Slacker and Steve - Creep 3/7

Tuesday, March 7th

As a woman, you’ve probably had to deal with your fair share. We’re talking about creeps! We want to hear about the crazy creeps you’ve had to deal with.

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Steve are there. Was it word only semi leads the source stating that pops in your mind pretty I'm not so I just had to cut content it's weird yeah. She should all go hey we're. She exits are I'm trying not to look at you because you're such a creek is free to you via creek NBA young man. Create a big girl. Oh gosh symmetry still Susie old dudes that are creepy almost every single thing we have. Right ingredients we want you create stories if you if you are creepy Bennett creek. Is what's different a creepy stalker or difference. All right thanks soccer requires. Effort right and you can you be creeping should be creep on the subway or whenever and what's worse stalker creed. It's free play is sort of like difference between manslaughter and murder either way you're dead. Right there's different OK there's a different degree of a period a year yet I murder is your thought it out first degree murder like he's on hours manslaughter is just like it's her all girls hot and just to stare matter until I make current comfortable. An ominous follower for a little bit so you start creeping menu and he's finished shocks stalker yeah might be truth I'm so we we want you to tell us to creepy. Creepy things have happened you were creepy things you've done there is a woman from London who lost her purse one night she's out she's drinking with friends. Around. In six weeks later she gets it back in the mail with a post. But it went and within post a note the note she described as creepy as ever it's do you worry this is your degree of okay. Ups and I dreamed a decree that. You'll hold up you know did you something what's what do I have it's creepy and bottom. I'll start with. It's creepy and you. I think this and he does Wear Rihanna go here for create the service. From. Dear ms. Haley. Power you. Hoping you'll be fine and well. I would like to inform you that I found your precious person looks like it by Liverpool street section station. That's spelling errors in fact there's no. Need to ask every. He threw some bridges you know current. Liverpool street station might shoot dropped it in looking for it. My whole intentions to go inspect your purse was to look for your address or anything which can help me to send this thing do you nothing else but I found some naughty stuff as well. Don't need to feel any embrace mention he's embracing it six on. Obviously I like those people who take extra care know oh well it's a week she shed like ring concert I don't know what a cozy talking about it vasser in person was like. She's cheated and since you some sort of protection. Kindly check all your belongings and impossible to let me know via email once she seen dead on Sony dot stud at Hotmail dot com superstar peninsula. The slight nod as soon okay. Just a piece of advice kindly look after yourself and all your belongings when you go out or allow someone else because you are one of the beautiful person I've ever seen. I am sure in real you were most viewed more beautiful as compared your picture. This is listen he wrote we just cleared his parts and for a disease that you don't want had yet again. I wish if I can take you out some time and spend time but I'm sure you'll definitely have someone in your life who was taking care of you very well otherwise allow Mila well. Have a good weekend please and I hesitate to contact contact me why should you require anything or do you think I would be able to do anything for you. Enjoy every single moment of your life and enjoy as much as you can because you never know what is going to happen next. Your secret friend or an admirer LO well. Apparently a misty Lisa's she didn't hear from slugging study ever again. So that's okay. Are you. His creativity as a cells Hotmail. His idea. That if I don't know the united tried several times intervene review on that book right. It's a tradition you know it's it's it's it's it's collector's item makes you cooler than the rest of your gasoline does. She. What a twin that. When you're on whatever dating site your own guys. That let's see what's his desk here who Hotmail. Torture just does not AOL or quickly turned my only thing here polish yeah Compuserve should look at each judged by that. I mean I I keep doing keep saying this that means I don't discard him. It means long true view or change yeah and your domain really didn't create it. I know a lot of the race mice history on this email program. ITX Ernie knew when. I. The cost cuts winners were you covered as I don't know I had to go for the win by rubber gloves on and delete your history that's not sleep well. Bottom line I mean guys full on creepy isn't IC gamer person back to go to camp did. All you do is like here's your purse. You wanna look me out here you go that's how you do not creepy but to like one and unlike. Sony's newest senator insurance. I was doing everything okay. And does not bring go to your first sick all. Six so decisive so so here's did what we want your call him when your your creepy stories here are nine things it may do create. And let's see how many do you know he's. He watches you before interacting. What does that mean. Oh no yes and talk to Tom you're also the guys stand across the room for like two hours like clearing him and find you like. I have you noticed a burned a hole in your face is much. Smith just let's get to say that's one and the whole team touches you frequently OK