Slacker and Steve - Christmas Card Etiquette 12/7

Thursday, December 7th


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Steve. And had no opinion on this or bigfoot some folk conjured out of Christmas card carrying guy. All except them but we'll call. Look it's just it's posed. Mostly by little. Etiquette for Christmas cards from let me help everybody out because I. And the king of truth always the self proclaimed okay yeah you know how many Christians first and I. I'm gonna zip zero now why the none none for friends or failure notice where I live. 'cause like maybe your mom or grandma kinda wants to see a picture of your kids or something. Other that everybody else is like how long do I have to hold on the best. Although our government sacked. Real quick so you guys consulate people or your home so you receive Christmas cards you have to display a college he's always people come over they're looking for their prisoners go oh yeah we have like a whole thing above the fireplace it just dedicated hanging Christmas cards yeah wow so I have is a own sub zero refrigerator that stainless steel so magnets now I think we'll stick to it and I would never wanna put Scott stayed on it was some people come over Mike. I try to promise tribute to fallen off sorry. Query you can do it will diss fairly no problem paying the decorative art baggage totally do that it's hard for me to get above my fireplace because my friends this is eighteen feet high oh wow I live in a mansion first federal US law. I don't want big nobody wants it I'm sorry I think I'm here to kill Christmas cards because they're dumb. Well let me ask you this then there's kind of a bit of a battle so let's say your Christmas cards for your coworkers. You just bring him into the workplace and you just put him in their work mailbox or you slap on their desk and why didn't put a stamp harmed she she got supposed to put his stamp on it. I was does that you're supposed to fight out the address is the whole addresses of your co workers so you send them to their how. Oh yeah assets dumb no because you're sitting here you've taken the time and the money to put postage on the ones that you send to friends and family yet you do show up to the workplace salt sheep. In his pocket and they're in office are you slap it on their desk can I go back to my original obvious solution why I just don't. Well you want a card from Steve it unless it's got a gift card to let cash. Bright you don't want it right so do you want the little things says. She did it Tor is seventeen was a hard year I don't want I remember her with let me assure her first chance certainly did. Exactly do let me say this there are two types of people in the world the people know all insults. In the people who intentionally don't know all that stuff but yeah I have to read. A lot. So yeah. Yeah cheater or I don't T. But like I kinda like those because it affords me I don't have to keep track of these people. For 364. Days but did you semi that's saying I'm out in two minutes some update on your life. Is full text he'll bat day and you know what everything on an oil will hit their studies like I know she would teach your camp and you know it's stupid. What this is total coincidence I am not kidding my wife's just literally text me and said can you pick up stands for Christmas Karzai that I. I didn't tell her I retire and don't tell don't do enough for Oscars I would tell you this so I'll say this again I don't want your car bombs and you sigh I. Want your cart and I don't see it just like Halloween and taken out beyond what. I don't see what I think you're I think you're doing it wrong man you've got kids like you've got to give. Now it's kind of want us to finish. Jay thanks it's not everybody gets to see your kids every day in and I don't think is revved everybody is in Seoul listened callous and you are like you hold dual line which you went to. Plus there's. There's an assumption that since tonight is always jealous and the there's somehow. And sort of our time we appear on the yuppie. I couldn't do it might have great memories with my kids for Christmas. Our Mike Sherman made. So. I guarantee you you tell your kids are we trying to signature oh what a great memory little detail all the great memory are doing it to their children down the road to look. Back on the farm into the color of their own music he yelled after their seats on Lewis saw no sound on message yup my son and he's gonna look I know. He never did that. We never did that knows who feel left out result every other kids Camille looks you're right Steve you remember being thrown out. Literally don't I don't know if I snuck these are my parents' house Christmas card you get this deal like it it's pretty ideal no but. Nobody cares stop it's the optics and see your coworker they're going to be sending either going to be its droppings off do you have you really think if the reciprocate. The reason I like not getting Christmas cards because that if I do get woman I have to go while in that I have to think it's on the why nobody else. It's here to do their I had grass and so then what you should be doing right now he's getting on your knees and kissing my seat and thanking me for being the one. Courageous voice for race it stopped Christmas card lets her agent is courageous because little he's only doing it because. Tradition. That's not a reason to do to tradition and what else is Christmas Christmas. Tradition except for my kid cafeteria tasks like it and pick and choose the ones like I like the ones regular president. I don't like the one more hole bundled piece of paper that you think is important but if you take the good with the bad which tradition. That's true yeah just what was it was a semi guys got a Christmas card from me. Never right never so then I guess I don't have to take the good with the bad. I can actually choose only taken this tradition and tradition she would've if I don't get a card from you that means I'm going to be sending you it will be like five. That we you have to dispose of five good for DO you guys send me five cards I do your wife promise and your key is against and separate segment output. He did get a look at the decision or like those terms feed it out really you're right I'm like he's gonna clear that we brought my god. Classes are on the you know.