you hope you play ninja assassin drew both. Of them and I was gonna do from birth 300. Hours. And then another drug dealer called the wrong number gonna detective Pat Buchanan all the time it's just staple. Lice again it's a drug dealer. Super simple. You've got friends numbers are close and drop us. All Don is number's 91 Su no. No no. Tom zionist friend and coach Tom doesn't need to be your camera on board if you're a truck dealer at the nobody's numbers and to attend the open since tell you insane and pregnant or non emergency number is one did enough boots. Let's fingered the fifth. Fight so my. Here's what we what I mean if you're but dialer or you bend but don't we're looking for your best but dialing story I'd be. Naive diamond. So I haven't actually brought down to anybody I ever give up our what you want more players. I thought Carol from a more incriminating I'll put elaborate. I'm breather like they're don't play by play of their own robberies. Military completed the humidity procure the cure them very carefully preserved LoJack. What we get real hard of a particular poll we can we could truck well lit it up right they are. Hole. How long did you listen. I don't remember Katrina proper form and it. Regretted they were able to market illiterate immigrant workers there or where. Including who eat red plum purple people it was not a pretty thing. Bottom hole what shot in lakes and what we. They realize they may just sound like a guy like you looked out on their phone and it says 911 on it. Don't they didn't realize they're really great Q could you wouldn't mind they're going to be quite a bigger hole I was certain I heard Eric white car pulled out. Or in computer and I'll be parent weird. We are at particular political weapon targeted truck load. Hey bring it forward dude that's would do if you're gonna steal some owned. People they didn't tell me you're gonna get caught we dude I'd jewels. And yes. But now and. I play our and then cut and all this urgent apple and ultimately contact. Q and there is and on the list if there's something that the emergency going aren't. We enter in your a lot of zones where we'll just like blast everybody I'm in distress who don't mind me kind of things. Exactly. School Wednesday and I get it emerged. That application and a photograph. But apparently hit that running got to Holland and then just they are an emergency. Help me an advocate that can mean a husband and the father. All of the same time throughout freaking out trying to figure out what's going on. Shooter situation with kids and enamel while. Exactly yeah. We call the school and you know everybody is okay it below the root of all there were kind of freaking out and we look at the EP application and actually. You know up the block in the appeal by the school for my husband can't believe we're a go between buying and there all the while I'm trying to call him at the school. The question gig at L production in I'd eventually called me late hours later and we're gonna panic trying to finance. Everybody was okay it was just an accident but now. We've seen that little hole I. All that since you would think it is yeah. Thank you for that car did originally worse for a period then that's teacher maybe he did it wasn't ready for that feature on the moon doesn't mean it's nice. It's a blank did late tax it says I mean trouble goes like this in your list you can see whoever you want security. I had her. Heidi a diamond mountains. I led the long distance relationship with my fiance and see but told me and that's I think he machine on you know hotels during the accept the students sit ups or something's. I like I like seven minute voicemail on mice seat that. You listen to another you listen anyway do you how 08 totally hit it up I would have to do it why I do you listen to tell me yourself angry enough to know the you'll leave them more to do it. Confirmation. Here and go I totally loved about it it was I would be hurt like I would serve well early in China. Friday. Sound different with her than he did with you words could you tell that they were doing. Stuff differently than they were with you. It would like hit Italy could import on the literally right aware and he actually it its split so it went kind of far away 80. And we are looking annoy those. I'll brutal. Red Sox thank you for the color of on Indy. Yeah it's. News. All right well I was that old college you know working arrest aren't. And I called my bar and say OI Lanka means not implement those bad in your own little parents like her cotton or not. And I'm like OK as nifty bit of belief that route I inserted. It's. The law and an opponent like ten minutes we're partying. Oh cool that she means he knows I want to be so mad at you right now that I can't stop what are they. It's close. You're such an idiot and you could I ask you yeah and now it's a very long. At all might see you got to keep your job. I think he does have a good and I age you're working pretty annexed by Friday. Still though that Wahl actually it is and malaria girls.