Slacker and Steve - Caught in the Act 4/20

Thursday, April 20th

Maybe you were caught doing something you shouldn't have been. Or maybe you were caught doing something totally embarrassing. Either way, tell us of the time when you were caught in the act!

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Staying on the day. Load the can for people who have been caught in the act now red handed now doesn't have to be that act hostage military yet to be any thing and why does it feel your lowest steel and stuff yeah. Caught in the act. Although the first story really tell you is somebody getting content at a they're Rio but it doesn't have to be this I don't need that for you call it. Bump in the stories everywhere now so we just where is reiterating it and Steve not for years have had. Mean everybody knows the tennis match in Austin sound she looked good until thirty Chechnya as adults and oh yeah. Yes ultimately men don't claim him methadone Nicole. Doing stuff that's plenty snow -- he's got hot. I'm begging you. So apparently there was a tennis match the bum somewhere. Sarasota open we hum. William you do this or zero dollar and not have to compete screen videos there. Yes I am the announcer of the tennis match dot com Dennis spectators cell phone. Must've been playing an adult some yeah but it wasn't. They are figured out it was like some house like to cross the late but the acoustics of the late and I'm not. Sandra lean into the tennis stadium. Made for this perfect so this couple was having their own tennis match yes. Off the jacket and and they kind of they had to stop playing in the IQ and now it's your though he was go to whether he's like much. The couple went and that's the way. All you guys have a good time apparently. The match win 636. Chiu where way is that to the couple in don't know now how the actual ties with. The and they're the nine is not a tennis score everybody relaxed. And put that cost us a good job it's just. So they got caught in yet deadly grip on national tennis. Open busted up. Many people the word national TV broadcasting the Sarasota open it's true. Com and then there was any. We we heard this story through a friend of her friend and animals I believe and this is this is only this story is strictly for the purpose of getting your mind off clothes or your cognac story having to be about relations yet. On he he he knew he was living in an apartment or something. And down. His girlfriend came lord of the house. Was he elevator repair guy in this scenario was this long I think he want us he wasn't in doubt the elevator repairman into this guy just lives and yet. So his girlfriend comes over. And surveillance cameras catch her act just before she gets on the elevator. She drops trowel in half and makes a party right there which you make your number one Knoll. And unknown. So then she told him dancing girl to meet her boyfriend at club and I'd like twenty minutes later after she's picked her boyfriend up C exit the elevator and she has the boom goal to like look down. And days steaming pile you all indignant allowed to control. The yes it was all hugged Bill Russell and at the elevator repair neuter somebody had no like calls. Eight engines for him hey you're inside or else your your earlier classy yes at the palace. Did actually got caught any act. Leverage to it and elevate her. Thank you afternoon like right next to the elevator to an analysis yeah like in the potter and playing at right now yeah right next and well it's a little better I guess it's a little more coos the peace. A hug and next we have we have a robber who walked into you and I really want you to this story because it brings me. She and I just had a fascinating conversation and I think we can make some dreams come true while we're waiting for XY injuries that the teller at a bank sent a guy walked ten. I handed her no demanding money city at a donor bomb she gave him thirteen hundred dollars in. A dye pack which I'm sorry I am I'm never gonna rob a bank I don't I'm not going to me to it's I have researched it all. But I know about died tax cutting have never had the desire to steal from a bank even I know they exist so. I don't wanna run a bed because I don't I know I'm never gonna get clean money but we wanted to do ice pack I know you wanna be nice. I knew was pretty sort of leaves and Italy key literally he's content yet story is he's caught red handed because he red dye pack yeah explodes. All the old Lawrence. I think there's patrol cars like a block away in ninety yeah. A lot of slice. We spot he's got to me yeah now or at the cook and I don't like red like he's ready to read her. The best seasons with the likes Hal Morris will look bunnies and basis. So that brings me words. Under this season to. But I want to be done but it's going to be blue died I don't want the read a little don't want to ask you do you have different colors don't say the spectrum I'm just using green jello knows somebody that I touch whose brother. We excise tax works at a bank. Do you. Eat do you did you get this can be victimized you brought us so I'll talk to add just a Doug isn't the time release one reelect to a lot of and then you're related to the back and then Yahoo! do you leave like 42 looks. Do we do is just within your car to be just doing your car for a meeting some important clock job mobile. They're going. How is that the bad. I got excited I'm. You look blue dissected. Come on food Zimmer you see in the movies and I have got us a zero to show who are a lot of things in movies and I'd like to tried before getting indicted I'll do when your car. Yeah nobody's car will join a like a hermetically sealed room don't get really good feelings will Dextre will rooms and we don't bull bull bull walked by would shoot a video look we're walking past a bank and stuff and also just she group blog just dinner by going. Don't you act and they