Slacker and Steve - Caught on Camera 1/26

Friday, January 26th


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Staying on day. A couple stories about things getting caught on camera and it lights. You're in the past I might have been like leery of going. Only actually really east asked people tell stories what's been current temperature is cameras are really only banks. And at gas station. I just know I look around the room there's at least four climbers supported us right now two point suckered I don't care where I'm going now in public weren't walking over here as a matter I just assume I am constantly Meserve failed. Yes don't think you knows why you don't adjust every corner we can neighbor's house so knock on the door for any reason I know I mean serve failed how can yeah. So we want us your stories of the weirdest wacky stuff he's caught on timber when moron cheating lover what are you can't somebody even brought Maine. Which smokers do just outed by usually doorbell what was this journey which he's the singers he's one of the dudes in chain smokers book and his girlfriend was like. Dole and there was footage and watched him walk now patrol of the month's poll and I. Afloat is do you should know that something currents and some movement. There that too. Here in northern rude how can you not easiest way to tell. I was suck you earlier and you you have your whole inside your house is all Cameron up. But you said there are Blake certain lines you know of but I supposed to be six might never mind this is my house of talking about I have certain blind spots that I know look I'm just saying is if I need to bring you or some strange person came to my house senate no word on. Do you not do that what they try to hide from your own cameras. Tennessee around like mission upon it. I was young my my buddy mighty a friend of mine DD net cameras dandy alarm system took the motion detectors go to. And the different little laser beams or whatever wind we would Mission Impossible and house to the motion detectors will only catch you. If you're moving in a certain speed so we would like. Get on the floor and like oh cool. She's had a red light went on you lose you Luke's. That's kind of fun and a new game is I know how to get. I know which. Door slash window I have to come and to not be seen by cameras I know how to get upstairs I didn't get I just get to a lot of places in my house law. With outs that's slick. Without your failing Hilliard and there might still lady authorities burst on the apparently chain smoker guys forgot. Steve there's two sides calling where you where you get so used to cameras BS do you assume he's on says there's also being Joshua your son is forget again. Yes my my nest team returns and I have in my house. Are directly above my TDs but there's one in my eight the kids play here and there's one in my living room is likely and one in the basement. They're just it looks like part of the TV you mean now I just it's as well use forgets it and I mean yeah there. I've walked through my my living room liquid light stuff. Like when I'm doing laundry. Like I do the very last load authorities shower take everything off and I shouted in the washing machine nice and I walked to the house naked. And then I start to maintain my wife likes to brag about our security in all the stuff and I'm like she's like you. One day she's not I don't know we will miss him so we see the nannies might needs. There's nothing morph it. I love. To fold in the last laundry and then look at the hipper and there's literally nothing not even won Paris sox' number one. Things like take. My clothes off and put them in which makes sense we know you're no you're rumbling around a million and I and I walk around the last check lights and I'm like. And I see you like performing for cameras you'll stop the Buehrle as she tells the camera Steve I'm performing for me OK okay I just a real number affirming. I'll woman watched her home being robbed her phone. This is wicked because her teenage son wasn't in the house at the time on the woman's thirteen year old son saw a vehicle full of two men do not got out we didn't recognize one of the men and broke down the home's back door. Teen hit in the closet oh while the test well in Coleman won. Mother got to work on her phone watch the men grab stuff from England. They do do into the room with a didn't open the closet did not see the teenage son so that's one example of something caught on camera here's another one security video from an elevator in Canada I always suspected desk. There are times you know I feel a different pizza companies and both say the name of this what this action my company I love these guys but every once in awhile. You pizza Mike's here this week waves doesn't cover only done this week. 4010 you can see the indentations where the Kemper road is where once I'm in the tease my Canadian Domino's delivery guy got caught on the elevator camera joint can toppings are some pizza and closing the box and delivering it to pass it knocks us. Bastards. That happens do not all of your whole foods