Slacker and Steve - Confess to Something Stupid 9/28

Thursday, September 28th


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Staying on the I need noses on Twitter has over the truth OK and we can't let Twitter be funnier than one hole. A cropper is not happen and I'm gonna warmer Twitter okay I am where you guys because we're a team where we don't war with Twitter taking him to. I saw this hash tag has been trending the last. 48 hours could have been three or four weeks yields were little slow the that stick he's confessed to something stupid yeah IUE it's your saying you don't have a confession right now I have a confession by other people out. Princess just something stupid you don't get to say something stupid about someone else yet to confess. Or stupid things and every time we do our Brack money bringing blues offer. Who was around and see saw is free Wi-Fi Pollyanna that you political prisoner dollars three Y thought it was just some name like Mandela yes it's okay. It's. Free that wide eyed guy six. Starbucks Burger King don't have free Wi-Fi signs up Derek Frey was not able. Where did you want to find out we get him out of Mexico back to it. So that's what we waited you know we going to be funny here on our show the power on Twitter at so what you did tell us. The things that you did your stupid. Confess to some stupid yes. I thought I was racking my brains I have to tell you as I'm reading through some of these tweets we've got to do I've done a lot of OK number one I thought for him. Or ordeal over words yes I cut short I used to he was pronounced not as bad as horse divorce. This person and he said if not orders. Where it was pronounced horse divorce that's why is God's call maps disease right. Actually felt hopeless to expect but I sort of the food the or still Boris I you know I I try to pronounce it went by looking at it. Digital or is I you do you learn but I always thought it was horrors divorce like I was like ours divorce what of the horrors have to do with that. And hepatitis. Yes I think one of my favorite ones on here and I don't even know if this is confess to something stupid. When I face time with anyone. I'm literally just staring at myself the whole time because you're not good day to day. I can't put a you can tell you are doing it didn't look I'm speech writer never your your eyes are looking you I salute you both so that when they are talking to you who you look at their eyes deceive the look at that at yeah the whole I mean I I don't because I never denies a myself that's funny actually any data we'd like to be sort of conference calling stuff here at the radius Asia is I. TE TLC and what not to sneak hugely significant. I used to new core I blow my screen out as late. I took most of your life she's become a foot age revenue and subtlety he's a little postage stamp a Mike shorting to. That's what I mean we are big. Is that still putter is that no system are as if that is your that and I'm I always side. Chester drawers was the name of them not chats. Zero or quicker this for years I like I did you. Something stupid like that all day I thought intensive purposes was a thing. Only intense and no it's yes it's for all intensive purposes that. It's supposed to be an end a London intense. And purposes it's yeah for years I'm just like anybody would say it's slow runs attacked. Are you just intensive purposes like no metal its intensity for all intense that's on its. As you can stupid there's one there's no one was on once they ruins my dad told me to draw a NASA wants. I spent an hour in my room drawing a lovely cloth for the top white Attleboro. You never was calling about I the culture that's the proper English speakers that's let me ask that why why would enjoy robbery of I. I don't understand what there's no. That's one of the things heat about the English language. That's what's wrong he's one saying no doesn't need back yes I mean you're wandering into the middle would you say like schools still need globe. Just don't take a vast foreign film asks so I'm in space so okay well first off. I asked to fill the tub for somebody else. And up to tell us drop and that's just means you're an elitist he said hell yeah. So if I tell my kids could go take a bath 706. This side of remorse my body is. So really we do until you of that failure was wallowing in your own well I mean Mike went to little kids to balance at first place for a little by the U words and amateurs I do not take perhaps draw about. That's. Good surge the water on his arm points and now I I know I just pummel the map but our age we close we talk but there are Angel down and like I don't we could interject that I really enjoy them take about six feet and I don't know what Dorsey ran right. Hell is wrong with that fixed perfectly fine if she couldn't wait to leave this includes they go yeah. No doubt in my room is also his writings and take a ball caps and saw that she. Delivered to Israel. He literally did. So you right away you go what do you remember consumers have to get hemorrhoids are music known Mike if your soul. Into a drawn bath you what that's called. Bryant. Little bit of a regular Turkey Tony four hours before Thanksgiving to you could LeBron and himself tonight but anyway us more here and we like. This is not a one way street now you have to confess to something stupid on somebody said. I used to think rotating the tires and injecting up to current spending them. Why why it's I didn't understand that would go amend those pretty much in college. What time I was like why do you have to rotate the tires they always wrote I. I am I know that sounds stupid are you assuming total all right. Guys. Should be there's a different word and he's winning a swap to tires. It may have moved the tires from left or right back to Friday DC swap two tires on the you know swapping old for noon that's right okay. But just rotate is what they do so it is usually one hey you -- a longer archaic harmony you have my first tire moved to the rear right now I'm just looks like there's got to be a different word it's again it's an English language stands called rotate the tires. You either you revolve. That's. Okay stated today also rotate that it. I can hold my god. I am not I'm so glad I'm not alone on the Alan and I really believe that for one example somebody else wrote in the by the way it's confess to something stupid if you're not participating you're going to be in trouble. I eat and this was amoeba we've had people call the show I used to think Hawaii and