Slacker and Steve - Crazy in Love 8/16

Tuesday, August 16th

A New York man was concerned that his girlfriend was taking a vacation to see her ex-husband. So he decided to call airport security and tell them that she had smuggled a bomb and drugs onto the plane! His plan worked and her trip was derailed. What is the craziest thing you have done in the name of love?

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Selector in Steve's son today. This leaves you out of an agenda that. But no you know it doesn't leave you out of work because it goes into what we talk about people are crazy amounts you crazy in love people so lady you've done something. Drastic. Based on that chemical reaction and we don't know is not racist a chemical. It's not a thing magic it'll lose its camera you can be magical to smooth it's got potential magical circle knows that I killed you have probably never done anything crazy. Kind I mean a move to. I didn't move across country just to be nearer. We had anybody oh. Everybody told the chairman Joseph I did hear you level of sacrifice the team has done hurt Berger. When you say you moved you mean you mean do you move from apartment to real time. I say. And yeah. How far would you move I move well OK so I moved so away from my home state and North Dakota. Lived in this other state for a while he met a nice girl problem as I was are are decided to move back to North Dakota so you'd see like did did oh and I mr. alive so I decided that your ought to move back. Dude sound that we were both then. And then I go for awhile and then in order your usual ghosting is I know on the move us. Here's what you didn't get why there's a dude in. I think it's in the queens New York he's got a girlfriend and she was originally from. Diana I believe in South America if she was gonna go back to Diana to visit he was worried. And his girlfriend was euros hook up their acts when she was and Diana who this guy was so crazy in love. He called the airport after she left gave them her full name and said she has two things honor. Tons of drugs Paul and Obama walks because he didn't want her to go. To her home country rather go up for a sudden rolled a sense instead I don't think you I don't think he was doing the math that foreign that he was his due and to stop her from I don't want to dig out. So danger drop to planes is hairdresser or did the holes. He had eulogies and aren't any of those saying she still wouldn't go to Diana. They Trace their call to him and now she's been arrested when they arrested him they found him in bed. With her so she forgave him for anybody. So he is on sale soon for a mountain of crazy in love. She was turned on by its save their relationship. Yet how absolutely saved very nice I wanna be with a guy that calls it bomb threats are you or doesn't. Yeah. So we we're looking for what did you do. We knew where I was in love I was his luck that's you Karzai TV and wanted to be with anybody ask you loved her so much that's that's love what I. When I wanted it capital I want her age as acts is that the some of this look at that now. Not just some of you usually in the dead anyway you look at some this symbolism like if I hold you tighter who can we see here except had a good. That's loves. The I so we're doing and it's crazy thing you did for love. Also as a side no midi interface for page you can recommended their rescinded and you look at love and a different way because I'm sort of that guy you are that I'm a little bit on the what do you know what obsessive crazy. It until I stopped I'd like I've driven by elegant Lauren your your patterns of where you can eat. Just CPI just I inserted myself into the lives of people without them actually know that's that's the hockey. It's I mean look. Okay I'm gonna quote my dear philosopher friend of mine. You did go cool I think it's a you never said that you've said it's not stealing you know he got to see things they've heard there's a grieving woman in Alaska who she's just weird. That's not love that's crazy love that I saw I disagree only want to kind of like. She loved her husband so dearly it's like you know the kind of thing. She priceless now I should know what is she wanted to die the same time it as him and she didn't. It's emerged just so you she's preparing in Noelle she threw his body and casket and drove for awhile. The back of a pick him up front as you drove around Alaska and stuff a lot of it had to stop a lot of ice up so we would much decompose. Some. Axe two so she's our man to be cold and comfortable. She was actually on her way to the mortuary Tuesday she agreed to drop off her dead husband and she just didn't go she gives Simon Shimon Sega I. You get to that's love right that's just not gonna love. It's absolutely love she didn't wanna be away from them and I don't know. X that's OK okay now you're quite so Cherie are all Kerio crazy in love and other workers in Santa doesn't matter it's still sometimes you love someone so hard. Choose fill their tires with forty that is thousand screws and bolts and not on things seriously that any of these illegal senses it's okay because. It was. Let's just hope that doesn't okay here's a we got this from blog somewhere win or demanding who'd they kind of were on break order. He wouldn't answer is landline you wouldn't answer mobile phone. She would call a store that was conveniently located across the street if I'm out of his car was. Should stick watts. That's looks that's it's gotten better. It is I didn't know again it's a slide ask your question we