Slacker and Steve - Can Steve Ruin It? 6/13

Wednesday, June 13th


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Slacker and Steve on the. Yeah the story about you still love notes. And and it. Steve Bruin on the humanize. Do you know. Just ask you. Let me ask you this is forks. When you're doing your best are you trying to ruin it for you trying not to ruin it with you when you commit says something like. I Steve we'd boom out do my best I'm curious what your. Committed tale that's a good question I wanna be like the rest of view I want to be feel good to get that solves your feeling yet but at the last second out ways yes so so a review by about I would do my best to try and the dice and positive and feel good. So that's what you're going for job all right so we ask the 101000 different theme songs for this idea so far none among them relief they're old dock right but. I just want you know that I am the you know I think. I was pretty sure the last couple you couldn't ruin it but this group. You'll icing to actually be in trouble oh if you grow in this one snow okay I think I think I am I've gotten stomped but. Not this intro is entitled teensy grew in this. Evan nonsense style and the message so Coca I don't know what that means okay by it. Here we else. It's they're all good there oldest. I like one of these like I like the end and it needs to think I like guy like words I can't Steve next year assignment here with CPR. Elegant partner assassin it was really unit I think we should just use that. So who can interrupt I hear we got the reason you can't ruin this once the gun law enforcement law enforcement has to be hard all right then. You try to ruin this latest. Yeah you try again no I wouldn't take arapahoe road okay Crist exits. 810 year old boy Oca is on a mission. To saint every police officer in United States of America Wahl this boy is goal is to hand deliver doughnuts to all 900000. Officers. In the country. So far the boy and his mother visited officers in 29 states over the last 22 months. They've given officers more than sixty. Thousand. Donuts holy smokes and as of this moment there's a go funny page has been set up to help this boy and his mission. To thank police officers with donuts. This affects you and that's me thinks no. I think. What he's doing is awesome and I think I want to thank his mom too because without her obviously he could do this is awesome but I'm in no but it's the. Well it. You were sincere and did. India. Bringing doughnuts to a police officer is. Highlight your stereo type I mean is it that way basically do a brief him but he didn't. In a way of like say your shares of tanks sinners basically there because he's got a mocking the the police officers because that's a serious Izzy mark singer Morrissey I'm Dan Harris he's rewarding them but these actually. He's actually making a man in fact if I've read so most of the 60000 police officers that they every serve noted Steve when he walks in with the don't ads stared what their role in their eyes satisfy you know like I'll you're bringing police Donetsk users say. Asked you. He's kind of stereo type in a bit but but otherwise outside. Oh why. Had you. Even you glad you admit it's easy and it's his party is in a really good stall and so was his mom's. They should be commended kinda up to a point to the 60000 officers next time their I guess foot chase we will pre for the dubious task because I may hit a buyer anonymous donor all sugar low defense but now I'm ruining it. I'd say it's got to catch a guy that is so contagious does I'm shortening a tennis here. Six he can.