Slacker and Steve - Celebrity Butthead 12/6

Wednesday, December 6th


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Staying on N com. We go back and forth on this sometimes we talk about celebrities and we see how awesome they are and how. They help people and they do amazing things and they should be held on the the ivory towered that we built for them is actually good and bright and true. And the times we. We do the opposite yeah it is a deserving soaring talk celebrity but pencil. If you if you if you that in encounter with a celebrity they didn't know. The way that you wanted to to get. We're the way that you envisioned it going where they were just complete by hazardous it starts with this is what got us inspired talk about it we all got. Doing what we do we need to meet a lot of different people. Like. Same work cooler just it's just one person job but Katherine McPhee who. I don't. She's she's just keeps strict what's her what's her substance she was on him point the fifth season of American Idol I think she was a runner up and she's darn. Some acting since then though so into her mind she's a huge eighty loose so liberty she must think that she. For what she did when she told her celebrity but had maneuver she must she actually musty and she's somebody. Her friend. Tried to crash a wedding in Collison gets. Ends. The bride Kate to not do and I made light shot Democrats now own all around. And instead of her just going okay. Thank you so it's a private pain now can you just. She. Goes off on a social media Rampage she calls while they were there they call the bride a loser bomb. See she's she goes on line and says Brad does her own security is your new your own security you got up problem. While no you're the problem make fear whenever your daddy is. Did her which she thought she was on the level of Ville Marie where she can go bop into a wedding turned all wedding will stop the worship Bill Murray sure that's what I've got mine and she thought she got no gas and men's or Tom Hanks Gary any guess people who are like oh yeah and white photos or whatever as Brian knows your just some random stranger she you assume that she would you know who you work. Nobody knows who you are I think some of our best celebrity butt heads stories will beast from people where the celebrity at some point utters this race. Don't you know who I Baggio. He's. If the answer is no pain you gonna do hey yeah right it's hot. It's an exiting the why show my parents shelled out 40506080000. Dollars for a tristate Cabo San Lucas wedding even if I do tell you who you are. That doesn't change the fact that we're trying to have a private wedding nightmare view so Obama and his celebrity shows up always does so well. And suing her. Her friend said she that pain six knee are supposed to class coming in dancing the night away right voted for chapped I can feel that. Why is that. Tests to that is kept I didn't even worse than a celebrity but had that is the little style lagged type either hang or on the anyway here it comes to little a little Bob Watson on the at a doubled he don't ever paid like that's that's. I have to understand the reason he's hurt but her friend is back and testament season. Even clear who the hell are you but she's really cute so she had some good years. It's a so that makes it okay Steve it's your last ten minutes off dinner and did you decide. Either specifically. And you try to compare room workers here that there's a little birds either exists yet. She's just so weird ideas that you guys spend much time so who do you have a celebrity. You think is a total butt head wow I think job and you and I have been Iran you know whenever treats me do we treat you bad they never treat me back. Like John Mayer who recently had isn't earnings are down she was a total tool did you guys come to blows just come to blows but he always ended my interview abruptly and said he had a mastery Trent. Stuck with. You're like why you ought to look at though exact I definitely as soon as I got to really know my cell phone back I was like. How reasoning kind of up and put it in sugar but since I just saying that well because he's job. And you in little. We see it won't make. Who who smash mouth. Oh you and I veteran is that I know he had a run and make different. That we had a run in the celebrity I had to just jerks but I really aren't rich as you know it is. They had their moment M and there's zero Su have their moment. And realize there's an Evan floats music right and there's actors and actresses there's same way it's nice when you got an Oscar. Award winning movie out you can bet there's a certain amount of cachet that comes with that. And you can do that to himself like the right who we last hit was in 92 and it was a cover the Monkees song. As fast forward twenty some years later you want to get you don't. Our daughters and did you got rid of. So yeah right yeah what you need to get their writer for so it is a flux capacitor all. Point zero nobody now I know and then we yeah we can and we were supposed to go assays in energy use him and we do it nobody told us their video in the next. Attitude they looked just like how. You're right I still can't hear what he can literally flew. We introduce them and then general until the livestock to Billy difficult winning the Coca hook. Heads at the blue. Good yeah. I just say in a variety so yeah guard knows why do you think that's the thing is at. Each day I don't think we're gonna get some A list celebrities better about it we got a story Adam Levine. Played what do you do sees some girl this little while ago when he gave me rears its ugly it was one out. Somebody asked him for an autograph or whatever any not only did he say now what are allowed to it's exactly Jennifer Moore Zach we'll see no different subtle way. There's just an awesome I mean my yoga pants and just try to Starbucks just up one minute not to. But he instead of just want it's not right now sorry owner I