Slacker and Steve - Cheapskate 11/28

Tuesday, November 28th


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I ask you know that I am on the band on the it's cheap side. Frugal. Oh yellow use the classy term. Always so okay we'll go your frugal I just I sustained. More money that I need to do on things and I am supremely sushi in wine and things like that you're always comes other stuff. And I think you've got to cut corners you gotta do cheep or frugal. By noon and he tees much this is one of those moments where I just want. So me. There's this morning. And it I'd I'd I'd always wanted to be this person and it's a grocery store and had somebody do when the coupon thing. That's it 400 clash with the stuff he but they managed to pull in all sorts which works having to do Cooper. You know what I unfortunately I agree with you I think because you get to the story and you glitch that you're that guy now you're that person but you're used for me it's I have to buy. Brands I don't necessarily want or by more than I once I didn't use it. 62 free Gator aids. Jeff to buy a 112. Feet behind the conflict with the kids on bench he's. But he's so like it's all these nice change. So there's all this stuff this coupon diva recently from South Carolina you that's what she calls herself she's wiped out 20000. Might be one of those two Ponte that's pretty impressive but she's gonna stick is gonna be diligent she says she's cut her grocery bill by 52%. And that's that's awesome that's actually really good but. It's similar figure out how many hours and it's time you devote to that a she passed Tony here's think hmm. I knew nevermind I wanna finish finish a sentence for everybody else but this is for everybody that's the focus for everybody but me too but it's like. You look at your receipt at the end of your grocery trip. And they tell you where it's like you say this amount today a little sometimes they're okay you give yourself checked out or whenever you but the checkers will Hannity and don't except for and it's hard to Iraq. But I know OK I very much. If you look at the bottom a lot of times we'll tell you the percentage of your total bill that you saved that day kid out I should probably sort similar scenes are so my parents started doing this end it there are in this war and they send me pictures of their receipts. And didn't between 55 and 65%. Off. Every damn time they go to the that's hard to sneeze at that's actually I know you know Lou would blow it really has an idea in your regulator you know balk at our airports. Answer nothing else to do I snicker I sit around all the way they may live for loss leaders you know. Plus leader is when like your grocery store we'll be right. Lopes our forty cents a piece Luka and then. Don't we do grocery store hopes is that you come and I Tim Luke Donald like Al Wilson who died but I chips. And some soda losses and loss leader is no lose our box on camera looks but once we got you in the door. My parents will go. Store has two ropes and park at nine cents and so they come in and buying crap ton of talent comport to that store and leads are likely they would would. We judge she it would that stops and that's all it was Lila go to the next story and they're like this store has corn on the cob. And it. Whatever it and they just go from store to store only by the loss leader stuff through the woods or go to Vegas casino and don't even play any negative. Yeah. Enjoy a good idea it would just put dollar. I. Can't stand it register that one dollar. Gotta respect that that's that's what is your stock conference rule stockyards fruit. Okay my turn to chief cut a because we wanna see if anybody can beat them whose cheapest person listening there's a story of some dude. Who is so cheap. He this I thought. People done this in movies this was in an office episode this guy eight terrors to ply toilet paper well. In half and goes one client what number you can keep washes his paper towels. Lets you guys who didn't you guys would put your straws in the dishwasher and wash and reuse them it was a dark time in my life she can lock bags yeah doing you can always. I am definitely Washington clock you're. Through my logic guns a plot ultra 41 more time during periods. I violence hatch chilies to make food with right so. I have hatch Chile actually say hatch Chile on them 'cause I've written hatch chili on it. And the Richard Hatch Chile out. And he's actually. Moment by more hatch chilies so why can't put the hatch chilies back in that back to that sort of bags had bananas and it and I put hatch chilies is like. That sound mean embryos accused as Bernard parish they're not just the only thing he's ever been in that bag is hatch Chile so you'll re wash. Over and over there actually bad for you know you'll won't wash it do was keep putting really well so like I add a name like a court bags. And then into that court back in a gallon back and talk about reasoning Gelman so you all. Okay. Oh I bet that's loads okay that's okay we'll let that one slots not. That's a cheap skate maneuver yeah but it essentially Smart is not awful this another cheap stating I do that I told you and I'm warm now ruin all my dinner parties. I bought one bottle of total one probably fifteen years and that's true and if you come in my house and enjoy a cattle and sonic. Let me tell you how things got a. But it puts up all my Georgia rebuttal to total. Sure actually that's been Smart I do do that with wind you might bust out the first bottle it's a nice bottle up how do you yeah everybody it's like small. Over there it's not even been close to the sticking point oh my god that is to look shots you can read. Garner a fifth bottle or risen over those warnings were really don't know. If you commit a hell you can stop Europe's. How to exactly you're drinking crappy wine that's not be cheap that's been Smart. That religious outlook OK so then come here's somebody what was the other person. OK got it doesn't that thing and there's another a certified public accountant who dumpster dives from the upper west side. Scrounging for free toiletries samples. I discarded yoga mats and she lives in a tiny Harlem apartment and paid lost. All yeah she is so obsessed we disease she's got plenty of money machine so obsessed with saving it that she lives though I Tomo was from. You do that job you're