won't play this -- steam underneath it yeah. No it's just kind of dispersed and you don't know who's there and I've. Never sing anymore and that's it's when we're really seeing this Marcella she. None. I'm not to mention our caddies on oh wow yeah. So cash. It would be do you talk to your brother yes let's go do her best yet even got to the actress her. Cause so much it was a work related thing I would I was growing up I worked it throughout high school I worked in a subway TCBY combo Barry okay you know how like does ice cream shop telling the big lake fourteen gallon buckets of ice cream yes they had this cotton candy flavoring it was absolutely amazing and so. Whenever we get like a third full like there is 32 left in their I would just grab some plastic spoons and take in the back and finish it off at. I totally like oh you like my shift meals. You know UT. Shirt but he hit three gallons do I really don't hear a ton of ice cream and so basically I told Blake for my friends a come down to the TCBY can its ice cream day. And so they all came down I let him in the back door we are sitting in the back office in a circle just passing this giant bucket around taken by its out of it. And what we are sitting back there all of a sudden the back door flew open and it was the owner of the rest dry hole and he was like a bunch of dudes with stones. I was like hello. I don't know what it's. Like the idea and you come. What do you guys doing sir I have I did get fired but I also got rehired after that I'll give. Really get fired from the GC will but the higher you the other side. So she's yeah. You just don't worry yeah. I didn't get more it's it's never got Kyle we like guys. See your BMT mean I thought I'd get caught during a box of bread against the wall yeah. So be relations stealing don't worry I pack died tax something big you got caught us. In the act natural we want here's your content yet stories Jessica. Yeah I caught in the act. So I was on probation and decided to go enjoy that part with my friends and I are at eighteen so. No I got caught drinking under age violating probation and they were there after hours. Yup that'll do you got popped through like 900 was this the first time you tried that. He stuck behind bumped did it save your life straight immediately clear what happens. I'm going to jail and ordered to relay changing terrain knows the seats and he's how long were you eighteen. You jailed just jury it's improved days cinemas around anymore so yeah totally jail jail. Regalia de but shout out like a life. Yeah you're a bad girl with food I dude could you handle jail. A solitary but now that's yes it's gonna be out here and target if you're doing so would I don't know if people about it because yeah I thought yeah we're human cell with a bunch of people Montoya in the middle of the room kind of thing. You have basically they were all pretty hardened criminals and that like yeah I got caught drinking. Only. Not ready are. Some would hold that I would never calls for owner guess it's it's yeah. I couldn't do I find a way to recycle so different sort of recycle my own was a good thing in my decks or what's I think you take that you did you have to go podium acts. Stop your number two is you do anything bowyer number 02. Thank you for telling us your cut and yet story Jessica we appreciate it our. And he's up next candy. Teenage guy yeah I. A game on Todd tax. Totally cut me at come I had met in my boyfriend Powell. And it's Hulu and a craving younger and calm I had had surgery on my foot I had a really cute hot key at. We're eighteen years old you still very necessary to match on your clothing with that. It's. Just a few show mom trying to CNN you can cook up a little bit. But Charlie snacking and mom went doing homework when it hit with one that has yet leave at their breakfast and I. I was not I hear back. Won't you. Oh with a 310. Add salt and hot pink clothing. I'd be calling any I may get downstairs. Everything that he had done it any shorter he's our hockey and all the and there are some knock on the -- are doing what flock to that is that can begin and he goes over he thinks that I hidden in the cloud that acrobatic catch on my elect. I had to maneuver around the bad any open the door and I was in my little cute pink teacher at my hot pink underwear and a cast. Could you tell us live I'm like I would be mad at my son's not somebody ends but if I saw the whole scene I think I'd start to slow clout roughly if you like. Doing your explanation and conclude this steam. I've seen his mom was mad at you like I I don't know I don't know she would have and I I don't know anybody without Max. But I am from their golf game that went on the next stay with his data because that I I can't. Oh while I'm. They're usually happy that their kids like she do yet done car pod people ask how was relations with the cast your kids asking for a friend to the it's really. Well so look at here Leo okay I'm interested to hear her I think they even got candy. He sneaked past. Good luck to you can't walk pat Graham in my living right. They do that reading can you tell me how can you yeah you know the more you do feel like to see it reflecting a few teams hold court papers and stuff. Lydia. You know I caught in the act yeah. I'm yes and I sixteen that and I you worked at a fast food restaurant each and how about the price this memorize. And basically when a person would order that's true. I was just take the money if they had big back changed. This particular time that I made our really busy and a manager but I. Come out of the box and how bout. And he'd be about my ordered zeroed out pretty lake arrow allure. Where you rat lady and I might you can only keenly. And so busy you're registered made zero money. So yeah. Pretty much thank you look back and I laughed when he ordered Muehlegg out of seventeen. Term you've typically they're