Slacker and Steve - Crazy 911 Calls 3/7

Wednesday, March 7th


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Staying on the mine is suddenly. She can neutral rate this. Suddenly just like every once in awhile there's just a bunch of stories in the news at all kind of a line in your rights really accidentally down I mean like my children accidentally downtime Mormon I didn't know that it a cell phone without a sim card would do that -- they do they ruled the world to your house them. They they kind of did. Jeff how did you know big it was and my house in commerce city so they didn't really rule the world almost true there were too afraid and please give. Since it's not like there's a dignitary live near they knew it was somebody like me it's been and yeah I mean click it to search I didn't think I didn't know. The meeting since I thought. The complete with the foam which is the sim cards yeah sooner or numeric code that's the one yes you can still make emergency DOS oops yeah. And just making distressing little cooing kids sounds like or traps which role why. I'll hand it to death I think totally my fault and I Don I actually download online. On your tit bits. And he can do them through the some day. Big think this is like one might only goals in life right now pretty sad aside there's a lot of things in my life but make. What are my lone goals in life. Is to find a way to do it and your skin to win you get undermine both. I can't tell if you're low Mueller is because it's not a habit and you know it's not sit well it's yeah it's an apple what State Capitol here always get those screwed doing it if it rate apple bit so like. It's business is button on the side here the redolent that you don't read one red ones just a good that's said that turns to disarm. If you hold it. The good o'clock am no. But it's either says power Ross or emergency SOS old wool and animal enthusiast so ass right so sometimes when you're just bending your wrist. Actually hit a good time and you looked at in night. Yeah 'cause like I don't I've missed a weird call my phone with what sounds like Han. Zero. Commerce hitting nine or more and we minister calls everything OK am I what's. Did you miss call cycle through my phone Montgomery oh crap I did I don't know. How does my watch did all can activate my phone and call facility EDT when your alarm goes off they call you up their rules error what's your password and all that stuff human desperate for for your fifth armor go with hold sixty to pass threat to say to them honest. We shouldn't say it on the Monterey Nimitz which you know it's now. I would do some it's it's a really stupid thing. And I would never say. I can't sing now because then somebody can come rob me if we feel closure to lure is it's. That's not that I'm so there's a Florida woman who got arrested after calling 911. 32. Jet out wide gosh call from her home tourism task more times motel room. A complete the report says she was flirtatious on some of the calls salute. And asks to please us into bring some on screen cypriots but he sent this man scream. It's going to the dance and sing like dominoes to carry our prices cheaper she. For the she's clearly one of those like she has been charged with misuse of 911 good. The person in Massachusetts seller called 9114 times. To complain that someone had been tossing his clam chowder into a dumpster check out up he run. Certainly don't help don't you wanted to do call you really you be that guy and what was your emergency might shout out. I. You still live there now I don't leave. I consider extraordinary to see the match out after. Add our area map I'm content. With the mayor has sidetracked whereas match out after the idea I doubt an active if you do it Saturday. It through much out out because the officers went to the man's home if I'm drunk old for some. You're out and childless all that though yeah. You know the war smooth. Suddenly Elisa some dumb reasons why I'm. People call my moment user idiots oh god it was kids who called Lamar is Datsyuk did you see that story so why would rhetoric right. Only solution is right would day ever Delhi California's not. Always good booby great is that he's a quick and went to red light yet Powell did sixers all of the cops pull them over death. Yeah we got to fix it now citizenship. Clocks. Love who fly escalated the story so quickly that nobody knows what to do how can certainly talk a soup yeah yeah. And we do it now knows is is well. It's tragic yeah but you know I don't know what happens. Some of the cat she did you do until they got home. Oh okay Sally she's a six year old solid d.s when rock genius. Galaxy astle. Yeah we follow up. But you know one dual drive me around. With his blues are led the but I got home and and data was gonna get on the grill can shout out it's just a it was Megan some of mrs. smoky chowder on his Weber grill the brand names in the next couple reason to save up to people seem like its brucellosis ecology admit I don't know but they're current on the grill and dom then. Pretty much yes and no one showed up but I think they may just call back its institutional if you. He's won a meet cute kid he's genuine. Customer ninety minutes a shoe that you shouldn't censor talk about my break so I don't that's the jets and why does that put it on. It's with the machine gun to your average 91 mind. I'm going to seek you can't cook if the I'm sorry Obama fifty to its very best thing so here's some of the memories and a person was worried about our someone pouring a strange substance on their body acts. It was music Obama because there was an art gallery and they result performance artist they're pouring milk