Slacker and Steve - Can Steve Ruin This 5/18

Friday, May 18th


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Steve I am so it's time once again for Steve to channel his niceness or his spoke nastiness out. I've ever heard this before Steve armed can usually find the dark side in everything knowing I'm always the negative me antsy person so we colleagues can Steve ruin that says it will Steve ruin nests armed. The end to what our our little minions they build stuff forest Richard Murphy has built yet he's. Given us a whole bunch of intro sets Friday I knew him so yes at the last intro that we use was a reggae feel I am told this one has sort of a country. Hillbilly fuel car so can Steve ruin. This. And it's not working here yeah. Okay. Gosh. Why did. Perfect we'll never use that extra extricate Israel that's your I. Yeah Joseph I guess yeah I don't that's a real journalism. Not okay serial kayak Kirk who found a thirty year old message in a bottle in a Mississippi River said she's been contacted by the authors of the notes. Oh EG web owns a kayak company posted photos to her FaceBook page for business. Since she found his bottle floating in the river the note read. Our names are Tony Chris Taylor I am four years old and Chris is two years old till somebody finds his bottle we love you and god loves you. Was dead dated February 10 1989. While. When says she was. Contacted this she put on FaceBook in the news put it up and somebody spotted it. And there's Stanley contacted her and said you know that the kids are. Obviously years and years older and they're all very happy and she's invited them pull Stanley down to kayak the pearl river with her this summer. To return their message. In a bottle. Beautiful sweater message tomorrows for bringing people to death her. But no continue ruining so bottle floating down the mrs. because that's what the Mississippi River needs more of his. You know refuse him bottles. And suddenly you're an environmental team glass like seriously all these cuts I don't. You're the guy okay and how did you hear Myers. It's always going to cigarette but still this iron and I don't hit like now it's all Steve on the plight to that big bag the plastic island. Out there that's when you actually that's exactly what team to mind I get it they're kids were being cute let's put a message of the violence is about who you throw in the rivers throwing garbage if that's what we don't need more up keeps your little messages or phone to text so it's still it's it's it's. It's littering if you throw a bottle in the water and it's not littering if you put a message inside of it well that's according to them and get in their heads I guess that's what they're ripping you still littering. It's all throw a blast another forever. I know is last with who was biodegradable material that you want success at that you know what are fish that got probably died because of that message in the bottle. Like tons a pension if a hole. Just like it was on a six pack of rain and no legs at the. We are you'll run. That's well. If you beat the out but I you answered today than oh you're jas is yes high chairs and okay.