I don't want to your absolute I don't know. That's puncher cola. My guide you want me bring in a string of people who worked as a historian and a song my allergies at all. Oh no you steer the conversation towards relations. I don't save save a pretty telling wanted to go there yes. Otherwise I don't leave it. This follow what breed Ito asks to take a picture of you went I don't yeah. You don't ask you just I'm going to go into what her story I feel like try to terribly old is a chicken and yeah totally doesn't you know I don't do you doctors that was reversed the camera in Virginia he asked personal details about your family. Don't care about anyone's family you you know everything yeah. You won't answer any questions about yourself become solicitor macondo do lose as a creepy and good listener. So far it's only the picture view in this next one that aren't you he has greasy hair you definitely don't have greasy hair thank you. He wasn't hallucinating you attribute it to sleep with things like you where you took it down and that. And here Coopers and. But not I'm. Not doing anything he never looked suing the guy. I am the best eye contact person and a berth mean yes I'm Jim Wright does she's there in a tax you have root beer brownstone. The truth I was called hazel I feel orange mayor move Madonna's freckles on his eyes yet how it's escorted out from the lyrics your hopes. But the secure flight to. It's. It's your I know create reasons. Kid that I think I. You need to keep telling him talk to tiger and you shoot. Larger good don't know Sarah my dad's eyes deceive you writer I. I he's significantly older than you know. I don't think it I think sort of scene earlier Arab woman can be a creep and or is likely to 22 year old guy can be decree it's always older news is it's I did some links. Don't you it is I think just younger women. Don't debts. How good an older man considered. OK hey should just retired great Asia's breather in the chloroform or get a hold on tight my finally he shows little emotional expressions. 00. So you are six out of nine of the and I know you're at least and maybe two navies. Try to make you look like good creepy and I'm not I don't have to try digital hard and do it. I do I'm gonna go shoot a FaceBook live video of what Steve's looking at on his side and all things as a whole if you're free tightly race history you've been confronted by creating an encounter with the creep. We just want any thing creep related that he got jelly. I know I actually listening to you and I was like I think I'm actually a minor curry deny he's. I did an about me so my idea that mr. mom had just had a baby and she had a toddler and we were at. Definitely you know very hot held. At the leg. A child event or whatever quote Christmas spirit gets up like at. And there that got you there it definitely didn't have a child the beard just. It kind of creep her on the plane and his transition blended or about June 8 you'd arc for any for indoor. You're gonna notice is he's against Iowa now because he's tell you recently ahead. Transitions that don't exist and saw. I'm just it only makes you look if you're young you. Doctor that bird. And that institution aids you're guarding your life normal that's not right. And you would call I'd they might that your breast feeding. The evening and CO taping at. Play your sister except some busted him or what these so. No it is actually another diet that locked Friday and he had his own. On how and what kind of like scanning and taking pictures but like taking baby on the whole time people are like actual winner and the other guy like I and. He saw my sister obviously on the screen when you're at bat beating and confront Saddam. And the guys on C chilly but yeah. No I'm glad that I do confronted decreed that's a yeah. Ballot not the right double thank Beck diet. Yeah. And then you know we're not you told the story so different in the way he said dad do you and you turn back into the creepy I'm sure you can tell me and that's good yeah. No I don't really telling dreamer if they do reload the clear in his only we presume it Charlotte. Yes. Most critical. It's so I was looking for Avery me and has been talking your cards are a little bit and he seems kind of weird and creepy and ask for a father and that I didn't really want in the apple again soup you know try and become real question and he got mad at me and heard it my own number on Craig list. And permit it basically said that I would meeting apart and we're looking for our campaign won't share any holes he cannot. I god about 300 trucks refugee is playing and do it. I'm within an hour. Are. What does doctor I've become your roommates. And that's kind of how I thought that's its hands pretty meg glad that I I got that you know. My net output of. Or so do you think woman's intuition Tennessee Ager but Idec. Totally. Got that says even women do have a creepy creepy radar and I don't think it's how we see your clearing Maria likes. Wow. That's crazy do you Craig's list or that sounds good thank you for the call Charlotte and the need to use change number sees how you're screwed LE. Hey you guys are creeps yeah he got great eraser it's very yeah. OK this guy I was cool it saying let's see it. Demos sick in the hospital yeah I did I did hate going to any Grammer to break out out out and they made it sky and night ethical debate it's fine. I go back home we had stayed out of south railway. I'm the guy can't keep talking to me like any normal little bags don't really wanna continue going Taliban. And build a six months later he showed that 7 AM on my doorstep so it's fairly address. Without the