Slacker and Steve - Conspiracies 1/22

Monday, January 22nd


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Selector and Steve. You know all I know. Lindsay pain on. You get to the radio station right now my people yeah yeah there's your own these people today you. Got some killer series is a couple and we just great conversation about some of this week we do yes. We lawyer conspiracy theory whatever little weird things you. We want to talk bad ass there's one moment deals but the person out. Patriots New England Patriots don't Super Bowl this series in door for a couple days now that the patriots are better team and everyone else I. I just after they use and look my wife is a patriot sand. So Tara go I in the patriots know by slots over at home. And I watched him and I'm like they're kind of bad ass and I don't think he didn't almost beaten six. Do you do it so. That's what disease. Did you did you just like yeah I'm there is so what happened is just one play better. So those are kind of conspiracy theories we're there's I mean these people are like totally a down and down all this after. Sure all you need. To. Lose it wouldn't this cause it to you is trying to. Not like she says this I can pull. Did you see Tom Brady throw the ball that was part of a bit of the patriots too little and I can still read just price oh. He goes. It's. I'm one of those people are you absolutely. Yeah cheat. Flagged for a penalty the entire game until it came to crunch time when it matters and it gave them my 72 yards in thirty supply. Yeah knows her appearance on my dinner break with the whole football and the terrorist. So here's a conspiracy theory that was out there are afraid to Schaub has put Disney Disney conspiracy theory out there I don't get to one of the dumbest things I've never heard this is. Century and a little yeah leaves this one OPEC. Disney had no no rider sat down went. Let's do you and by the way what I'm about to describe is the real reason this movie was a big exists Alter. Writers didn't do this sit down and out. All of our movies. Moody's princess. Eventually needs a millionaire and means some way to save her. God she's fallen asleep and a man I'm sure. You're. Which are the key role for all Disney movies just put in the September all right you too powerful women. One of them has this magical power that can freeze crap. And and then she actually resolve village and true love. There's gonna say bird like all the other movies saw millions and though it's not that true love bowl true love she has for her sister that was saver. Our host sibling love. It is how frozen in my opinion was invented they decided to break the mold the Disney princess has been a man to save the damn life with you. And they did and a female empowering kick butt great song. Movies. Out there friend of show is is putting this thing out on the Internet saying really Disney did frozen. Because before they made a movie if you went to Google went. I did Disney froze it was like. Like we. OK it still doesn't show up Obama's first four page ads to so when you saw a big Disney Rosie and instead it comes the movie come out. With the plot of the movie what are our. What is needed to use this so that build phones out Walt Disney. He's under. So I went ahead and Google the frozen busier doozy frozen in their right it's a before ever to even get told the cryogenic. Ball. Disney why we believe that the Disney. Massive money making Joker not a machine gives chill craps about Google search with Disney frozen. Very right now that's a conspiracy that Euro is that the. Have you ever seen anything Disney related all they care about his image in the public all turn out is how what people think about him in every single culture and everything like every employee did meet. It's not allowed to say I don't know they have to have an answer for everything that's churns the wave that Disney is built that is what Disney is geared towards. They do not want any change. Should I don't really get under there you know that he's sort of negative image that takes no. Jacob did not sure how. They wanna break it and magical. Yeah it looked and oh. Did you just bring it up pills. Put here to scrape the castle and dirt car okay. Yeah that's as fast. Apparently the gas a theory is the dumbest thing I think it's true I think Allen holds up more than half the other crap that's on the Internet I can actually make sense are nothing frozen the bad move because my kids are in a frozen. It's a great movie but I could totally see you like the brain trust at Disney going we have to admit it ruins the match of today here in high you're reason for the movie was Google search yes. Yeah that's. And they made billions of C it's brilliant move I don't know how. Yeah. All of sand is I I will give you this most really good conspiracy theories are so simple but you know. After betrayal yeah so this is that simple does not. And I think this is both simple and completely stupid could well I think that's where this one jumps the shark that's kind of most conspiracy theories to go just stupid. I believe. I don't know do would you believe