Slacker and Steve - Caught on Camera 4/16

Monday, April 16th


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Steve Collins there. I'm so we wanna hear some stories. About we caught on camera man. And you you need this so fun and you don't want tried to use it once. Your phone camera yeah. I meant like other regional security camera or another even your phone camera you're always liked some crazy things happen in the studio or listen well and as there are almost completely done she's like ocean. Action film that. It's a than I did fumble a row oh look you know he knows video lawyers and the except that oftentimes we actually asked Steve to catch somebody on her car camera and it's like I. I was watching video and all you hear it is a video of him. Picking up the camera legal apparatus works well all good start and that's the end and nice. Coach. I've literally gotten a picture before today. Course this and it was just a pitcher started. By the yacht America so she doesn't have any good stories caught on camera but there's like ten days alone there was a bunch of stories in the news. My favorite line is his dude who is supposedly involved in a car accident. Was being accused at least of being involved in a car accident. And he's got his own dash for camrys one of those dudes are you rushing guy you would think right now there's there's. But in Russia it seems like everybody's got one that's a mandatory. So he goes to the police and once he's nice. I got cut offs and I got video to prove it so we turns over his dash cams is. Once you watch is very open and who saw me poor showed the other person is the bad guy in this situation. On except the police were re wound too far and some video of him get a bad out of his car. You leased store and steal a bunch of crap there is that parts so caught on camera for him what's the beauty store cameras was it was his own dashboard camera tablet. She turned. To look police. Recruits with. Well there's one driveway hears me. Do you are a completely different. Morons. That's his comments yes mom and. Amazon delivery driver also caught on like one of the ring doorbell cameras I saw the stills from the second seeded. Here it shows up to the house Lewis this is like what do those citizens that where the yellow vest sort of drive around their minivans drop it off and usually she's not. He doesn't work for one of the big delivery companies don't ask you to call that isn't it Amazon last mile or something. It's those. It's there there are the people you're talking about the it's a big they're not quite. We're ready yes and those are but did you agree or does not nice. Sort of idea people are. Did you lose as usual is dude comes and it's like well I'll just leave it on the balcony. So easily and on the porch I get a porch pirates steal a lot of stuff yeah. So you can see is on the video he says yeah like. Except that kids are on the balcony but it took his first tip my goals are. She should. Go off and I do at the at the end the war and see all thank you tell what do you do usually easily adapt to any left. I don't know a whole thing is our own damn. It never did never did get out you know we got on the second try okay but it was horror you know I mean my odds that you ordered. These drill lure. He would be full line what was. That was at least ensure it was nice and yeah it always sounds like the beginning of like a 1980s John Hughes Diaz I managed fuels and an elevator door the doors like. Bombs there's another caught on camera this one is not nearly is on as the one we've talked about this kid got left by his school bus all. And so he went just to the nearest house and rang the doorbell to go light. Hey I early nor my school is that so can somebody show me in this holdings being recorded I believe their doorbell camera or something. There like. You and they try to shoot at a blue hot seat is there was an elderly couple us. That's truly afraid I'd try to leave the one detailed and out because it it's immediate well I guess matter he's he's an African American kid he's collected. Always so look older and really complex or simple. And score saying they shot out and he didn't get shot but it's just like. Well another kid he still can't find his school had an okay shot there's no. You can you know I just know this the it's. So while we ought to report sir is that we just hope for her upbeat just point towards a school or skull oh shoot the direction of the school. No idea of how are you shoot the opposite Yorkshire gold and I was and I asked do that one half a million of the guys. Been charged with attempted murder. Hey no assault with intent to murder is what Tehran seemed a popular singing about. My I have some of the nest cams in my house I've never really taught anything weird on it. But one of my friends. They've had like she's. Not ghosts. Experience. Yes what have you just they had they had they have like these issues were lights would go on and all blue. I know what faulty electrical engineering faulty engineering women are really nice house yup we ripped off no coincidence there that you know would blow and I know I just. Yeah it's really good. And so they chased one Internet scams to where. They had this. Flies sometimes are telling a story like this and I have to look at your don't lie. Let's look at me like you know much improved through it as soon as you say one wrong word I'd like it's real serious historic I have. Up next face or it's an altered a no drop. It's slowly turned and asked him or blight in their basement where they had a feeling. This energy is tough. There is pretty good. Sure I know I'll look through our whole team so. You can see ha so then gas cans like at night. Go black and I don't know if you've ever seen is that when we can't read a little big knows what this looks like could you had baby monitors. They go and this like infrared mode where owned everything black looks white. It's it's kind of like a negative image of everything so you can see stuff. And then in their window well they would see shots of flights he would get really lights all the sudden. But what that means is it would get really dark all of the sudden of the opposite them because because of what the infrared camera thing is doing. And then there were or herbs. We Lisa the window well we did dark and then when you get the lights went low light on the camera which means you are everything was the opposite. It was actually there are some sort of darkness. In the window well for two short as light on Arab infrared