Slacker and Steve - Chores Kill Women 1/12

Friday, January 12th


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Staying. At so there's a new study out that basically says if you're a female comes it comes time to do chores snakes and Cindy chores. The preacher man and say you do it. Because ladies did not doing what's lakers' continue to kill you but there's a new study out it's looked at older people around retirement age. Bomb and they say there's a limit on how much. Housework a woman can do before it begins to compromise their help save time but men. Now this is not a manner better than women and it's mentioned literally according to study due unlimited chores and it. It doesn't make a difference of the reasons they give for this it kinda makes sense I saw women who did more than three hours of towards a day were up to 25% more likely to have their health compromised. Had no that that exacts an amount housework had nine. On this because attentive towards men do tend to be more active and physical yes which actually gets their immune system don't us on and there are less repetitive like six and stuff around the house is like you variety could be the single over here could be this thing about earlier this area now we're toilet it's like you're doing some different. Where as a woman. You write your spraying easy off in the oven. And white played quite right you're doing the vacuum motions so actually we're now that it's war from the repetitive. Nature of lights. Doing dishes every night it's and doing them first three hours and forty minutes this cat woman women in the study were doing three hours and forty minutes which were today I. Today all the men were doing forty minutes less than that. Isn't exterior in time to ask you record yeah. Don't let that disparity in time women are spending forty minutes more a day is it because I I don't know your situation with your wife but it is she likes it done a certain way. Okay and she doesn't trust you to do with the way she does he might do it she comes back on top. What's so what did the death. I'm not I swear to god I'm not that guy. Who does that umbrella so he'll do it no I'd I'd I'd wind now and I do to try to take it off for players is true I know and it's like but. But there's still Jews have been for you that's where their roster of forty minutes comes in the maybe absolutely OK so eighty either error let's go through. Typically you do you do it ladies trust that you need to get more like you guys. Like why it's like there's there's guy clean. And there's girl editors Brazilian wife Cleveland do you require it Naomi Judd is now that's tough do you can come over my house and eat off of any flat surface half as long as she is caught Hoffa if I cleaned up but but but but I wouldn't even recommend the table through.