about seventeen different order than really tick reaper cash so I'm at that particular time to put in Cambodia like well they've changed their mind you like he has seventeen customers and remind them around the we're not. You saw a year and I don't edit sake let's have handed no you no longer work and I'm Ashe yet. That was your severance on the way you run each and you must be high just. Hostages were draws all the crown enthusiasts. Last you have belly is sixteen I I think he's just trying to get near where shaped. Why have. Guzzling writer is no. Six years old and had the prices memorize everything from one of the biggest corporations and Americana goals take you for a little while Steve you're so impressed when somebody's going. Well economies he sat inside the sky. Yeah it's not the acts yeah I. So I was well my girlfriend we will now we're watching you submarine areas and heard. Having relations. And you're parked up the middle of nowhere though wouldn't you can't win that cop pulled up. When do members. Well you know what. Knock on the window flashlight and a window seat looked up rolled out the window and their nation even worse when your dad. It's a topped the cash deal. Yeah her dad had. Yes my dad yeah I'm O I don't. I wish he would figure I was beat snagged. He's you know like he's winning the submarine races. You work all over the years and I didn't expect him to show up. So what is tapped on the window and looked into alerts flashlight. And rolled down the window to explain myself my doubt there it. So on. I think it's time to take her home. Snaking line. Why do you that's but he did so yeah in my view you guys were Udall you interrupted Obama at sucks but we've. Yeah it'll be gentlemanly and ask anymore questions they you've really gone sky candy. I hate you are disguise our company acts. Yes I felt my board for an hour a week with the amber at it Eric Powell and you know we were dealing with a broken coupled deal calm and. Remain it was GPS that's what we have done is particularly with sir I. Solo got to ask the got you okay. Referee between the cheap too he had his. We were a little bit off and our our protective. Earache if you could say you go to bed the next area where you the drug store to go get clean and neat. And I'm ready to check out and hit bottom up. Hate you may end its Cuban drug store and start to have a conversation with you why he can be in the air what. Eight is an idea for this plan really does. The one thing it does remind us. How you're out. So my job my job through did you really get caught buying it with the. Yeah I mean hey I hey I might be good speed Brad and I try to do we get our girlfriends but there's just no way. Are you can't procedure called it could be a senior understood just thought you Carol yeah you heard the buzz did the did she say anything she acknowledge it or was it just. The silence told you she knew that you knew that she knew awkward. Are you yeah a little jumper with the Croatia got I hope he's just as. Every good thing it does what I think he's done. A Google it while you can have a good precision. It's it isn't what I thought it does my son has and I know mom so are you still with a guy now with that. I worked on would know. Forget our living arrangement it. Notice. That's much better that's fun that is fun thank you god candy hum Hannity. Dash has gone the act. Irate I would I'd downtown would make that link they went out search by name it and I am and that's. I have waited that night that night I'm my brother in my brother's car we had his best friend. Blow. You worry you're busy with his best friend in his car and then he added that Brandon has aren't do you have no boundaries no cushion when he's only fans are so easy has put. Lot of matches that you wouldn't know any other. I I grabbed my teacher ran out of retiring and Kenny ran all. Wait so yeah carollo that's a runner semen that's what's this. Does she gave up by your brother and I did you end of dating this generous this is a one night things. You know and it updating you did your would you brother and him stay friends that are. Yet they bad spread. So he's alone in your car urges probably. You know things are now yeah. You never actually ended up marrying. He didn't ex girlfriend can't get back to. All of the walkway to dailies is almost no square triangle track is only the truth is they traded some bad law. Subsequent but I will say you were the common. Lose. I taught in the act. I'm. Eric not right at it and below it who say yes you do we even since the it hired any hole and I rarely pub that's your news. What else. Loses the mom or the dad really what it is you're tired of the we wish it first started telling the story was lights then my Stoner friends. I mean Dan he's loves puzzles okay when you. This graphics. We're O meg yeah. But oh my god what. No I imagine you would get fired for please quietly took their New York. ER at. If he we show up in any and they can really hit Italian doctors and I'm not that lankans. Nowadays takes a wrong Stanley puts you in the DNA or something that would be were you of the golf joy. Yeah guy caught in the act. The British found. I'm my boyfriend and another eight and dial we went out back burden onto the trampoline it was flailing at me and we are watching star than. One thing led to another we learn the situation with app escalating action and I. Sense that in my dad had his girlfriend over. There is hot time on the back deck they go out. I ate and he got their road and marinate inmate got hot come and he started doing anything and we did relate. Both good blues singer who ran the wrong way salt Basil I could did you. He sure does it my yeah you need laid there and look at the start. Though you lose and everything. I was just a fire storm ID a day older variety. I had more of your cognac stories over on the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.