Slacker and Steve - Cheapskates 1/23

Monday, January 23rd

Sometimes you have to do some pretty insane things to save money…and other times you do some pretty insane things just because you’re cheap! We want to hear the things you’ve done to save money, you cheapskate!


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Staying on the acronym for some cheap skate CIA chief master bomb. So you know. They Brett it's been talking about this last few days and got us thinking about all the different things. And we had to win the world when we were children I know your parents were almost never cheap now their their abundance of wealth so I don't know what it's like I could achieve I'm trying to take what you see now enough. Yeah all of our. Too large to realize you sheep. But not because you don't wanna spend the money you're cheap because you just don't like nine stops. Auto. Shiite I'm usually something that people who work cheap would do implore I see that. But in order to make something nicer requires like time and effort and I asked you lose like there's like you can't ground over. Thank you all knew that. That's just a December but it is not too bad do you use and which account I have one for show but I don't you see music sound. Or should I don't know what I'd. Are you talking about chip just you gotta have a nice one if there always are here just a case and always electric lawn and I had a who want to read by one because very very very remodel my kitchen it's all about stainless steel and black so I had to get a stainless steel slash black. Electric piano right there for you I swear we're gonna talk about chief State's we're gonna get back to that you can already start calling with how cheap how how loaded you go for chief State's. No one has an electric can opener yeah and no. My looks. Cool kitchen aid mixer thaksin appliance and now. I didn't like nobody goes what are part of his house Marge. Could so I don't know she doesn't. This task would I might add my. I can cook up like a crazy you do zero pretends like it's going out of style and I do not have an electric candle power user volumes. Do we know if I hear this and you'll people you put it in the electric chair every hit the ball and demolished. Easier to go over here into other stops. Otherwise put him Craig never stuck stuck that is still out there and tonight thanks tiebreak and little did you have an electric can opener. Yasser now. Where only turn you on sorry go ahead what I have both but I used to hang drink one more please don't vote and you have your the one on display for everyone to see right even in the pantry yeah. Yup well. It's. Still pretty free argument to be right. Do noise problem isn't the only got to clean the gung government got to do them both you know what you do to clean gunk off. Throw in the dishwasher and I and other trash because no one wants to. I'm not gonna get back should she states we don't pull up on Facebook's. Electric can opener is yes or no and I am. What do you lol best way you are so out of touch with what I cook for a day. Where heat things up for a date I'll tell you I don't have an on this club Reno before so you said I have to have one for show you what little was done. I realize. You are so disconnected from what I am so connect you can putt. MM with Mike I can't throw away my hand crank uses rubber maid and that's the high yen I've kitchen soy unit. Mine's kitchen aid slash reverend so and higher IQ right now it's nicer than yours. He's not and so on. Do you look at what you're technology guy. That's not technology why don't you don't think you're a song won't open hand and I would have. Why it was even it was like this new single day Unionists see these are my children. Yeah why airhead. And he warned there would literally against these short played tennis looks almost exactly. Like it's nothing new is happening that. Why would you go back to my headphones we chords on a when they have labored and scored a subject that's just not doing that don't hurt yourself you're shunning technology. To go back so. Not in Jersey everything the fact. After you said. You put it out of her shell bluff means you honestly believe who you bring someone in back to your house if she's blocking and looking around on known no other artists. See you made me now. Judge ladies judge us man on the appliances I never don't have. I don't even what would never make a lady came Craig you can't cash I would still her first. Technicalities it. How a woman and over. For some corned beef hash and detailed answer but here's how much I respect you maybe. Here's Korea test but I'm not gimmicky tunic a sick kid who. Oh thank you oh my god. Somehow we're gonna get it back to jeetz you're she hears a cheap skates stuff we're talking about the so oh my god I can't believe we just went on that on a tangent. But it was back in these other of their. My deal my house where her whole you should get over who's the can opener are you know you're going down in flames so part it's not even funny. No I saw some of the quickly and you wanna go through for cheap skates. This guy. What brought a guy over to his house to see if they were put on water softener in the house Oka and a guy like. Install some and then Mike uses sold or whatever with the water and then he leaves bar soap in the dad is Sochi d.s like. Well calls for other companies that sell water filters because they each sleeve Barroso girl war. Hey Jay let's do a whole. Please yeah that's more free bars of soap a billion dollar reach yeah. And that's I gotta say soap is the crux of one of my choice to me and you're not taken a scrap of one's open marrying it with another school rapidly. You're not melanoma cells young. It's really hard trying to shove or don't post the to a bar Irish spring. I go to another British citizen and it doesn't work we constantly did that we we saved soap. And just to make a new bigger bar soap the bold letters and make more similar. Let me mortal when