gotcha with a minute or herbs then there W that emanated from the window well. Where they came from above and down in the wind on destroyed the building you hear it right I'm just are just wanna hear no I'm not. Hunting for I guess there were like four in around the window well. An outsider on the inside talk itself. As a means just easily get grainy when you do and you infra red squeezed the green and I hope I'm. Why is it that we finally capture spirits on film it's always going new cause it's hard Steve because spirits don't wanna be caught his about face. They struck it just walk right up 20 yeah. I don't look too. Number I don't know. But if the U. That's what I mean they caught some sort of spirit on camera well was greedy warms but that's. What's a good but it's bad name is going to be bringing your herbs. You can kill a comedy what I'm not gonna support your bands include whatever I I. The story that I got a brilliant all you're right I can't wait to hear is that all serial I'd always do spiritual music and green need in world. If you moved. Commitment phobic window well and I believe that is that is actually big kick gas stays at Iraq is about an hour. It's really cool. I need I mean I don't know if you look at the. I'm all right so here's the latest single from. Or. Anyway didn't you taught something on camera BSE SBA I'm weird many today are greedy or or grainy or herbs for what. Any single weird strange. Absent just sort. You got a serious and gloom we call it caught on camera. I might come back right now is all traded funds and there were no you don't I'm gonna make him battery here but don't touch can't bring him for the real good. What did you catch on camera. And yeah you guys grainy or this is now it's surely not on camera you disarm or whatever you want we don't care anymore. Well dot I'm not actually agree on diet and my sister went battling it out. Let her drink it's been taken and video of her drink it let my parents. And to elect our ally like flew out crashed there that video and my articulate my grandpa treatment in my grandma. Moon. Tinker away east you know we've heard over and then oh my god that's kind of cool though I mean I you know ever since we went on this 100 house tour. I was in IE. Forbes I believe in or a lot more than I never knew or mentally then that's what they're just dust particles in the air whatever we were dusty orange backbone you know they're okay and what do they now grainy greens you were so I I believe that you probably caught on camera you probably saw the moment your -- showed up snatched granma and took her away could have been stamp out this have come my older dog normal rainbow bridge like. Did that have been cool. Still does not coming for you because you're the reasons to yourself what are you know oil lie and you think he's the so again. Can have and the cup as good as I've told your story to a lot of people staged the you do for a decision and the courier. Caught on camera slash or stories. Don is. I I he's. Not on camera. Well and it okay we won't. Know you're not in here we can barely hear you reasons. Okay here now to our heart and will filter on it and you have to eat you know they'll like they can actual. They expect human face or it you and so. Our mouths and help to ask and it's very temporary help sell and I am kinda liked. You know it's Gainer around my apartment. And all of a sudden it. They each got filtered based pops up on a number. What kind of a onetime beyond I kept hitting and that he I would let my offense but one day and I love that Blake. I'm not found where we're at present. Time I'm holding it like other. I'll be in Spain my chair and behind me which McBride above my head in the other. But my little update another Japanese. Still don't east there's this dude I'll tell you gotta you gotta know you have a mess was snapped in half there's got to be apart there's got to be a faced air force to put the best things up ice cold that's all right there's it's important cat ears on nothing so it recognized arts faced but it was like ghosts yeah Europe green he stops. We'll read your stuff that just the culture. Now. So he oversaw the cities but the but we all thought there was goofy ass so could you I don't know it's just filtered face tough for the sort of like. Faulty engineering or just you were filter wasn't Oprah moved. Anyone who bought it coolers somebody in the all these thank. You yes. Aaron and our dollar million desert town historian will figure out what it did to the. Like neither caught on their door and a camera and eight teenaged girl grueling though. And they are packages of ketchup and mustard brown and whatever burger jury she linking their out. What little bass. Why kids understand it pretty much all of us have one of those drink cans now I can do you just stop money here and realism is over now when your pickles. She. Oh well. Cool you want go to the door and go why are you throwing pixels that's that's about aggression. And she. The onions. Aren't like you know why do. Notes and the sickle thank you for the golf is no need to lower bodies most of my own Jenny. I jockey. Car cameras I think we're back there now what would you say are. I saw a lady eating like chopsticks to wash it it's very being. I knew I was thinking picture my dark militant attacks see which I shouldn't have been doing while turns. Hello you are yeah avoids a bit out there you have such an accusatory don't know. The woman that admitted to be human. My niece trying to frame up much of the well and the back with no. Please come not easy yeah what the the snacks that's your story ready but you're not your dogs to. Yeah. I don't shop six go out and hello Laura Bush to a new army right so what do you tell them your driving you be easier commonly say. To watch you I think that should be our next FaceBook live video why we give you weeds star view for a week Jerry and then we give you Bryson chopsticks. It would take until. You're doing your show you're headed what. The call what are these guys acting and theater. And the right. It caught on camera. Yeah at first started my new job our arch area and I portrait or credit to come in and help me close out there were all closed and we decided to get a little risk you have really long it will cable. T yeah yeah. Yes and then the next morning or the next day when I where's that coming into a makeshift boxing and instead. By the way he talks camera it's. I want ancient to the new co. It didn't matter what let them watch it and then assists.