apologize he goes. Up I don't give autographs to. Ugly chicks is what he said it is whom do you. Tonight. Which is not. He can it's not ideal to have. That's a celebrity but hit OK. So my theory was that 90% of our celebrity but had stories are gonna be like. Kathy Griffin Catherine makes the envelope the people who let's move past uttered the phrase perhaps you have present. Might my girlfriend at the time a long time ago worked at nine west. And in news anchor Bret came in and demanded a bunch of stuff amended is that there's a sort of brought. And without big tree or they say are you think I heard her it was her it was a net and an end and they pulled out the life. Oh what's a person's name rhyme with I can't. What's it putter I was stupid do you guys are still on the net so who is using units totally okay it was fixed Coca now ninety I figured. Are they did it a couple of of this is often doesn't tell us do now. Oh OK and you know. A hole. No I'm Danielle and I always remember is there was a little girl scout. Oh and I asked her Baylor one of those Colorado towns where. Kurt Russell lists money here asked India celeb Syria. And you know girl's council sent out front of like you grocery store when it's their time to sell cookies and move they were doing the saying that the date they do acting that the kiosks do in the mall where daylight. You walk I may actually hand you my own Lucian and it won't take you back to new so the girls out like he ended Kurt Russell like a box of cements. Thanks. I don't want to damn cookies and launched them into the stratus white are flaw though. She just is just in case it's an idea that's. Okay that's it there was just little core. Crumbs I would gently settled. Successful pitcher this little brown I know what their stash online. And no yeah. Even though it didn't want to eat cookies it's what I feel like Kleenex and FF. So I don't wanna do it. Normally celebrities do great things but you had a run in with one and it turned out they were a butthead we'd love to hear the story Heather. Are and I saw everybody ends. Even a ball all love it I can't even Sam shot signed that law Iowa now what do you do. I was in California my parents and you're a big political saying. And there are lots of flurries around and we were not allowed Al Gore. Autograph that we can get our picture taken much him. And of one of mine ain't stepfather cut our current set I paraplegic by a picture with even a cop. I didn't want my picture I was kind of standing back and my step father Albert means taking up Becky your picture taken with them you know grab it by the response and get them that smile. She warmth. And. So I went up there got my picture taken let them. And it just to my step I was about to take that extra people don't you do aircraft my thoughts. Aren't the picture is of him standing there with a smirk on a safe and meet with my now go wide open loop in my mind cracked enough. Steele didn't it's. As if it was but any good anymore you know it's always been Canada sat ninja. Now. So often it. Oh and. Also he was still a little bit exactly. The mayor Laura we don't know how. So Yusuf IC MB in snowy and does not agree easy easy he had thank you for your cost us a CS. I honestly everybody heads. Yeah I met Aaron Christopher McDonald they get our act with Keener told Chris McDonald usually Chris Dunn. And he prince didn't get out of bed and I. Now right this is a not. Only just died. Or was also a twister was like the main meteorologist guy he was he wound that was Terry always. Know that that was the aisle to the bad did that all got Internet tornado chaser keep playing Tanzania well we've gone farther this time I don't quite so what are we Christopher McDonald took. Well I don't have to import I have to admit that you only get it big with my mom you can't hear it. It's if he can do what's your mom. Not any snow so Oaxaca where do you displayed on a grass hooch. You're in armor talent and they like gave my mom and his groups he has played out if your other. I had to grapple EU India and her. I'm still pushing her exact. Yeah. Jonas that's awesome things. He's dead now are. An accurate I'm pretty sure he's dead wrong and you know what if you tune into our currency the real information your boy I knew I'm not content really is and I feel like he's I have to go look them up non cash media. Yeah I celebrity butt heads. Oh and that John Elway out my husband football game an alibi they. I walked up well handle with a Broncos water bottle. Well I wanna handle spying and he's absolutely not and then proceeded to assign every one of the boys. My how net than other boys. He he just like you get your girl what do you think your problem was. I have no idea. I would only girl who asked him but I was like six years old and I writing and my mom had no match. What do why is that doesn't make a lot of sense to me about oh thank you for the call listen. And I celebrity and heads. And we're dead man who restaurant in West Hollywood. And I may only get like two and a delivery order and and no one can I would love on her answer the conflict ordered out of loads Lindsay Lohan look with standards. And they urged. They're trying to order some and I just we did not have on their menu at all. Issued Obama Han. And that she is lake. And Lindsay Lohan. And I played there walls. Zola suck so who. These huge hit back Ed idea leg all of you know what I'm trying to coordinate and this is not acceptable that you are not letting me get definitely glad we really don't how it. And that's even ran as a man and fair. Manner that time that hey Greg can know our daily we don't comment. Violating I get power back on a far mentioned like oh my god I am so it's Ariel ocean and how we were ordering from the other arrests terms. All coalition really in my one. On issues like I don't know the exact same thing else I may choose Joba Demi and economic some polls late Jim ending the gumbo and their lights off cancer and we don't do legs.