Slacker and Steve - CDs are Going Away 2/7

Wednesday, February 7th


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Steve I am dog deuce I got a breaking news story we got a general mineralized. Apparently too bad. Espy. Is gonna stop selling CDs. Okay it will pick who decided he's still have CDs and stock I guess that's sort of in my bridging Zorn who Britney. Rice. Said. Breaking news and I. Breaking news everyone best buy. Still as CDs. Why it. Don't know manager news story but that best buy is decided to stop selling C wise we others warehouse full of his worth was grabbed WL once stopped off. Do you know who was the last time you mean you're you're seeing people now you do leave Saudi view that he knows no. Nothing about technology Yahoo!'s SMU a lot of CDs. Probably okay I'll give you that probably two years ago maybe. I mean that's that's even impressive is lazy because iTunes has been out forever although right. Everything's been out forever why would you because I remember it was in a bid you know when you're small Smart you know those movie beens like movies for five dollars cutouts as well that's. That's the radio these lyricist or days they were trying to get rid of computer CDs and there was a Compuware what oh okay compilation of what I think it's usually like trucker style. It's it was like movie it was movie soundtracks to a movie song list so I got a ruling for an ID nine CU I. Did I ever see boy you better run this small Smart and I am because once best I goes there there officially done on the very don't on July 1 they said no more. Music CDs think about when you go to best buy and she urged chill out and really that is so that's a good points probably two sets. Wouldn't listen to our best buy is not commenting on the story but it the rumor is they're done on July 1 and now targets considering. Why. At least reducing. Like Dell Kerry. Taylor Swift Kanye day like this new big thing this release the dirt bikes to tired of have been downtown. How long do what ever. In excess is sure CD wears out. Or who nobody here are all the are never forget it wasn't that long ago you Tommy hunt of burger rip our receipt. Athletes are we that new houses per ripped everything got YE OK I do yeah. Crap on your souls trying to ignore the blue to select its Richmond school apply to you guys are all you have permission around us. It's pitcher not to mess I have to get your favorite CD is there won't be their loan.