knew we knew low on food you put it inside your body right. Yeah it's only place really bright so we knew love. Mario you're rather than the EU since it's illegal to cannibalize them tag he's wanna keep them really close EDT keeping close she did certain high powered things to me. Look at that loan stint that says Alex mills or is what love means you sort of what mud has meant to me in the pot these people are just media somebody fake breast cancer to get attention from their acts would cheated on all right is that okay is that located doing the minimum love. I probably just a little bit oh I don't know and found my moral line of duty hitchhiked from. Louisiana and even went and which we his eyes from Oakland did to New Orleans GE's from a why furloughs. They really define your own dozens and that was only got carved their name on the therefore arm. Look at sports it's not to look for people that's homicide desk it's. Police crazy it's called crazy. Love these people are in love they are and we're gonna approve. Or if you've done something nutty or maybe somebody's dead somebody for you we just don't hear your best. Crazy in love stories to Indy. We are young you are disguised so well Cranium low. So and so I hope little lungs or in a little little power and control. My husband is now might have been enough of them have been perfect here. And that Sheen and becoming might have an interview with my friend for other kids that ended up going to jail moved into our culture. And we were kind of flirting per couple years and I'm not burn and fuel. Others say you agree lesions nothing like. In the meantime here in the parking live a whole bunch of other girl and just kind of doing you don't change. And so I wanted to end my god awful phone numbers through one of the fact my putting out from bold look of Vicki you know I drove. And I would email all all the girls numbers that were in Oklahoma I didn't know who they were. And I would email and text them and I would tell him hey he's starting to go and so are you doing can you during. And you would eventually I knew eventually stop taxing them altogether and you start paying more concentrated. It's Yousef. Sabotaged. Equipment every relationship he tried to get an. There was about six different relationships including a relationship that you have them in her body here and how. You know they were the duke will need cook. And young daughter is tags beside me out all all you just you know now. Peter nor. Hence the voice is guys are you wouldn't be flattered by yours psychotic behavior that I don't know what you would be Norman. Well let's find out yeah. I had I'm I mean I'd give anything to let him know that. You know I have thought about it for a few years no I didn't go which usually you might have got me here I should tell him a lot of different. Nobody would know what. Right you guys your way in the end you guy would you see. Oh yeah everything. Set up grenades around him so that no one could give him but you while your credit. Sandy your your weekend that it. Australia or accreditation moment but I do it can be allowed to see you rheumatology and today Elmo. Are you kidding me right eats Patrick. Hello crap hey hang up badger yeah I don't you all you need out there a need on you there you go less media on you now crazy in love's. So I had to eat talent coordinator at speed audio it they get completely choreographed. These falcons this way and in Jack do whatever they viewed cute my girlfriend's favorite all want to slap form was. Built for the night for us to have a private Allred dancing that's it over the. Publishes this cost. Yeah you can match it. It would easily I'll all of their actual harmony with the Helio are I think. And attempted to both sides say they just tens of thousands of dollars. Easily the most expensive five minutes of my life. And they really don't just five minutes is choreography. You got to get up there and do your thing yet hatchery debts we didn't that's bad ass. It is Blake can you think you know a lot of other things you could have dumbed them money now well. Well especially because we're not married. Now I'm married to completely different person I could definitely trigger different ways that that I. I Tressel said machine though. So you brought hurt you due to the Bellagio irritable larger studio by the sounds. Where we did god do a really nice dinner and onto one of the plane is and we had been shaky voter adapting got together. And there in the ninth platform and it was a total surprise that she did a look at bat that early date. And then died escorted her to the top of the platform that was suspended over the lake there and then that found him not in the song was followed. And that's all we did. And they knew you were where you Mary yes. They'll now we're dating and you marry did you master ranked tenth. Built it. And it's a good trend do your Canadian. Kid topic I think he can do on. What are top acts what do you what's. No I've proposed my wife now is actually pretty cool I have. At Anbar bill offshore at Hawaii. She's put Hillary oh I mean. I'm really music has dropped. He married me he's made some taxing my life to make sure she knows we're done with type we're died many. Meet Patrick so my deal. Wow that is true that is bad ass okay you're a stud now that is really cool though one would you like money entirely user John right here is an. JD should the yes is that it crazy in love with tourists. I'm back do you and the dating my action would choose to not introduce cell phones I would drive around town