now there's also new Smartphones that are coming out that can see through walls like X ray vision yes. They're like super super phone double dating easy outs can be both another pair of our police and a pair criminals tried to blow up an AT and and it got caught on camera the idiots they walk away when flames erupt. Tell me ask you this first just when you're by any TM is no other time in your life. Realize that there's definitely camera there there's not an ATM on the face of the planet earth that is it also connected to the Internet assets how to check your balance yeah. And therefore also connected to a camera thank you all you're like annual Emmy he's trying to blow to cash out there strike one you're on camera. Strike two. It's dated open with your explosion isn't the money exploded pay scare at least boy weeps yeah I've seen a year ago he can't say several quick gas there's lot of movies out now were they always have that one hackers say that the computer screens to get access every stupid camera on the entire cities. Oh that's little Diaz fight this stupid this is or someone like little he has eight has a pirated box worry too much. Illegal television shows and you can you can log on and watch cameras do you ever did Jim I am literally wants cameras all around it was like I don't know what's camera in. Came to overlooking the beach. Well this story you can even like you wanna look at at a bar in Dublin you ought to do you get Michael looking at no I wanna watch a hotel lobby in London can I. Well it's just you don't watch what do we can already do it now yes that your little hacker scenario is led jets she. On an illegal cable box right now the election there. I thought Sony we want your stories you see something an ethnic. Caught on camera we want you caught on camera stories let's start with a Sasha. Yeah that's. On camera. Yeah I paying cotton my son and bringing about it and they're very or how. And then he competed here in a queen right in anatomy or slogans. Does know there's a camera in the rooms. Yeah I think he'd try to. It just didn't work to do something. The fifteenth what is graphics gone directly in the line aside your NASA's champ could get some real quick. The easy he's teenagers and does the stupidity this is there a variety bomb. Now who would be a bit like a huddle in a certain part of the rams I think if we didn't need that we can. Just see them moving. That's natural gas with. I said before I know the blind spots in my house I know exactly where I never would sure you gotta know yeah arms but that's because so did you did your camera one of the ones and as a talkback teachers so you can go Oprah. Suzy what are you doing or would you wage he got home to Boston would do that hitting a solo. Yeah I didn't I didn't I didn't say anything at the time they I waited and waited. All in and recruited grand. Is. It didn't get a play by play of his poor choices. And so he's got to surround her or. Yeah no found no found her a month. Did for you but he had his buddy's dad's OK okay. Let's go to the top of the day you for the cause nausea Sheryl says that. Yes caught on camera. I act caught my now ex boyfriend having relations with any married woman on the couch in my how this with a camera right. Right next to them. Was there. Eight laps pop it open and so they had to have known that there. What's going to release time terror. Yeah they're performing just for you to you saying I hope not because that's spite that's so mean we do how would you watch for you what the whole nine did you Cheryl. Who the well I didn't. Any other part is I age. This is this is somebody I thought I love notes simply this is happening. Yeah yeah I'm not so what did you do did you did you talk back on the face time merger will tell you got home. Town like. Crush it. I waited till I got home so I'm happy to look at it. Yeah. Right and mothers passive aggressive the man Cherilus Bruce that is an awful thing to catch on camera thank you for the call. ANC. Yeah yeah us caught on camera. Yeah IE. Hello my mother and I knew you and you always telling an act. What crap how what how crappy me the only guy and you can't get them and our power and she was in that kitchen and a. Can't blue craft box. It's losses. Yeah actually in Haywood and her own pride it would that's on the map. Oh my giants QJD. And I'm right. I. You know as a general now's now for your bloggers he can be seen by anyone on the interwebs. Since then all that's good color out. Malaria Ali how we called him he's played on the big screen TV like oh Electronica music. That is so they UNC dale. The guy he's not on camera. I'll tell you Murray has been with the big hunter. Any guy without cameras that you attach to retreat. He would ship and all night long and look at what happened the previous night. And is likely like Jesus something something to look at tissue got a bigfoot costume. And jumped up and our president was running all over the place. They next and he went collect edit and heats freaked out he would scream. Hey it's yeah. Now perhaps you wouldn't look yeah. Florida.