Slacker and Steve - Catherine Zeta-Jones Isn't Sorry 6/18

Monday, June 18th


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Staying on at did you see that things from. From Catherine from the Zeta decided yet on how you feel about it. I guess like here it's a group like it's well yeah if you haven't CME everybody's been talking about it today it's it's a big thing Catherine Zeta-Jones. Did an interview and she said. I'm not humble anymore and I'm tired of being humble. I don't I will here's a very late. It more than six lead Bill Gates. These guys. Have more money then you and I could possibly imagine but they constantly come out and they go. All manner as I got out. I started a new charity thing for this of that because I I feel bad. Add that I have more money. And I can spend all oh. Go to eight days spend their lives sort of spewing guilty for their success yes and you'll like apologize for their six I I. They go all the way to apologizing but they definitely. The I see it all the time we're the richest of the rich constantly come around go like is. Yeah I even I it is also why I can't even use all this old. I am I started a foundation for Burnett or Britt and it's great did they do is chair right things but they're Gil does that mean we all. Welcome there's usually get out of the goodness of there as far as doing battle it's. So Catherine has basically come out and said the opposite she's like I'm I'm tired of feeling humble. I'm tired she misses her actual quote she says one thing I'm not. Is humble anymore. I'm sick of being humble I really am so sorry I'm rich so sorry I'm married to a movie star so sorry I'm not bad looking. All OK so no. Coca. She means is that a is anybody mad at her I mean. Can she say those things council. Louise she can say I might say those things maybe like twenty years ago who I mean she's. Wind sees what what no she's still very trek but she's under. Who do you still bird dog could win hey I'm concerned she's for her she's very return O. O Steve but she's nobody likes being complemented that way more than mean when you start whisk. For your age only or if you use your Power One light to do yeah so can you do. Obvious she's augur well for a guy with a voice like jurors you're not bad on the radio anyway you sort of years and so so she was talking about her whole life people consider whether her group looking into and that's what she meant I get that but what would just say it now when she's really eighty. We're so I don't know you I guess yeah what our jobs. I don't know that shutting up so right. The next word should be I'm sorry I don't wonder why I didn't mean what you think I don't see all the colors so gorgeous so I don't know oddly she said I'm not so bad look at she and Sam gore although I thought after OK I thought I saw the word Coca. Now she's not bad looking bad to be fair to Steve's. The headline. Line of the story we have says Catherine Zeta-Jones says I'm sick of apologizing for being rich and gorgeous okay that's what I saw him in the New Orleans is sick and I am not so bad looking okay because I was gonna kind of you know. Mineral gorgeous view of the right word baby back anyway government hopes that's all right. You'll Zorro pepper David Ogilvy funds which that is if I a even knew how to save you from what you're created iron eulogy I don't think I really we are career you know. Don't have the to the size of a lifesaver or whatever you would need to be drug out of the mud there are in right now. Bride elegant says she said she was gorgeous and I'm like just the maybe not go okay. She continued line so there's four no saris are not all that's important to me now is my work. On the she says she's got a couple beautiful kids in a happy healthy husband. Saying quote it's all good and I'm not going to be humble for that either OK she's user bragging about it yeah now I think you can be somewhere in between. Oh my we can be like yeah I just think it's it is weird I know a lot of people I like I. You know I am not rich not even though not even in the I would say were middle class yeah it's. I U I I believe you probably you too I have friends who want to have a lot of money yes. Engaged not Bill Gates money but like a lot of money and they literally apologize for it almost. So really weird saying because I feel like if I. If I won the powerball. What do you works for that money. I wouldn't I wouldn't go out and go oh my god doesn't so sorry wanna be like. And I would thank everybody for to talk to my cause. Hit a psychic how why right. I try to see them because they're to a lot of people in America think that if you make me bet money easy evil and if you have a lot of money you're so we spoke cash and keeping your mind that if you have a lot of money that's how you get to do charitable works because. As you have the money to do it. But people get mad when they have money is a moneys he's so. Then let me ask you this is we started here and I wanna like go back to it how many people better super rich to do the charitable stuff that you just talked about how many people do you think legitimately do because they're like. Growing up I was an orphan and I wanna give this orphanage and I'm they're doing it out of some positive saying. How many you're doing it that way and how many people like. If I don't do something people will eventually show from my house with pitchforks and steal food good point so loosely that mostly the guilt I receive Datsyuk that is so weird about the only people who give I would not doing it are the ones who win the lottery because. Like we somehow give them a pass because it was just a windfall. But it's somebody who's beautiful and has made a bunch of movies and married another actor like people are mad at her unless she felt he's the face of good point I hospital floor she busted her blood worked hard to do what she has to you're right I have only one more question for Coca do you think. We've talked long enough since you said the other thing I don't recall had forgotten the other safe. Listen I am just. Back story oh that around the world one way or the other thing I'm so dramatic Catherine Zeta-Jones for saying she's tired of being humble. We are just I I think it's great that she feels is like if you'd like to sound off on it war. Anything else you may have heard during the last few minutes I went so I thought OK truth and it's got you is walked right up to the and it never anything. But guaranteed isn't it.