your cheat you do what you do did cheap it's 99 said it was more than that you're worried about none I'm stuck. I'm gonna highlight package of four discriminate against tournament any hose and then you have liked to paint I want what are you talking about it all the little slivers of Boris open to any o's in many period and then they told just one contain thing and you have to try to stick them together your whole. Running penny holes on your body it's just a little slump Renaissance is that's actually pretty clever comes. Who Tony's not beyond that. And as the fact that she people on the people just like putting your hand and you show him as Superman like slowing down grab the local school like. What should he open his hands like your charcoal it goes when it's a diamonds. You can stop the dark notes. She's trying to solve Cole don't you so he's. So because that feels good in my body is not a when it's flat how. The only have to get to before we take your calls we just found out that somebody who works in our building. Hope we literally goes to see the movies now with a backpack don't is an in a backpack. It's not the rest of us cheap skates and we go to movie would bring we sneak in some snacks yes he brings and change is a close wigs out. And Mike pays for movie one then goes into the bathroom. Turns into a totally different person you know he's a strain they're gonna catch him jumping from theater to theater yup so he disguises himself stuff I was like does delight. It offers her friend shirt under don't watch this movie yummy and she just didn't like the biker jacket to go to the next movie does. And stays all day jaws. He may still pick a weekend where there's a couple of movies that he wants to see he'll do the silk it's an all day job when you're right dude he won't change he will do all of this just a ripple come. How can she party guy he's a I did a little benefit sometimes you see what you're pizzas well I don't know why yes. Like my own Matt did you now I don't bring in stuff we bring on a bus train and I kid I. I would shift yeah I would ask if I was a woman can give I would bring a person you have no idea amateur night for you have a man. Bag sign would bring them I can't imagine that the ice where I'm. Loved as these easy argument about ten openers is now on FaceBook I'm winning but if you had. Cheap cheap parents or you worksheet you re Los strossen SEC you know holds up whatever it is that makes you chief we wanna hear what you or a cheap skates. Emily cook the I know I teach hate. So I had an illegal Russia all welfare and figure out an apple played the prairie here and it worked her out. Place it's on every cent per ounce and he will deliver. Everything except devastating being that. Like I won't go generic I but other than I do you look desperate every night. Soccer I see you doing your hero Massa win is you love to shop. I see you mentally it's fabulous theory there is little bit where likes you know I'm the guy who likes to buys a lot of things they. But a bulk he's been asked by a bunch so biased truck tonne of of items this and I slight kind of do that there's one titled that takes you know I'm I got to know Wimbley is this drives your man crazy. It's the paper towel I don't focus is easily the most frustrating thing in the world because you stand there and it's like paper towels used to be a role that was like this did you keep your hands around her whatever. And now its sights. They rules equals sixteen sort rules equaled twelve and it's like I'm T how. How early do the math because the rules are different sides can't tell the price per sheets technical paper told master algebra I. That's where the stars. The paper towel see the ones I'm buying monster night the Eagles on my thinking. I don't like your paper towel holder did. You know. All I want my usual excellent tonight the big plus for my garage. Little and surmised that it was three million Euro TVs for roles equal these warning which equalled by -- which equals any dramatic images. Averaging 99 wow how late can only if you wanna break them about it we just giving you the tool that's a good good people. I they keep that there are what he meant it but can't hunt they got it back being pres toilet paper and the difference. Oh and I walked away that was like her collect call to ignore this summer was like a new role so my. See but yeah I'm a northern guy what are you spies some of Sherman I go with your rather than do the high in quilted Germans didn't tonight to even call on the links and or your what kind of what contributes over coming Downey Gary let me ask you don't whatever Costco or Sam's Club whichever membership I have been here cronyism saloon whatever they have their I won't buy the generic something ever tell CN in no sense to Kirkland or whatever the same Malta whenever I just I prefer. Good to see unless it usually deep terribly wrong. Just these options at 6 o'clock Elin and I feel we don't even know we're talking about anymore so you bring us back on track when we nuclear chief State's. I am not polls will go to your restaurants collect would ever ketchup packets of sugar packets whatever they can we believe the I'm. And they take them to a food bank can demand every seat so when they file their taxes they can take a picture of the world. Small. How do a major attacks drug dealer. Now what is that is bat. That's pretty the that is sheet but it was a great called 10-Q and the. Sera so we'll yeah I guys exceeds eight. So my best friend residents say cheap he doesn't want a paper trash service. She won anyway he waits. You know people put that trash out at Nike is taking trash and dumped it in different people trashing. Shots that's pretty drill no sir. Who now. She really does. Yeah. That would make me angry and it is your glow undermine. So he does he puts like six black trash bags in the back of his car drives around and might seize it and sent them. Yes I've got to respect that gumption it's un insists