Alaska were next to each other because the maps. Our two CK yeah but it was somebody likes dirt road and so in other words a little diesel different wind it's good to know and that is shoes on every map there like so are there never to stay all Elmer I concur as soon either Hawaii's John I enormous aura lasted. Eight it's it's not good that's a good oh less prone to do all this is absolutely one I've done. If we're confessing to something stupid I mean this is a huge one and I do it more often than I should. I may have looked for my phone. While either talking on it. But that. This is that was not mean so much using its light or holding it in my hands so I don't know light and holding in my hand. Which is Susie is a light to see where you're going LeRoy when I was my phone I lost my the only camp and I'm literally like looking under catches I've got a flashlight on going. And my wife's a real. More moderates and six. With its IQ is it got shot behind this couch I'm never gonna get it. And it is blocking sectional couch you can't un I don't know how to unlock it won the sections lock together why do locker room which is they locked together sort of it's a sectional did you in the recliner like come up don't you move with you got to move it I am gonna hold down selling it in the house because I did get a our current output yet. Sorry is a combination locker always a big big big date. Hope tomorrow picket Alter that you have won you won it. Still little guys not me but it's another one that I read that somebody just weed out a little bit ago and it's great but it's like. She said she wanna really wanted to see what you look like when she blinked sushi went to the Mir and was blinking can sort of the mirror and try to get yourself for what seemed thinking let's pathetic the so called. I you guys get the idea we're not to let Twitter when we want you to confess to something stupid. Chris. Yeah I confess to some stupid. Iron tiger I just outside of Boston Ali I know sends a whole thing. She's got it you know you could think in my apparent that. Pretty bad luck now accent and there it all right there learn bumper to bumper traffic and now I. Thought the battle is just kind of like the no way to know of like bump little bump on a ball but. And that's the most pleasure in years somebody actually says bumper to bumper. And I like street. And I had to explain every line not. Literally feel like Helen Keller moment where like I think the whole universe came into focus OK you're like. Part of our. That's a good load current study who did you explain it's your parents yet Marat. He had very good debate. Is there were pretty impressed. While I save you from accessing your stupidity. Caylee. Yeah this guy does he confessed to some stupid. Oh hey did you and Laura like mayor street and keep it on the when our kid I don't know like may be governor any I have this. Water on my finger and like I kind of disgusting and I hate you know like. Got it taken off or what ever and Carol then one day I got that mind. Sober wore. The oldest. I like you problem on a mop and op Heidi they're still there but there's Blake once you've tried to remove your Nichols. Shot they are more Hershey. Our other people's works in my mouth. You know Steve I'll hook you up and hmmm yeah. So you didn't try the compound W were you paying nicest trincomalee just went for the nice com. Yeah I should there's. War and all allow. Littered. It yeah. Yeah that's an amazing story while you really yeah do they know she hung Jess. And I can tell us some stupid. All out winner I can make urged the carnage and sixteen to get patch I used to like the that are now IBM I and everything I hit the door and then they ask you at the same you know I mean it helped spinning out technical. Had I. And I did not know how to ash and don't think it came to let escalating in that they needed to get out and looked I gave them. Door and they didn't have the nutty things like cult like that happens. It asks. You to go to it works where he met me and Atlanta. Hold it with this being there. It is to England is a little lip on there yeah oh yeah yeah yeah I did not know I Craigslist soon. Should always comes in and out something that I originally made Natalie I don't know at that time additional you don't there's no way to. You look at I don't know be so yeah do you Germany is not stir the denominator heard. Announced on Hamas that is awesome and saying you for the call. Andrew. Yeah. I guess some stupid. Though I grew up the small town Iowa where everyone has water towers you. And went out the kid right there that little utility door at the bottom where the technicians go and I thought that you had to take your glass door and that door and there's a little bit. That tell you got a lot of data will honor our. It's kind of sad yeah I thought that's a little bit. Sounds awesome you never saw anybody climbing up there income magna which is couple glasses of water than I could do occur they really are. Omar when you're not when I killed it but it's got to be able yeah. But that is a big thing and you're gonna do the things Hannah who and I. I hate confess to some stupid. I don't. Indiana when Eugene general Haley actually had to eat all the oil out it's pretty new oil and. It's changing the you'll all gold gonna do just kept adding your see. I know you could put too much and eat there yeah. We can't put too much oil in a guard Diana how bad was it you know I. I know hundred habit does not read anymore. You com that's a unity the old always always. Cycle if it isn't she asked. No big oil that but yeah that's pretty stupid then you Hannah I Kelly's. And I. Contest some stupid. Badly up until like three years ago I try to correct terminology was bleeding like ate dust pig. At the stock came. Oh OK at the ways yes just wouldn't believe is if there's a little dogs and whatnot stuffed. As to why is talk did win it would stick to pigs always that we kill an idea you really buy it. Yeah there's definitely gives Americans of all let's could keep going your didian. Bad. Eight contessa some stupid. And I owe it to like four or. My dad told me that I spat on the toilet flushed in its not my intent is out of my body hold. Why that happens what does mom are playing it does in the way and that's why got to close the lid burst that is next. Ron's. Okay cause problems are there to try golf pros who earlier report all right yeah anywhere he does go but not. Twitter right on the slacker and Steve case for paid going to keep confessing to some stupid.