Slacker and Steve - Crime Stoppers 4/5

Tuesday, April 5th

Kids in London witnessed two burglar’s running from police in a helicopter. In an effort to help they laid down on the field forming an arrow that pointed which way the burglar’s ran. What is your crime stopping story?


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Steve I. I know I I know that it hurts you to talk about this it does we want to people who bring crime stoppers now I just let leave people alone. Let the authorities handle in the should know so we need people lose. We don't need clean glass of that's. No we need more of them happened when he people who are willing to get involved in not just rely I'm not saying we gotta go all vigil any or anything it's. Sometimes when you see something going down you Ghana I don't know you gotta you gotta jumpin. You've got if you're like your parents you should not be doing this stuff. I don't think you shouldn't cybercrime because you are risking your life jab that's often happens you look at some bad comes back on new lemon no one's got your back insurance is not gonna cover any thing. It's really a originally anyways is. So tell you dig as hard stand and like out of left field it's about your insurer insults. And Wallace didn't know. Call we'll give you. Things happen CEO dolphins are to protect you you did this on your own. And now you got to pay is still right to go try to supper I don't know would your wife's want you to be these people. You got kids I can definitely do this thing at the first people then the the group of kids outsized Clinton's lead and yes I can do this I hate these on myself. So there's so sort of robbery or something bad has happened is. Ends. I guess it was an intrusion and building nearby. And that two robbers are being pursued. Like across a field and there's a bunch of kids out there. What do we do and ultimately in general I think you might have been any Easter time so I think you were a different Eastern Europe. Traffic so it's Gerald. I don't. So. Yeah. And see all. Of Bogota to do bad guys are coming across quite. Yeah how why did you. As you know the history of those two doozies still this is two guys prosecute you know they were suspects kids frolicking in his dirt field also which he posted a tank. I'm he's pretty clear when two guys run past you and then there's a police helicopter overhead I don't forget to be a mathematician to go like. Yeah got a bridge those two guys bad guys it's a cross country racing their televised via its us. It steals Olympics they don't know what is a desk in our small town inland and hides he'll tell he's trying desperately to make this on this. Anyway so. The chopper doesn't seem to be following the guy is much anymore so the kids all laid down in the middle of the field and form an aero raggedy hero you know there's one kid he didn't intervene and take you see it's got here but my concern. I need to see him in his first aids Shasta view arrow and then. Two kids formed the point and then there's like this third tier it was my users to end the top of the things so it makes it a symmetrical Yamaichi's. Can invite yup which can still be part of a Shasta. You don't need to be part of but yeah just Greg Hahn as zero so days and there was a mower and and the helicopter pilots are these like. Well ordinarily it's a good morning wrong side of the other but you think it's a narrow Alibaba almost. And I. Didn't pursue it so they flip their thermal camera on and they see that you guys hiding in the bush date. Big kids perfectly pointed out I was ultimately they're willing to point directly you know after like eighteen degrees off center Kirk and its pilots relentless because of the one Juno like. He's. Dropping her without that content CE. And yet I know so those guys got busted. Two men age between tourism were arrested on suspicion of murdering little snot ready yet because we can Melrose Place and an error called dude now here's why you should never do this now these kids' lives are in jeopardy do you think these guys when they're in jail are gonna stand. So I don't really hate Sarah right now watch this year and dry yeah C Ed Rendell and I want to kid whose tunes. Actually it. Like a bad nine these kids TV here. I thought he could zero dad yeah. But is still around stock but forming Errol Louis. If I. Next high school football player tackled a shoplifter you know thirty Geraldine was not steal aid and bucks for this stuff from target. In a big screen TV a bunch of other stuffed in his car tried to just lucked out when it. Sometimes. If your criminal sometimes you over think it made all the birdie you don't need and don't wait dud horse. Does the most push your car and walked out that's how you mostly get away with it yet unfortunately there were two cops there. And so the costs were like hey they were like they started chasing so there criminals now running and it did they chase and there's a high school football player there is like. And not a dude I took a reduced form tackling him soon she just took a mile takes this shoplifter. Daryn 60 wind. On the shoplifters only 560. Wasn't that yeah when president and use them as he saw parents often and nobody had to form an arrow. Suspect at the first round still not yeah. Since our senior video like this leeway that he was the coolest video I've ever seen in my entire life whose aid it's in Las Vegas and it's in wanna like the upscale shopping senators. And it's the security Jarrett Bush footage and it shows this guy and he's walking just walk a mile these shots and he's like. Chart put on a Turkey lake and all of a sudden this guy comes renting from off camera sprinting and the guy with the Turkey leg just sticks out his leg and trips and and the guy goes flying down and stuff go sit lion everywhere yet just eats it. And they also like six cops come and jump on the guy that tricked. And the guy would deter he'll like that tripped him just keeps walking need this Turkey leg like nothing happened nonchalant. Crimes that are doing nothing there Turkey