Slacker and Steve - Claim to Fame 12/7

Wednesday, December 7th

Salvation Army worker, Jamie Richardson just broke the world record by ringing his bell for 151 hours straight! What's your claim to fame?

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Steve Collins there. We talk to people in their claims and claim the three. With this this thing will be did you find the sound of Salvation Army now you have this. And she's. I K I. This I absolutely can't fathom this guy. Or how 151. Hours well this is the sound that everyone got to listen to it now. How did this kind of Santa run in my store the other. He doesn't he's weighed less vigorous than nest my guys so I. England just it's a case like so we can actually act like a folding chair and just occasionally a little. Like his his or just don't think it makes a little movement just a little rich he's not bad aggressive while one. 151. Hours straight he only got what I. How long knock each hour a five minute break like once an hour any days we didn't sleep for like two or three weeks but god blessed me it's short three weeks it's oh weeks ago yeah it's start on Monday and ended on Sunday morning okay. Yeah not it's still. Well I'm sorry how do you not fall asleep I don't know how you don't fall asleep because that's. I thought it needs. Somebody. Couple years ago had done it for a 150 hours all that's what needs all the 151. I mean most people when they. They like crush crush it's a good clean and he'll like it once did he wanted to zeit and a so I also use kind of do this more for himself or was it Asif did you tell us he got a lot of donations which is awesome yet. Contributions he looks that we seasonal Wal-Mart parking modern scramble Wal-Mart is at the same one. Because my car together got the car corral guy Dick Durbin we're sounds a serious kick the. Yeah. He's at the same one we were debts on us feel that's a big rallies I was aggressive Milan again. And I don't less aggressive anyway. At 2:30 in the morning. No runs and food that's true it's your right but he did Jerry. 2 during the morning they do it's there's a lot of down hours. Plus hook it. I got his claim to play out he's got the record. Yup he's better than us I there's a pardon me Tony tandem that now title you can probably do it because you you would do the drugs it would take him. Oh chicken pork it's no I thought the mask. With Michael I have to remember. All right very little and we'll attach it to you you really have to use your arm. So that's his claim to fame we want to know what you resist that's pretty cool another person an Italian man. Balance a 121. Ice cream scoops on one count I got to see you just zap is impressive. Is there a picture it. We haven't yet looks as he's gonna toss each one higher and higher given up on now right. So I don't toss thing is it's kind of like that half melted ice cream that's more sticky than it is rose then you and so elated slots on to a DNA it's kind of just looks like a giant slush ball rather memo how hot is it. It's pretty big I mean like you know those exercise balls Blake exits that spoke to say hello I thought I was retreat 100 and bird 02 separate screw up. Well no you won all NBA guy oh on this. Like looney tunes. 08 enerplus. I just what I. I don't sugar. I'll once and usually get Steve. I don't record that's. But he didn't do that I mean I guess who's probably heavy mineral so the update Moses cone it was just a regular code of open. Don't think it's because drugs. Yes it DDoS. You. Might I remind you this author and teacher are mine microwaves are soft and my my my screen heads off. First do strawberries like the little strawberry and sketches there's no. And it should talk heading up a little French you can head and that's ticker code Natalie Ashley. It's like a regular waffle on the apple can imagine little big love my back. National stats stuff on our. And I'd been an Australian hunter punched a kangaroo that's his claim to ten I did see you know. So clearly they kangaroo had his dog dude headlock. Hey Europe you know I have not it was kind of weird there was yeah I particularly have. Have light T Rex arms. But don't show a little bit longer. OS to concede putts yesterday Marlins don't and got the last thing you wanna do is punch one in the face like this guy did a little reaction to get Ruiz is stunned like. It happened actually just human you guys. So this guy will forever be high punch to kangaroo I got away with a and also that's is going to say I'm and then a Texas woman is growing the world's longest nails anybody who doesn't side I know you're committing. Did you lose people said you can't do anything any said he didn't use a keyboard he didn't why are you useless useless if he did so let. Arrow three feet long and all suddenly somebody come by embracing and unite. Faced it's the icing IE a terrorist acts. It wasn't the longest conduct. Now what are you guys are. That class. What's your claim to claim you own your cold is yeah so I have two real quick ones are stupid I see us. Well surely legion baseball my hometown peninsula strike a record per game rarely succeed. You go back to your school the nature no my resume and that is I don't know I don't ever invited you here and there. I 816. Pieces of 116 teas juices and bite. Yeah 01 extra bite after quizzing Fiat. So that's my claim to say no one else you can do anything you pat I can tell you honestly I wouldn't even try hi we are you should. You can see no reason other then you're just what's your claim to say I was once best of Carson Colorado like I do not telling both the that was used with it broccoli or what you claim that