now. I don't like doing this in front of you. Please can you just turn the other way their work yes. There was more than one shooter at JFK. Moment ago there. I just don't know why resume their own their allies still guarantees or her wanted to shoot her. You know there were just there was Oswald wasn't fast enough okay I'll give you this he might not have worked alone. But he shot my load up. In June left. Think that we've actually got a disaster in the last thirty years ago Mac. Remember all Oliver Stone made they all I got Kevin comes just what Ernie says is gospel that today this is not a movie maker led dells and pretend you know everything he does his track. Action call. I play anymore it's huge. You turn your dad bush on and it's just a little trash I asked a lot of. It's because Oliver Stone says something does that make it so it does seem trusted Oliver Stone is gonna be buried next while there's. And then they're have to make some movie called us and it's. Still. It's just stupid talk to us that we fifty different Disney series just to rattle a couple off the blow my mind I won't know most of these two. Joseph Donnelly from Toy Story two if you remember Toy Story two. It's she's a little girl that Jesse right wing Jews kicked up. And we come to a street two is and he's not explains why she might quiet kid in the eighty's or ninety's whenever Toy Story feels like it should be set you know we have a damned cowboy doll from the fifty's that is true doctors who enjoyed every she was she mystery Jesse doll. And decided to give her kid male counterpart that mind. Malone that's due that's not bad that's not been under some little bit of there's a lot else an honor puddles cousins and her parents their parents died on the way out proposals when it. I believe that tipped. I'm seeing a solid the mom and dad go any doubters what would that got a good business frozen daughter's stuff and they never come back. A win it's when they grow up in his time for their coronation. If you watched this tangles real slow you can see Brooke and so and Herbert commitments and what's his name is innocent. Now let's Herbert writers suggest don't know who don't know her name is Herbert Tom question there goes my slim writer but he's got a real name what's his real name Eugene you Jeanne. Yes yeah. You went to do you view that pause in the frame to frame on a Disney flick. You went from free when I'm once I've read that conspiracy theory always slow molester Jerry wanted to see. Shorter hair comes off Disney flick I'm ever other movies is not a catharsis that not carpet it's the but guess what it was a senior search history history to know what I'd bet you've done and I'm Disney's it's. So I would like to do all you conspiracy theories to be about Disney. What do you have asked is there something LT it's just we will take it what's your conspiracy theory the one I just read today that also kind of blows my mind. JK Rowling rattling who not real. Oh human being the writer yes. She's she's not earnings are real or she's not real she's an amalgamation of a bunch of writers there's this group of writers that are churning out these books dead she wrote. They're sick and how it's possible that a person can write six really thick books that are translated into 55 languages so sold more than 250 million copies. In less than ten weeks. She's not real she's a bunch of different authors. And then they just they call her up as the front she's the face of the she's the face and she was not responsible for translating them or marketing the it or lose I mean you kind of give her a little bit more credit than she didn't understand. How she read all the books. So in commercial and Syria or improve and I'm or a guy here's another theory imagination yup she's gonna. Finland doesn't exist. Anymore or never ever before once he was dreamed up by Japanese and Soviet Union during the Cold War why they wanna fishing rights in the Baltic Sea. Once. People who populate the country known as him and actually belong to the nation's Sweden Estonia and Russia I watched mr. universe is. So there is that this is all part of thanks I'm finish their dogs. You're not you know what it means a part of that the party what I'm not saying you're part of the new world order you're one of them you want a free license shall enhance it. Can't say it so not telling you what's so good do what I go to cinema mr. Jones there's no you're an event. Everybody my name's Otis you know and has not and you give pictures and an instrument did you know you don't. Helsinki health yup LCDs or sentiment. Is that yes two. OK okay I'll I'll put it exactly yeah it's clear signal. The cultural. About being a conspiracy didn't syndrome I had no knowledge to sound like you know yeah I guess you want it. Two occasions on the note you just don't know you're good. And let this be one and only time the religion news radio station to get these out of China slackers people unite. If you got no rights. A series. Conspiracy theories. We'll let a few newsroom. Freaks to remove these weird now brain matter pizza all over him and Steve Vogel who