mild overnight into showed up every Harold yeah. Oh okay. So clear super high eighties or create disease it's me. Allow. Her so luckily you know super high candidate to create but it is it where is our boy he's got to play with pain in the middle brushing right he didn't get up on the doorstep Buick. Calls these what do you. Know. No I didn't know what to do it and let it go wake her bed and the lady came to dinner my family health credit unions I started. My mom covered for me and then he left. Added that he hadn't even heard that you jolly should let me attacking me I'm content you're very good how these photos actually had a shouted at her mother Mary. Comb my job I. That is meanwhile. Some. Treaty in resource like to find out where you have to grab a quick no contestant but I don't. Don't scare your credit mild don't know. Now that's com and they didn't vote for your parents Renee and eat food that's weird ideas and then turn and then mashed potatoes. I'm not gonna bring you have a beat both of us. I never did not really my main gas I don't know citing alleged there I didn't I didn't for dinner and never argue again. Yeah that's the wrong way to go oh you did put things in a different order but they just for the creepy dudes artist I'd creepy did Sarah's. Yeah hey guys trade. A few years ago this kid who lived on the street for me either kuwaitis that eighth. You can Torino talking meaning he apparently out of our you know locking read either that or doesn't know I would talk to him. Mainly because I thought about from could be didn't have a lot of friends but he started coming over tonight how are. It's loaded are pretty try to Moline aren't there that I got home from work on an island. And later. I guess he really came up to that tour I'm asked I mean. And they got but no you know you in the territory. And tip your playlist is you know I can eerie and airwaves Al. Boom. Yeah student her new nice to create its. We'll talk a little I liked it darn cute blonde inflate its darkest days. And ailing. Oh but I also liked the governor and eventually into many men. In this exact too early so I mean it's. We got it. The most awful lot of it all you're gonna easel is going to be but I pitched great deal tied for employed Billick might want him. But it never thought he had a name like we do not comment on how. I mean the numbers it's about now so hopefully. It's a big GPS something implanted in your body so your Stanley ten signs. Does that it is so lonely weirdo allow. Thank you very cruel. Seat time in jail and she's dancing to Bruce Springsteen sung in her room who won a piece of candy. And I create. So I work in the hospitality industry most of my career but I was working at a casino while Barack it and there were just. The food pantry and it came in that you were hitting on me and kept asking if you could. O'Neal growl and they'll tell me anything about the other Christie knows an offer to take me to dinner or. And I kept turning down there and I have a boyfriend might think he couldn't go it's not appropriate I want pure European train kept turning him down. It and then you knew he came around and I would Alter a couple of here do you and he proceeded to walk all around me. And you all are we say. And gain and work but I Mort what proportion of the old. My giants. It was so creepy how they went to a coworker or why don't like oh god like. If you do not. Well actually you should know that started all Olympic berth and stuff that you go to his house. And we kind of look into it turns out yes you are aware. Yeah analysts goddess so why is why were they letting him even just stopped viewing creep on you. As you. Reform Ali no oh Wahl are you serious. Yeah. Look really good oh. He puts it airlines. 121 plus dolby offense if you would on a list or government. Our. Oh Stephen creepy okay that's staged even the call to you when you're creep you sings you're so cool that she'd. Lets you tell owner dang you look good as unity but this is easy just rice. Smear does. I create. Try different Internet satellite you'd die or. It's another 20 yeah Indian Country do you guys this is that the U wanna see and we can hold Jenny that's where I love you look more. Sorry did I. Yeah well listen I already. I went out with your creeps. Being so I would want to eat out of their garage restart one and then I asked if I could help gender card and I put my car hours and that we can trade battery. I'm to charge up and CE ST there exposing himself tunes. Love us. So he bruises. To play the damsel in distress again I was you're saving him he's gonna show you was John juniors doesn't know yes sure why not that we all jump back to Omaha where you call the police please say you do it. I'm I did and I think how did you Israeli freaked out playing. I just totally I and everything and I just want to. Righty then I got to drive away with a jumper cables still attached to and just drag his battery out of control but this stupid car and drag at all. Are you oh great you've really awesome isn't he nice these men IDC Ashley's. Hi all and although I create. So I had an eighth gentlemen follow me home from Walgreens at 3 o'clock in the morning. Well she's his own number on my cars saying I married but we can have some fun with it's a number. Why it's and yeah okay Miami team goals can. I worry or a home where Erica all why. Why would that is some you know you hate troll and I don't Walgreens I guess it's because people there and as we mentioned SaaS and whatnot are all yes it is 3 AM is not designed control he still does more pretty stuff you'll have to do we're creeds live. I'm the slacker and Steve FaceBook page.