super levels she I don't know much like trash services if so it's that it adds up to tell us how he tells. Oh man we at least you saw somebody put a hole bad it's. Let I've seen people there walking their dogs in my street may finish a bottle of water in the thrown in the trash can undo what but if you pull over and dump hole and mine. I got a problem with I do have a problem now I will. It's. Literally you can do about it done much is on your curtain. Yes you're paying for your Russo is you can't tearful you're still pays OK so there was room but if she puts enough in that it makes my liberal a little bit and they don't see lol yeah I did I know we throw at now. But I'm crystal. To my house. Update you go to Europe that are this person is so cheap they asked to be do you need out a little bold voices copies Jessica. You are definitely disguise or who what's with me to achieve students. No I'd clean how brutal or deliver enough air and clean immediately comply then there really a little. Yeah OR. AA won't all vote or Arabs like what are you agreement squatters but you know expired river bar all me it's now. You're a vacuum Bagger. I thought corporate law arm. Arbitrage and every year doubt I'll scooter. I would not a cure all it is didn't help me an hour or you're you bit. You jury that at my house us. Tell you what I did play like I yum why scientists in the voice is jazz are things he I don't know I don't I don't currently have anybody cleaning my house but. And I wish I did but. I I supply I I insist on supplying really cleaning products and visual message Julien so why don't know then. Yeah 'cause. But what really aren't Europe. Are still outlines all down to something that's not if she's good all the anti bacterial. Good news CNET right eight. No no harm to all nope I'm all natural leader and you're out. All natural diluted here is we miss you guys are more. And for. Our program I grew wow. Yeah you're achieve our IDs on him yeah Caruso. Yeah I know he's HE states. I get the mail box trash cans out of my apartment right near the mailbox and I get free food. That's true or ruin just shocks are this chart manoa and of course you do it does. You'll be OK you don't give him in the mail all on your own. Yes but it IP ticket coupons I know that like lane everybody getting them Q now right in the trash and like nine a grand scholarly her family or colleagues are my. Earth like tree. And. Yeah I you don't what do you write we are free tacos short Tamar is speaking out other tracks. You know there's a little part of me late I don't ever used coupons. But when I see one of those extreme coop on people who walked out of the store with a car full of stops and then out there like I paid four dollars of this. A little part of me wants to learn how to do it meets you received so I just hire it's a lot of after ray just has to do for me in the knowledge and defeats burgers did you. And you just paying them the difference yes you are really coming out ahead and pride. Does anybody would teach me how to now I don't its size how hard it's a whole job is gentle like. Cold Lleyton yet to buy all this mean it's sometimes just like they are on the FaceBook page from my neighborhood there's people like in order to do they seem complaining saying I device 47 bottles of this one shares. And so she's like so I'm given some voices I ended up only daily three sensible part and I only poll what grade so then she just didn't win but it's age familiar defeated though you're just getting you look like also order you have all this like shampoo and the thing. European off that's a great cheese dip them Purdue we appreciate it Roy if yes. Some. I chief stay with. Well I know a dollar looming. People take the big tub of popcorn that they get the free refills do yeah they throw them away and up to come up out of the trashed a good you don't build up. Slacker does that Wear this kid's mom wait a minute let Sam go. It's supposed to you're eating popcorn out of something that was in the trash yeah. Well they're emptying your but I mean. Really a little bit and it anywhere other than golf course. There's no licks their fingers and re grabs more pop chorus yeah right as you know this is no way it's putting there's so much less. There are over and over and over again and then throwing it to. The super I was one of the most disgusting things you write. Did she lets the that's disgusting to think I'll allow that to eighty minute ticked off hot no way I remember every religion good morning. Still a soda cup. Edited edited countless crosses DeVon. Yeah yeah I need she's seeing how close are are you belittle across street from park. Barrett. Who carried red of our paper does have to go overlooked or aggression and Arctic. Both paper from Europe. Sure what are the lowest grade of paper no no plan your psyche is so it's a piracy it reflects a re retread more. What are you guys can double your money and somebody. It's the slippery slope that serve because he deserves. Dude it's my rest area off the interstate and is your almighty god but the blue and it went like when I when Mo Jo was still alive and I would steal. The arms but you do you walk through a park and they always have the dog did you bags BAA and so I think she'd make proof and I grabbed one and I grab like seven Max I. Because Lisa you go to pet store they want like eighteen bucks for a roller voice to freeze dark now so that I just that's his bike now my advice. Steel hard toilet paper well through the mud. There's much of my right. I think you are so we just weren't you chief. Between yes manual can opener which is. Which is because of who puts big steel appliances really ill as one was obtained trained canines did I do you know where they may technology now yeah. It's a five billion years allergic to think you're rich you're classy and coo to give a lecture yes everyone thinks your truth if you have an electric panel don't. 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