will exit the wind I'm. I didn't know that it's dark back. So. She even shrimp and anybody that gets me out of the bathroom bad here you know what these guys tell when somebody's running with the ACC number it's you who's running within Jeremy is Maggie there's a lady screaming stop seaside in your eyes sauces if you don't. Did Egypt is it I don't hunt. Okay this your legs but you had your legs and get unemployment yeah. I didn't do her driver who shot somebody's. Here to go to draw these but there's eight. Gunmen have been taken down and barber shops churchgoers subdued somebody else and church. Always not a one more than dude was like in the church what happens yeah I remember they all started nice. Good morning raid former I'm get a guy I was gonna go opens and in light they did did precisely the power of greatest and now you're whatever did the whole axis is an angry I couldn't. Couldn't pull the trigger whatever in the mail like that the church goers were the crime stoppers that aren't god was a crime stopper well there were never. That feels all right I'm one that everyone just my annual business stop stopping crime if you. Pat then that person. That is stopped a crime. It is there. Are you out there are you willing to take the wrath of Steve's system for getting involved. If your criminal maybe you can call and say how your crime was stopped by a bunch of kids forming shapes sliced a sergeant Walters street friends. You don't want to. We're looking toward the biggest and brightest crime stoppers Tim cook's idea I ever thought crime solvers. So my brother and I were driving and the energy stayed and stuck in traffic the guy in front of us that Scarborough tell us. Proceeded to hit five or six other cars seem to yet. Around everybody. Please call. Only he knows data reported in reverse. Yeah back on the initiate. And ended up crashing into the side of a semi saying when you're trying to turn. Out of my car told us that he had to get rid of the drugs broke well. And my brother tackle them and waited for the police now. Moret. Because he wanted to drugs and but it's so your brother is a vigilante you and held the sky down and to do. The money guy I've got out. Other car and help them that my brother tackle them in the middle of the undecided energy. So this guy the drugs just chick Donna in on this guy in the paranoia took over and he just couldn't be in the traffic Demi Moore just trying to get out of their. And you told us that he had to get rid of the drugs before the cop Scott. So wall that was going on your brother you snagged the drugs here. This is the cubs next after the Mets eurozone data. And nail file accidental parents soon. Wow that's cool yeah that's and police think he was a hero did they think he was stupid for trying yup. Big he led. They basically if he shouldn't zero student may could have just called today and. They kill us Steve that's doing the arms wide open over eaters is the car. Seat. Well I. I they wouldn't have caught him in human doesn't actually lit up with insurance. And they had an up paying rent a car is. As you guys couldn't get his weight all nine if you surround them. It's called the cops and then even though I was trying to Munich crime suburbs and if you turn it is today don't you know minding your own business suspect but thank you caught him. Mindy. Yeah yeah. Yeah I I I'm solders it's OK it's only my opinion like the middle of winter in the middle and I rain not yet and being in my car. And you only had a short time and an early diet kitten and are hard to Kenner rummaging through all my. It it was in the car and he don't like he walked down these guys already inside the car key I still would like eleven and 98 news. Didn't even like what color you are looked. He thought remember kids triple even. I think I may make eye contact. And the guys on the other eat on the driver's side upon how many you run without EP. Kiki saw how many Redmond had been no she used running down missed three actor Andrew in the snow. Yeah in the snow in the stern he's innocent will clock in at no. Birdies on the crime just just last. I being on team crime stopper PG I would say he would heroin into the snow and chilly wind direction the wind sort of Jimmy vasser back. Lee yeah no I was mad my head fingerhut and not agree gray area and it. Are you finding bad I don't care I illegal find out where you at all going on in them all pretty. I. Why did you did you test a guy. He caught in my name my imminent it's 42. Years old at right tackle menu across Geithner got. Mike around to spend some Hud who might not intend tackled and I that turn into armed neighbors. Aren't. And how do you feel like scrabble so neat told united gunmen had things gotten out of it can't. And how silly it. Why did he take from your car your registration and who rarely. Screen. Ian your worries it's exposing many question for you he was the guy was brewed around you or personal possessions that were left in the car. Yeah let's let's let's then I come from a little far. Yeah I did it it might not me are my keys in the ignition in the but it surely their hut my purse. Homer got so if you hadn't been this way no this yeah this sort of your phone call up a crime stick dinner. It's your husband. Don't kid with an air old I'm the. That is awesome that crazies and Canadians well I these are crimes conference. He got a bit I got away eight because deep you know my had been out all this might be a bit kinda let that you are and are still hurts. And the guy who geared up and and chip shot in the she's hot like at Tina Nina got him he Internet to eat. Eaton SD content that convicts from Y no me of that child sex offender. Move you know she now we like your car doing what he's. Thank you for the common need to say hey I'm glad he went after. I. News I'm sorry what did you eat all the data outlets know how now they do you know Julie. Hi I'm Summers. I'm gonna change so might a lot about ex boyfriend and I were walking out I'm out there aren't about to approach that parking lot. And we heard screaming