in politics differently counsel Peter goat meat you know. She expects to increase its effect. Welcome your friend now when he goes that's. A no no I've done that. Should we shouldn't drove all over the deeper differently phones music wasn't didn't you all know that's your first hear it again no I didn't know she was I didn't know if she was screen Amir had. So I'd go to different pay phones. And call the issue and answer I don't know now she wouldn't but I was it then I do I go I wonder if maybe she knows that number doesn't use alum before. So I drive around this the pay millions is try to try to find and there was one like literally across from her apartment that I would use tomorrow I think that's because it was blocked. Theater department and have somebody else called and I would see need to call he was the Kolb was blocked from Lisa. Hatcher say oh boy you do you brought out a little craziness and I had anything DJ stick it. Amanda. Oh he's crazy. Yes Harold at. I graduated high school he had. And I net and they can move I on the Internet and you mentioned a minute and many many state ferry terminal year old screwed merry old and. Please. I didn't app I had rider goal and democratic. And you did this is up at night it did that's ten minutes and stoplight town and Mary Dominic who. It's either still. Or six months. I I want to do that you know as I'm gonna go still. Snell. We're married 69 and left him. And or. Negative reading not speak read and we shall beat and I laugh right. Yeah done that in that old was he. Eli hey guess at a high school or. It's so smooth and nice easy gonna be married so young. Gun. Corporate. What are you going to be yeah. Are you good now are you married champions. It sure loud and brutal. You who think now we've all learned our lessons the hard way to literally harder than the rest of us sorry hey I really can't. Com Chris hits. Yeah and this guy is. Gone crazy oh what happened. Well I couldn't feel my radio and I have a little guy for a long time been and are you about an hour we're pretty sure you don't speak I'm. Little I have little doubt and he didn't go live the world well he pepper shifting and call it. It is going to round well when there were wonderful work and electric vehicle or in the morning folks who will refer to my car and I would recommend how. Back now. Started driving to work our highway and should somebody popped out of the backfield like ours. And there you didn't like how good are you have to talk me we're gonna know what I'm like you'd move happened I go. How might offer an electorate I thought our government will electorate on the floor and cheesy would grab an unbeatable we counted in the five point oh when you're out we have. All week I kept driving to work in the game but I knew it I nor Obama Boehner and we. Equipment work and I look art to go and I jumped out and their crop. No doubt intrigue me and my building where they worked there then I would hope and sheep brother Roger rarely or thereabouts so. Nelson kidnappings. He did he got hurt with kidnapping limit being a poll out. Winds I know that room he begged. Don't let him out literary term in the courtroom. Almighty god your. How minutiae that you were crickets on you crazy and I learned how to pay a ticket backseat here Carnegie everyone month stay that's there. Eileen. It hey you are this guy is gone crazy in most. Yeah a few of our premium mama I'm Oregon so Eric I agree or belliard or are you. Years ago are in my living small town hall and Arum are made with beating that guy or water all. And I wished it's. So in love with you. And may I could how he got. What the incoming getting more and I didn't know what I just long I didn't know how big and you look there were churning at all. And W the fire them or me I knew that schedule. And yeah the thing about. No on yes no you didn't use our. What are Barry all. And David mark and followed area armaments. And big power you know if if it. She AT&T announces around the tired you think he was your house. OK guys I lean year your man then aren't you. Eight RR dutrow America are younger I'd give that any great but I doubt me. I didn't do what I do it quite. Lynn Williams liar and I you're at the same house. I. Ari there. Oh yeah I go wrong you lead and what are. Why would you in a mirror ladies Sarah did in king's I Wear it. Column. Took the ball late opium to do my glut and you don't. Notice I think they know we're lighting fires again I mean Dick okay when you're wearing your slow he has clothes when they show. Yeah. I'll sort of good argue I would like. Mama bird yeah yeah. You talked to homer you like multi multi resuscitate each or stop drop and roller down the network. You know why he didn't talk and aren't all about what content they it looks like. You're create these and you'd better way to mail. Go to your I want how crazy I also think people are below age wasn't flattered by this my. Hollow and I reward you know I couldn't really hostage. Politico dot com could not ever but it didn't have to get. I and we LA UN BC what you want you'll do anything on paper it looks inside. I usually it's just stand the flames and your loved to one another run now snow and ice. I know you're you're definitely. Cray Cray is now and he'll. I don't think anybody's gonna top of the empire maniac that's hard to top a guess in the FaceBook keeps talking about it a little mental FaceBook tedious morons and a serious look we still tells his story you have to do it in the creepy. Stock Hersh way you'll find a slacker and Steve FaceBook page.