Slacker and Steve - Changing a Flat 6/15

Friday, June 15th


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Staying on the you AAA guy. I used to be when it was first a new driver wannabes you know protective and Satan stuff but you're not now that I remember forever about you happen to dig in and play DC if you had a flat tire. Here's today. I'm not trying to be mean. You can't parallel park on a T and actually that's where you you actually helping write about I'm not gonna be there to help we changed its. Got a flat tire can you change it to about three or four years ago my Audi I did get a flat tire. Only our on the saudis it's impossible because your your state. I don't know on your ass is is it blown up or not do is it's actually it's hard to get to its opinion in the body it is blown out it is inflated sorry now blown up bright imminence is get a dog you know out of their just a you know out of the vehicle despair is a is a paid so. Audi luckily had that service alleges they have a good AAA like I always like an hour and so that's and take care of and so I know I sat right exact play DS slight crush on your phone. You're right I probably could not change attire well there's a new survey out to says AAA Audi care whatever you call that are are just probably the most booming business is on the planet. Because 68 actually over 60% of us. Don't know how to change entire 6861%. CEO Jim I I know you know how would you have the huge tigers so do you clean the buck you would call some ensue. See I wouldn't. I know how to assist I don't wanna get to skip entire how it's a pain in the butt. Here's the only thing that would slow me down right now is my truck is lifted so I don't at all like he did and Jack under. Oh there's that tiger can you would have to Jack would have to go really high before it's even touch in the truck that's a good point you don't have the adjusted Jack I don't think I did so you because I have to call some I know how. Changes and yet and I even change my wife's tire on her Audi and like I said it's. It's the dumbest thing you're that the spirit. Is deflated. And I'm not talking like it but it's it's like this weird little thing and then you have this compressed searched the U plugs into your cigarette lighter and blowing up its all issues. High maintenance as wages calls of just. Note this is sixty. Petty boys from big go out here fresh. Tired tonight. Yeah I was there are. So many people don't know how to use the tired H once they get a bit part of that 61%. 01 in five don't know how to use the tire needs to figure out how much here is actually in your well you can tell they say always looked. What would the other suggested manufacturer for the entire BC you can look at you know the deal calls door well it has all the specs there but that's for the vehicle. We need to for the tire so always go while the info on the Tom attack and that's what I and then but people don't wanna stick a little thing. Did you get to push yes and end up you can read the bottom of yes. I can't imagine how you would not not doing just put on the now stamina comes out and shows you sometimes it just I can't cede it plate in his shoe he would dollar this deflated Tyre choice yes the pressure yes why. Yeah I'll get it okay so you're penalized you wanna get a good little candidates. So let's do you know apple Winchell winter flu in your car. So that I know how to do the Reza bore you put him in their yup about you of course okay good is a heck I even taught my wife once it's a shiny blue fish. Seems simple wrote then slowly on your desk. More so like if he can't do that 30% of people he had to do those are morons. The next sort of go to young could you do you wish you like guys tried one time and and there are like hawks and you have to get the tab in the book in the thing I was like are your part of the majority 52% of people can do you continue. I do it every year. Oh geysers of prosciutto situated in fact my son is such a Rain Man but he's like. Mom's club passenger side is 2480. We and her driver's side is twenty she's he knows we'll tell you how. Are all of them for bosh wins she'll play. Poll he's always her status night. I just go pick him much which was we need that those Super Bowl and just tried to Zach he's did you wipers are about your eye and guys you'll knows our license plate numbers a series she's you freaks me out that is because we're right check into hotel ask for a got to go walk back out where call my son now I don't like seeing him. Haven't you did pretty good cook what's the odds united jump start your car. Okay no let me ask you something about this because you're supposed to hook up. One the negative to one post positive to the other post right yes and their color coordinated so anybody you don't let your black to black and red director you don't but I know a lot of dudes like farm dudes who like Carr guys you know a lot of farm dudes well I grew up Agricole yeah. They would always not put the big either black one onto the post of the of the battery why not see would clip it's a wait. A part of the peace in the middle ground. That's what's. Not what why why aren't you why wouldn't you just followed okay. Manuwai. And let's yes well so I log data as me go to go do it wouldn't say it's his I don't know I can think of no reason why you do OK good keep some back because you would never heard this and some of the back yeah I mean you're already steel over your battery just come pull up until two wood to the metal around the engine not on the end but what though the free or whatever yeah. I am sure they were you where architects are gonna blow up but I don't I don't I don't understand that makes you what else over her revoke I'd never heard of that in my life do you daughter plays a blown fuse. On the car my house. What you should have seen this not nineteen seasons installation half one in your house to fulfill your breaker box. As the little strips it's just I know it's like gets a break her it's not a flicker like pretty orange color runs in your book is okay car. You're mobile phone and I diluted the door romantic phone chatter it's underneath your steering wheel probably okay cool. But you don't not interview yes whoa what I've even done the thing where I did I didn't have a fuse replace him with so I don't know like my diver and put a paper clip and on it because all of fuse is this something that like makes the connection do you have the paper called. Japanese super dangerous hooks through but he just because then a fuse is a saying they liked it gets too hot it'll blow in and stop making the connection and a paper clip is gonna let him make connections forever and that's how you start an electrical fire in your car to. This is like when your when you're in a lot of troubling you need some you can and divert it but I wouldn't recommend it. It's good drive while holding the paper clip I know you just shot it in there Bo it's a little their little wink how much fun. 63% of people are like you don't know how to do it. Well that was not mandatory I mean it's sort of importance you read you know like do you like your blue incurs are working in or something like I can signal until it is. So you don't even know what's at hand signals are pretty uses words and that's one just which way is that's for can since it by the way Steve is and you're doing Nazi salutes. Let's look so you see Steve doing that he's not a racist he's turning cut next month he broke its. Olson whom I god thank here's the last thing though there's on this study and I I don't even know dissect. They've pulled a diagram of a car and had light you know brought drawings of everything thrown in 41%. Of people. Could not identify wish. Hart was the inject. All was I don't even know how that's possible life now I know insisted this thing I've ever hurt you more importance they're close to half kids. I say instead order a driving gently puts you take a test of like she's. Doubt about your coming out who you are right away like steal. Yeah those are pretty tedious in that he could come back when you came and he tees.