beat. Right now I actually thanks for saving us yeah I got about a guy or didn't definitely. Given a couple people a moment on the radio and freaks to do their conspiracy theory out what's yours. I would get a really think that there is a cure for all and any chance based. They stopped security could compare Hollywood. To like in Mexico like metropolitan. Can you would ever pick one bullet. Tell me people at. I don't say that he looked up ticket just in Tokyo press kit here and prosecute their. It didn't they just don't want black when he heard a celebrity that type from the prosecutor order urged get paired with Google apps like ten years. So well so they keep the cancer cures from us poor people but they give it to act. Actors. I think it's money. And I think that you know it's if you think about it some of the big celebrity out there and all the money they're bringing it. While attempting Teddy late chief. I entered kick them out. So more wall were Romo ever have cancer or he will. Attend day. I like Michael Douglas had it like a expressive chill you throat cancer remember backbone and he's still here so it's like they won't. Every once allow some actor asks don't I can't take one for the team policy had cancer for Bennett and then and then they're fine. Note no factor there those celebrities they're actually get actually contain their I think they're very few that still kind of an ability from her cannot act and it may be actually likes lately. Now you can go to achieve their tickets are breaking apparently this is my time that my time. Thank you for the car and I never thought of that before so she's gonna say like. Big pharma. Wouldn't doesn't want but do me too much money off all the drugs we treating cancer so they're they're like keeping it to themselves but probably producers and directors who grew nobody knows how his mother best voice they nobody knows the day guy who. I mean. It's weird I got what you release through it okay Joseph. Hi what's your conspiracy theory. So my guess spears say that it Denver International Airport is. Metallic secret bunker can based that in. Always lost to do it. You know both your your phone keeps breaking up and it's because your kids are not because if it's because she's didn't know there not much. They built a whole thing. It sort of bunker understand listen to me nor do understood they don't hole sectional and airport they built a whole airport they get airport IQ they did it and then. The air force for two years to built the ghost virile men and they were like all wrong. Gotta do that again it's a wrong airport so they're like plans were changed the plans are you okay were turned down billion right don't. Just still stirred up don't and on top of that. And they did them okay say it's it's not I think wide or points or three get that. My people a lot of displays of art. It's the thought I did it's it's plausible a self OK so we as taxpayers think we paid 900 times over and over and over you know the ball that was the last time you looked at a budget for anything like dancing. Stream cost eighteen billion dollars really it's like. I Wii we is although. I was super pick it's it's. So we'll keep you don't. Need search what do you charge so much for humorous and permit and you look at our budget is not too bad apple film studios to make the lunar landing a signal yeah. I don't see what your conspiracy. I'm in the gallery you know turn the RRB thinks is that explores. I heard this before. I kind of believe in that. It's not a real I mean it's conspiracy about a movie I just thank. You George Lucas is a good handle far yet. Who did George Lucas. It's just thinking produces new character who's a bumbling and stupid and I think what is plan was was to make him bombing Steve abuse containing B bombing in Sebring is really the dark for spine at all but everybody hated him so much that he realized. I can't. Cut him out brought in lord do you tell. That seed jinx he's doing like I hate Star Wars with a passion he's the only character that go can I say that's what I know you don't like him you just say it to get under the skin of people like me because it doesn't bother me or does but I know your so sad that you would back a terrible horse just to try to make. Sad that I mean she could stop me she's so sad you gotta he's the you do. Same thing anybody you like Julia didn't look. Do you know legs cream now. Creamy rich diet. I think and she threw you Mexico border why you why because my eyes are open both that's Roby tickets are Arizona guys he's okay. You he's free so uneducated no way. Yeah I I was jerseys. There is another conspiracy theory about on the announces parents. That they wash up on an island and that they have a child and Tarzan and. Tourists are. What's is based on you have no this is figured just imagination is all the sale. Pretty positive that I I mean I don't care expire ball obviously I extinct action if you get into about it being who traveled. Like people being part of the Libby confirmed. I don't know that might never billions and I was only confirmed. That's Carlson yeah. Oh I also didn't see it should.