and hollering and each. I went well investigate cute kind of follow on Whitney and there's that element that they got a what do I that would adopting I won't let us. Donald I wish you LA king not stand up. Try to keep my mouth clean here but anyway so when he turns me and Tony my biopic that reply will not I'll become cops. And keep proceed plot NRA. And thank you begun to what the cops get here our pursuit pull up my god and check you'll be dead heat where cops get here she lined up with a nice. I went to shoot him in and week out I'm pretty good because that is why I shot him. I checked. No you hand and ensure you almighty god and you so that's why it's you have a permit to carry a gun obviously. I. And Jeep and as short life was being threatened. Like no charges no nothing to do. Like I mean I won't take any I would I doubt we had to go. Keep at least part that I was not arrested or like that that early Hewitt insult me and my boyfriend or right there with that there is an ice. Well thank you can't hit prints were on edge I it would apparently obvious when he hurt her it's gotten so you get. Eight BU you should you as part of your crime something you've shot a guy in what happened the guy yeah. Are you sure I I'm not sure about your private but she writes would you do it again. How would yes sorry don't mean what to prevent them from getting a public that actually to the active this year yeah. OK real quick Julie let's say he didn't come after you oh you were not justified you know like shooting him I don't think so. I liked it I couldn't get demolished. I can't remember what it then yeah you know while I can't you can't just let it I'll bet. See this this was this what happens is kind of to get to be careful when you interview because then yes yes and it's idea bad things yeah thank you so it's good for you I'm glad I was I had worked out. And that is really scary that is just it did the idea little woman being salts and I mean that gap I you'd have to do anything you could haunt. Even if you. Jake. Yeah I. I'm centers. Okay starlet then and over Arkansas and it's it's pretty spot found out if you don't people. And the bad part town as where it escape art course. That's pretty much do you. It's kinda day you can yeah I'm stabler who was in my front yard whereas Laura is just an FY I didn't think it. OK. So my whole like teen age delighted I was that that is part every retired and I had no one day. I mean because throughout failure dislikes and hanging out and now they're grill attacked by an escaped art and that this guy. They're like Guerrero check into our sins and the guy comes over and hospice sense becomes dry enough to escape art and I was on my phone at the moment. We want so it really need to pay our carry your fault some not how it out I'm not gonna be like no you know public yet and you go inside and my phone. And I he makes that call. And over like our work heard it and he was telling a buddy like hey do I need to come get me I just shot this guy. Because. Out of that he went Google printouts or whatever and he opened the door and edit. Let's just say. Crime on your soul oh. Yes he you'd compressing a crime on my phone. So and I'm like sixteen it's under it's like oh my god or I do much to bloodied or looking at near light. It could stick you know so so basically you make that phone call. You know like says he just sort of regarding the pitch like a boycott thrill attract. It was. I know I have I don't wanna do anything you know so I waited pretty much it does bring Kenny got him. And then he you know went out to depart arrive and got an and drove off so instantly I call the cops. And other cops came out question me and I didn't like my phone I'll like Google. All you so you're kind of annoying you did it closer and did you really call data again that's it yeah you get closer to waste he's one yes 99 actually we get involved but the guy left his ear grease all over his so I Helio why don't ask nicely. Burglaries here really set at the foaming and I Dennis. Yeah aren't guy crime stopper. Well one night after I'd have a club in my life and I were driving home and there was this guy has shouted to street lights. So I can't pick out of detention and got him to pull over. Dotted and our car we give a little left his car parked on the side of the road and. Delonte. Are you. Only the cool as trends adversary we Jai I never heard anybody you were up the floor yeah yeah are you are just a blow up I'd like it is trunk. And so. To pull over I'm glad he listened to me I'd accept pull over pull over. And people over. And I looked at hardware dot until all I don't know where he lived was out of taser use I mean that is awesome that if you comment. There. Yet you guys crime stoppers such kind opera that yeah I'd been and I Ehrlich are now. I decade or now at good Christmas morning. We get cast doubt on the couch is just I tired and not the not too little money went out tied on. Dispute just a liquor around and we noticed that guy. And all these other cards it handled. It. And he opened atrocities occur on the street or not. I'm at pulled out of bout was her behind a tree. And then took the opposite we disputed goat can't top. His vehicle or whatever so my husband ran over and grabbed it brought it do our part and we all I want by. And all of these cop to work eight big hammer out on route spent it period overt. Bridges every expand it out finding him that he had other broke it and are multiple vehicle. NA on financial paperwork didn't it deeper it. Is this agreement shouldn't priest cases agents. He'd eaten. So Orlando yes I showed up that I'm good now see. I thought well I think we might have a lose its new. But they could anger and the subtle Gomez admitted he'd like eager materials. Only made it like a bug. But the powdery stuff on it and pulled and Perry but they managed to find out so snack that is CSI. These. Kind of crime stopper I used to go to crime supper stories. Obviously it's a big deal please share them on my FaceBook dot com slash slacker and Steve failed.