Slacker and Steve - Childhood Smells 2/21

Wednesday, February 21st


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Steve I am I have literally no idea why we're talking about what what look at what sparked as we decide I'm not sure but I think it's going to be fun it's. What is smell. That reminds you folks. Childhood ha. They really did jump in on this what is that smell that you go. Winning hits your nostrils you yelled contacts music came rye. Or talking off their about it and and Steve literally admitted to me that he went and bought played O. Oh I did yes. To recapture some truth is that he's a member have kids so on the revealed a small play you know like normal people I have to feel weird about it's I was at a drugstore there have a sale on the little Plato dictators what follows Obama Koppel is for my daughter. You can take your home and play with Lego it. Played things aren't you know just smell that I did and then I did this thing work I I actually found a newspaper that I took the play don't put her on the newspaper than you pull up and ink. Stays on the Plato. I did that. Huge admission here was universe don't play no. I think and I seem to notice how when I never had it when I was a kid this is you grew hole or just holding Plato winning have only played do you. Our whole play no that would cost ingredients that we were gonna makes who got a what did you put you play with your food instead all I had. I think I had somebody else's Lincoln logs I never let somebody else your dad will your link to blogs know they're just Super Bowl and splintering. Closer and Brian Browning all right sure those three even look now I hear my old captain of the oh man. Hootie since your child it's always read our cat who joined trinity to my childhood smell is really the one thing that makes. There's a smell. I am never going to be able to describe it accurately spaghetti sauce called blue parrot spaghetti sauce I don't Ella. They're used to be arrest on those so called blue parrot the actual the other one was called collapse cheese. That's a Stanley who own them both directed to make competing restaurants on the same street brilliant good for that and I'm not an abnormal their this'll make the spaghetti sauce or whatever. My parents we never to go out as kids but we would go home. Coli a cheese with a big hot. An amazing garlic in court size masons are OK I would go to the back did I just screened or on the back classy. Around the side and you would die each go your putt and you're saying and then they would still your pot with spaghetti. And still the jar. Without sauce and you could. When you go back there's the smell of their kitchen and you could smell that blue parrot sauce music this sweet tomato amazing dang. Remember when we would go there that smell would be like oh my god is great but you're also backed by their Alley in their trash and everything the so. My childhood smell memory is when I know blue pair I think of garbage she looked at Greece. If you went to Greece terror wherever but then garlic bread. In this Haas and I think it's it's this it's a happy smell for me happy yet sad yet happy as you got a mixture. Yes. It's imply so emotional roller coasters do so somebody's like all the bread does is lose and they hear any pop over Mike. Back in the Alley didn't screen you'll. It's sort it sounds so weird and my parents who do not always here's Bruce weir a parmesan walked just absorb light. And they would give us parmesan cheese ball there's amateur and our view that's actually cool memory. Snow in some par I feel really let go weird and sad about it. But yeah that's kind of my takes you back soon. What are you know early. Odds so when I was a kid my dad used to race cars a lot in so. The dirt track exhaust smell. Instantly takes me back my childhood you know whenever smell. Very rarely very rarely but if I ever go to like one of those dirt track races. The second I walk in it's like I am seven years old it slams you Baghdad and out a map automatically. Makes me think of like I do every Saturday night when I was a kid was spent at the racetrack and so it was like. Just deem second I get there. The other one the other one for me to his I'd bet you guys brotherly to this do is. It's you know how lake during the Summers he'd go outside and play and then. You've run back to the house and just run up to the front garden hose and turn on to get water and get a quick drink out of in the throwback downer right back to playing yeah but that would water like that hose water now taste smell was so distinct Sunni holy water hose water tonight. Hose water like I grew up drinking those water I don't. I don't you just know. It totally does little does it depends on your toes. Have not know what you were talking a little deep instantly came to mind was he bright green colored clothes in the break green color hose water. What we're museums color green because there's like de. It's still like washed out line sure bird greens to support the woman's site sue her high electric I agree yeah. Yeah yeah I know that that's yes difference now you like my hose now I get to Goodyear Jose is and one of them is like. Oh did it see it smell like tires are organized robber with what I wouldn't drink commerce city water out of my hose anywhere I'll give you that I'm sorry it's terrible. Really smells. Media does and then Diaw did Blake. Kinda tied into it is you know when Mike the water would hit the hot sidewalk in start to the operator okay. Idea is just all of that tied into 10 man yeah you're seeing it also link you light. What's the smell you're talking about pull water something mold that chlorine. Yeah that's kind that she I did I couldn't swim so I was around the pool a lot to send you back it does immediately because every summer to minimize sister was a lifeguard every summer serving when I smelled like chlorine just slams be back. So we were young kids go to the pool for the first time and all that even Clorox Bleach or does have to be pool chlorine for me it's mostly pool chlorine. So you smell like you blink whenever we've gone on a trip they put us up to one of the lights Holiday Inn express yes that cornerback yeah that's. My. I'm kidding and as you fuel humidity and all it's relevant for me there's something about a it would take I can see it would