on themselves o.s and were the names. So they go by what. Arsenic a minimum one to get some sleeping pills delivered. So liver while millions. I don't know I don't I just I want everybody to know they'd like much like the ice cream and pizza lady what he. It's a liberal even if even if the police station is literally next to the ice cream stories you'll we're not gonna stop pitches swing left. Yeah I mean we're. Pretty widely read my. Just got hot. NetSuite tell ice cream shops and tennis. Things and bring it to me spawned some sod dad talks. Cook up a new. They run around us you got you know your non emergency number. I don't and I usually and I think you have this radio guys are great job. I yeah I. Did you tickle my morning on gotta call three dollars we all lutherans were always a Tony has not just and it's not like they should be you know 91. Hitting. It's a whole other mechanical. Should be it's really easy now I know nine it should be another ER. So it's not all going maximum punishment tax. It's not all why not and should be the number because of the non emergencies you really low and period knows who you already over. We attended a number so you have yours and your now I need to but I'm positive my neighbors. But as I did that put the book but yeah Caliendo tomorrow. Abdul and saying you're doing with greedy milk pouring. On the person wanted to help making breakfast and the cardinals like yes literally on this list but ebitda eggs coach dialogue and I'd just scramble. Not bad I saw spoils with us you don't poke check food problem bricks assets and they odd somebody else for death because have been toning Campbell. No no that that's mets' medical civilians and medical Xoom and not 91 more roll call the fire trucks and off. I. What we're gonna do well and we look for dispatchers reliever Mike the stupid reason you called 911. Stupid reason nine woman's been called a new and extra points if you're a dispatcher now lets you know the Indian state schools called you. Where is looking for 911. Calls Somalis are with Alison. Guy then a month. A high with you about that after I got app. Waiting less than two really embarrassing story but I guess we'll just putt. Yeah I asked him else. Tiny iron Mike who need to most of us or. I definitely would do is act how did apply and you know. I'm more American college and leader. I brilliantly nattering you're quite so we started it what I wouldn't even Berkeley that was completed. I collect cool little. Iron and that are already ended up getting on me read an ultimatum in my elbow an elite pack at Latinos in my alignment none of them and I literally would not diminished and that's coming not to make up my little easy week's rout that's not DR know. I'm out. Keypad thing that current human. Now. No real wow oh wow that seem got spirit yes you do. As though that's a good reason common among the best mom you look at let's Jeanine. I. OK so a couple of years ago I was on my back porch like a Saturday Keeney in line between you rate. CC come my it crazy lady neighbor or. Called the cops on me and said that I was running around my neighborhood when they get. And what were you heard you're in your bikini. It was announced last Joseph Marchini what was the good while receiving. I would totally had my hop on any bottom and the whole kind of let me to a podcast and then when the cops get there. She said that I would find it to lift that her husband because I'm the process. Yeah our whole. He eats but yet there they are done with you they've been one of the want you anymore so that's the treated now like we did the cops I mean how much investigating the cops have to do when somebody claims zero hooker while. I mean they showed up and I was like what's going on. I need she's. Crazy hectic and you allow you to find any thing. Probably open up another neighborhood thinks it's all true kind of tyranny. Until that day I don't just couldn't put the wow that's a pretty good ones eyes and you do anything else. You are ai and one. I had an ex girlfriend called 911 army could accidentally let the cat out. And she's hysterical so they've got elected domestic violence thing in or cop ourself within like ten minutes. She show on outsider what dharma guy let the cat out there like really and one guy turns out that you got Khalid. Yeah. We're also want it's. I spent. Yeah our trade ironically she broke up with before that and tears that are not at all. While I'm willing to twists and turns you know losing a lot of isn't turns your story and T so do you were able the recover of the tab without the girl. And then there's a little cops found a gallon literate they're the guy. To me it's. Too good on Joseph you're really where did but I legend and he's so awesome thank you can. Valerie. Yeah I. Knew once I. No I was working at a bank about a year ago they have a dial out current year. Am not able and I would dialing 100. Barack. Automatically dialed in what order and tried not even five minutes later there and it went a wide blue blood looking in the window. Exactly what happened to my mother when she worked at a bank's I would ever okay. It nice to get a nice one to get out now and she's dialing nine wind it's 1800. Or whatever it was like. And it and they didn't they ruled silent so all this and she seemed like little copy heads like pop up behind bushes and their all important things like. What the hell is going on over to eat what did you true. What PM well I am thought they came into a building in Manhattan like Eric I bet yeah. We had to face some geek I guess that they would have a secret court setup with glee about a third to verify that like. I guess that you're not you. Yeah.