doing as much as you used to when I first when you first came to work here or not when it first nineteen years ago when when you first came here which. You're sleeping on a vikings blowup mattress. I remember walking in your place in going. Extra bit. Well because it fit my view removed or something that you I don't know ask the Coca crops affect you want to be able to but I got so used to it why go out spent 18100 dollars for a slight lead. In late mattresses and Goldman stock. I'll tell you bicycle kick because up on the auction are no or yes woman oh I forgot charm supports you bring her promise. Here's my house senate purchase yeah no there's no furniture where is he the bedroom and I got to blow a bad. One of those values cloned it all wrong and more like they don't get donating it just using it. We do not do the move but I see that. And grinding that's sound. Who's nineteen she has. Been reached 200 channel. Other people yeah. You know fuel strategy puts emotional reunions when we're. Yeah you can. Oh yeah right I was reduce yeah. To hit Europe she'd stay real Washington game is. It looks at some tips for this time there we go so well. Chips yeah got to achieve great don't want one or more consumed. All she's. If you know we can buy a single global mattress quietly. But it's just a little pump. She will lose. Won't lose the mood worked out Jane rat out the biggest she'd stay you know. Several million I don't know they're a million. And I you cheat. Well I just married about a month ago and Max they used ink you know come my grammar that's spread it as well and I read it ain't. I am really not out of things like that new life but get no I'm glad they've been if you let your house and another thing than I. Not a beloved. Mets and loom guys. So not the only you don't. Oh man I got it out yeah she she knew she couldn't afford anything we. Still wanted to do all that was soon we could she afford it or she just yet can afford it oh she's a pastor yeah. Most cheat people I know the people who are the most money that's always the rich stop singing we don't know I'll. I will enjoy your ice rocket from the truth of the bathroom. Actual ice age shook the annual. Yeah guy cheap skates. Go back in the old days the casino took place here we reimburse you for your airline ticket it each had 101000 dollars in cash and tournament champs. I know that I had never heard that a lot of you so you did. They take Janet get the job ten gram from a bank dig down there and it did that catch your intent Evernote Egyptian court here are. Your airline tickets there and that they are reimburse you for that sort of expect just stay in bed quietly and I'll let. Who's gesture you caching it would be brazen and it just a second did this during the money it's your town to go cash's match. You wouldn't know what. Not to look too embarrassed to be that we know play April while the but then you know lock bag and with a degree cashier and get 9000 cash back or something like that. Nicely done that I didn't know they were doing free trip due at ten grace and they just opened for whales they wanted to relish. We got a don't do it anymore no right no I haven't had done a long time now the northern Oklahoma I would like shall do this stuff thank you Miley she took. Our tenth. Rightly so yeah I yeah I she frugal so. So there's a lot of restaurants out there that will be completely career berth they are freaks are signing up for email. Email. I hit that three different smell you get everything. During my first they. Ole U streaky note how little he poured you know what you wanted to al-Qaeda just separate birthdays just might think you us my wife and I got married in March. Her birthday is march my birthday yeah march so we get all these sayings from like the Brazilians say doesn't senate version of the key. Just three times one must be like 9000 pounds you've got to tell. Senate different have a June Burke dance lessons are Brennaman. I have my has meant so I'll see his birthday than October and my birthday in April but try to Pierre. Iron my. Nicely done yeah. Is a great idea is simple it was takes forever human being as you know senate and they don't usually write me. He's just the coupons as it's your birthday oh yeah actually got to where Max amateur here in October great base with us. You learn that you and the ones which are completely free and don't require any courage at the little one GB of forever even. We knew we need a list of those now he makes it easy for us to disable those basements and if you don't mind can we are not only achieved for lazy. I Naia. I teach today. So I have a relative that. Literally looked chart in their attention like a quarter of my auction where she has to meet duke by going to the airport going to the mall and. It's he can mileage out and eat order or she too cheap to act. She bit old line you guys are gonna just like you're gonna meet in downtown for lunch. She's like what I live seven miles from there are so here's how much it'll cost for me to come. What. Pray pray like it I'm not a are turning to tiger all it'll be like okay well I don't wanna drive that aren't gonna match you're reading anywhere I want them CEO. Now. Yet but really how people hate rocky. I'm. And when I was yeah where she'd only been older she had a car she would like cheap and it grabber like I would need a right. I didn't have a current she'd be like oh hey you're 80. And here's your she doesn't she's a business plan for. Where you that's pretty tight loud and thank you for the call. There. Yeah I guy he's. So I shot at our kingdom well I like all the doors where are already GQB and went. It's got their but like just the pride that their cheap but on Saturday at that arc and a blanket well it's like cap spot every intricate part and not. Are you keep Jenna what's already really cheap. And it super baby I hate going there and it is people abroad during the week when their parents signed up highlights and then I'll hide. Loans more words. Yeah how to store owner should we wanted to try it all so I did it. So why hide it I mean I don't know how many like. Karadzic you'd eyed kid in like a weird trashed and says like they like to redact. Because if I mean Jennifer and I are why we're likely to economic there. Miles so our league argues he's is signed her Heidi it's about. And stuff you don't.