rock we I would. Are playing an actual guitar I thought it was on target and you know it was Guitar Hero Guitar Hero wasn't around sensible took the I was at a pay phone that's how long ago. Interplay got a taste what it's a good. Got to talk to her. Very clear yeah. Do you do you should. Didn't look video one. Mike Kelly to record that I sat but up my claim to fame is that my dad wouldn't when I was again today I live in Arizona and my dad used to do the announcing for the WW lasts like to wrestle are not get a ring announcing and one time Hulk Hogan. Won the championship belt and I was close to the side gathering because my dad was doing announcing and he picked me up and put me on the shoulder and carry me out of the arena I. I was on one shoulder the championship and the other shoulder we walked out of the hearing. I'm jealous Gentile that that is awesome it is awesome. There are pictures of I think my dad has pictures in stores when we need those businesses you have to find that I thought I. If you've done something that makes you sort of famous something that you have your claim to fame. We love to hear about you were you were fifteen minutes. One. Yes. Share life and what's your claims aimed it. And our ten year old that ten years old my helmets aren't so either this burrito shot down the street from where we live and let that channel town where we joke and I saw that thing down. Starting medical. UAE seven. Marino as a what you're a ten year old. We're all holy smoke there's so many things wrong with just your parents should be in. I only enough DE seven Tom Marino got to do it in under thirty minutes. While delighting in no but I got free food per year and they they took all our you know been behind it up on the wall. You did three minutes three or thirty. How long did it did you meet her and archive consumer and it's our own thoughts I was see even started rescue. All day what what's on now get the cheese got all these text to be any easy easy easy to hold sway stop. It was just it was a lot of anger and potatoes and so that's. What's puzzling breakfast free cell and June yak it up mostly the Polaroid just. I'm an Ohio although I can eat burritos for awhile. You know while I'm here and yet do you think you're still on their wall I'd like to see you and they not. Here it's the. Ali Larter little while ago but. Laughter. That's a good claim to fame and good for you want in cynical if you're loaders on CNET and where it's 92 to distribute the stage heart attack yeah. Monaco I was urged its capsule they have to revise insanity get a degree assault well caffeine. Yeah I yeah I was claimed since. I had lunch at Ray Bolger. Was eaten a scarecrow from that they're not very get a cold you miss. I. Did. Meyer roommates Canada and it marriage accomplished here it on the show a different strokes and he gets started on masks down on Halloween episode. One hollowing out. Yes it's getting more almost come to us so you hum how do I mean you just. We wish him as your claim to fame not paying now with the people from. The OSHA. Mean yeah I'll I'll remember all those people but it. Gray boulder in either each current everybody yeah proof was mom you know so. I several others. Other movies after that. Don't know what they were bad. He had just had hip replacement surgery and did. Scarecrow against whereas at me I'm sorry heard outside of a common. Jerry Mitchell was Adams facts of life. Different different strokes looks OK guys. I guess as a culprit in this and may not bright I did Conrad based I don't think I see the idea you know the news people I know what you don't know exactly what I don't know if at all. Us Kathy nice it was Conrad Bain the name of the character early guy that was an actor who played the dad do you need some time now there can walk I why would anybody be able to pull that out things like new you're gonna pull out the other main points. Any other name what's what's his name yeah. Well he's just give me the nod. Well or. Over time bridges and finally does yes and then Geary cold. Got this material and we'll. Yeah guys claim to fame what's yours. I would Oregon had to add ten mile that contrary and Aerosmith happened to be playing that night. And it was my job do. So them the way to the limo after the concert. Thanks Rick Tyler came right up to me and I'll I can say is blocked this lay sat. My hat as. He took my aunt and is that I can't even believe you just said that. I think there's something out of school due to an end Mac is an awesome sort of day to you I just wish this on had been written yet and like you were actually the inspiration Maya OK let's just under current. Hey you are ritual that old guy would suit claims in. My great uncle is filipina grant. No ol' me no way why your great market for real. Mean I don't like the documents to prove legends of show and prominent personal death. Yeah unfortunately they don't have document with his middle name actually answers they say no which. What's your mother's maiden name in back in the days to track the mother's I had it. Very very different such character really is kind of like word of mouth Blake through the Stanley lake that's my mother was told by her. Grandmother and so on and so forth. No way similar coal that is not a tool bags they take even golf I like do you like fell one but here's the Huntington them. She is known him. I was born. Actually yeah sure because she's awesome and she's probably cheering to answer right now she sees you really earned her place. Who's this. Clinton came as I fell out of my mom's there you're deaf. Jones and she'd tell us somebody else jumped out of somebody