take you back it doesn't take just I'd plead insanity you could ever thank you swim that much. Do you have to yourself public crayons well you were pour you know the real Korea aren't you the knock off scene we did predict hello Warren. We weren't so completely Bulger I think we access to. Mike real crayons come in a box it's like orange with like. Purple riding on end crayons spelled COR. Hey hey hey you all know. Dash O and head though no you have this paradox. Suppose there was distinct and they came with a free packet of hydraulics cookies so what you guys do is get even better in the Newman took the white. Clearly this month they do not like crayons milk. I remember it I just kind of waxy in my Cuba right now my daughter has all these markers this is going to be her childhood memory might. Purple pineapple like colonel mark caller we have. But each smells to them that's cool well you're right that's going to be her memory is only wanted to know if you've got. Something they sparked CU and sends you back in time. If you've it's a smell gets you room back your childhood we want here when this. Any. Yeah I hate which your challenge now. Yeah. The. Man we didn't you just two top of one of those who air proper yeah. This is to. And hey why don't you know little compartment on the side we put butter and hot air would keep that up but nothing I don't at the end I was so cool so what does jiffy pop you for you when you're when you're smelling it takes you back to like did you guys have it on special occasions movie nights or just any time. We have ever seen it on a military base and they had beat. Richard lake that big Disco area they're playing area direction under strict and it's every month they have this. Dance party and it Ingrid at different age back brackets and we urge you Brabant popcorn machine took it just how ridiculous some at Iggy Pop. You can picnic picnic and and that's cool what super close up the big deal hullabaloo I never. She oh gee I know what it looks at a senior movies but I never happen in my house since we we just. Yeah. Yadda does that daughter's stuff will will eventually kill you it's like you tomorrow and watch how he is a good guy thank you for your smell anything. Yes yeah yeah it was your own town it's now. I'll do my panic now and they need to be a climb how to upload up picky there could be there and work. And it's not a question anymore but our poll numbers and days I mean I know hot Saturday you can guide down there and now. I'm assuming the blood. On the slaughter house dilemma. That was stolen money. Until you see him live from week it's another setting I grope among them like I said there's a there was a Turkey earlier yeah I'm not foods. The smell of just. Gallons and gallons of Turkey blood news if you do I need to Turkey plan. Moments it's Turkey some of the best Sergio perhaps I remember being played when I was older go to San Francisco and the like. Sourdough bread though if you wanted to decent person would sure like always got a special Turkey out of this place called long momentum like hole. Pro there Turkey's awesome but if you live. Mira. You're right it's the smell of money this is that it's a bloody slaughters now. You know that takes it back out. And that and Irina. All the periods oh yeah since you don't mess it's nice birdies toward the wonder sacked 30. You drive it's him. Bread or tweak these royal yeah is still good though since that oh yeah real quick General Mills is located in Buffalo, New York yeah the whole city smells like a cereal but dog but when we missed the marshmallows. For lucky charms yes a whole town's smells like sweet marshmallow. Is that a is that a good thing or bad I think I would like to smells like you personally I would probably like Hitler on Christie. Guy what's your child's mouth. So I grew up in Southern California and he used to vacation at the B so why is there. That healthy ocean all area and let us now aren't that Steve lead and then corporate parent friendly green. I'll give you a lot of coverage and so I did this country definitely changes of forming that's. My parents didn't put it on me a lot when I was a kid I guarantee you my kids are gonna be like when they smell sunscreen they're gonna think about us to be its complex and at no added yeah. It's sad Barry just stated zoos is just so tropical and so summary and so kid coverage has coconut he's now does our world. All you'll want to generally not good at all. I'll always is that I don't really weirdness no and I. Gas. I certainly it could not but it this month. I remembered. Right that's an awesome memory thank you Christie hi Naomi. Yeah switzer chop its mouth. I'm ol' Arlen whoa. Pattern out for your ability pre K in my eight when my teachers had a really nice smelling perfume. I mean for some reason only to remember that now and it wasn't until about the 26 years old. I'm not another lady like that they now and I I had Jack you're Patrick you what they're always like that. And do you tell me what eternity by cabin clients. Though oh I guess people don't Wear it now but he is because you want it now right now all I needed to be right back to back after him. And maternity you have a notice for a lot of girls who graduate later. It's every boy's war brute you or drop come on that and it's I H. If I boorda smell of those right now it would just be all those dirty see you frank news how are trying to hit all the same girls that doesn't make sure. A school. You'll soon. So that's a Bittermann you know slacker on the myself memories of better stick around your protection under the theme Lisa. Yeah I was your childhood memory smell yeah it's so. Hot dog but it rapt in thought. Oh. We wanted to tell Mary Chris on Danes and roll up a little dog too. Yeah I think we got early and some might work each other gates. Pat would cooking something that's not just like Dominik kept in all the way back to my childhood. You go to the storm by the ingredients to really happens. Not a good. Yeah I'm pretty stick to take you to the cop I'm gonna tell you some Stephen you're gonna not love my children. I made a forum reasonably good with the Pillsbury dig have a hot dogs. I hated it we want our lady why would you mix he sees its build it does. There is no just head doing our adoption agency is my kids have been there by morning.