else's junk who was closely related billion this is aspect. Of my favorite part of general story is is something we didn't happen on the radio and I have to pointed out mean when she said I'm is not only was actually Simpson. Jordan nodding in agreement like you knew that I was like oh. It was because that was the trip nevermind. That. As god for where you go if you don't have I guess. I got he claims and I threw a paper and Brad Pitt always taken a number two. You shrewd let Clinton did. These sheer number of questions I have about this let's start with what did you wet it's what they grew. There here's the thing. There aren't West Hollywood he was there with some of its Internet show Jack out that you Bianchi can TV they were. During dinner and I about security and you're out in the bathroom washing my hands. And he got into this Collins Stewart on the bathroom and I decided to grab the paper are excited when it just total or Adam. So I enormous debt why did you do is launched over the stall. Over the bigs do a lot of people paper I like yeah. He Donna. He took off running do you come up in recent out of there doing your. And I'll. You know and I'd like I'm not here. Senator Gregg I mean if you have a claim to fame you did some things need to dump Tyler Durden you know so. This is the agent just that's always appreciate it I don't. Downey's humor though is that well he was born he was born he did something in the mud Jenna. And new. I was your claim to fame. I need luck now minus my Nash yet he is the 280 pound match it's who's the grandson to let me ask this in the Camelot. Was exam on a nerd and a I just wanted to see a little deep and sees that he's had felt he's my New Mexico yeah. Oh yeah Ellen smaller. I'm and you have papers improve this in the Dominican. Yes. Yeah and it's funny to remember Kagan for a lock everybody would have no lipstick like the dog on the Camelot. We realized. What the beast is that they call I hope it says he's on the papers. Yeah well that's cool isn't isn't massive and important part of moving quite OK sorry. So we've really damage here is ready you know if you if you listen to this show this entire hour Steve does that is named the IM DB the entire cast. And strokes. How will these quoting the sand. I don't really know what the topic is Cox well. But that's what we've got guys that are kind of thing that's what we also comes when he pays us to do what's happening right now no replied yeah. So I run up to us right. This young Jenny. And I would zero good news and. Back in the nineteen when all the politicians Serbian look dad I mean on illegal nannies and not paying tax then. I got our. Interviewed by any elite and where. Photographs for new delete. And because I was illegal nanny. And and Chicago Tribune picked up mare there had that story and came out to New York City you're lived and photographed again and starts. All those who do you think you work a legal one and so. Did you just became the face of good nannies as opposed to back nannies. Are. Zap rocks usually does huge coup where you we want any for somebody famous. I was the nanny personal lawyer than you are expecting. Nice is in Chicago and fiercely for whom you have to begin a new. No I only did the bit you didn't. Got to listen and understand it. I'm Dan such. Just love the sea resort nanny you Rick Curtis Benedict see you mirrored name Jenny. That's awesome job and it's good for you thank you so because she's not she's. Now the club Chicago slow down sure. Let me tell you right through it isn't news really blew her there and yes I Tennessee leaves. Yeah caught by the way your your claims in his urine and you've got the longest name of any B regularly calls our show that is true what is what's your claim to fame that your column about. When I was thirteen years so I would do they want their original designers had to Dodge Ram today that Chrysler came out list. It's much you worked in the power at thirteen pound. Oh yeah what are you talking about. I'm really challenged thirteen years ago I came out but it is darned dead originally wished us to be an eye towards sides. PO to compete with the el camino and arrange arrow wood forty unity and irresponsible and a twelve shots. Let you die you need education markets aren't nice you know small mid shot I. And they did a pro drug should do to be he would like did you do more. You need money so yeah. I did not give any money but I dig into our new round the tight toward Gary as one of the original designers and they tell me when I turned eighteen years or do you give margin Peter did my cash a check and I could turn the word literally anywhere along the dirt. Says you can tell you that's also thank you took a tennis for eighteen Imus say that this that's probably one of the uglier cars and ever seen in my life you get a shot. His fall and I'm glad you waited till you hustle for infectious and have you met. This past immigrants might claim to fame is that nobody is more passive aggressive and gave I fully hung up on him before right which you Rhode Island it's like some mullet of call this speech because the and god. Yeah. Yeah a guy who claims and I sat on an airplane and had dinner at the celebrity's. The real credit Argentina out of Miami had no idea who realize. Twenty years later this same celebrity told Jane that all of this strange story to watch not to eat. Well Florida well Florida. Harris and keep why do you remember you know why yes why why why why did he talk about your flight did you do something with them on the play and no no. It never recognized. When war. You know parents are at the oh my it's bigger than golf.