Slacker and Steve - Dad Doesn’t Know 6/15

Friday, June 15th


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Slacker and Steve on the day. Ads based and does we can. Home and we talked about a lot of different dad things. Ten days we wanna talk about. You see your data are we if you can't Alec if your dad still live in and and still living in this data whatever your fines and where your or your police can talk to him. Com. We know that's going to be good experience a positive experience so in true soccer and Steve fashion. We wanna come at this from the negative side you know what dad don't know what I don't know what did you did. When you're young. That or even now what these are some us deep dark secret to you you. You know your dad would be mortified. He's angry he's been something. Now I can't participate in this. My parents are alive Sarah and Palin to cheer a hos go away on. If I say what I don't know dad will not know what I know a few things a lot of Rahal go ahead and notice. Design a high Hilliard had I by him referred to your dad some time I don't know that there will ever be a day. That I am not deathly afraid it might my daddy is in his eighties and he can still take you out he would absolutely won't mean it's totally and I am I a makes it was a smoker most of his life to be stopped so now we slashed again. That's true more capacity back to get older but he's. It's not here today stronger returning to your parents I this is awful your father is passed so is what is that the data now. About you all bunch of stuff they know about other crimes that I got caught committing this is no idea most of the ones I haven't. I literally did anything on my parents that they don't know about. Did they know about like your lakers your your bar robberies do you know about that one. The one about. The dog to fairly dog scale I know I ended up breaking somebody my mom's precious one that does that and our dog was a little bit older so ice at all scale must've done it. That's a late. Ted came home and that's the day you decided it start to put down scare that was enough for I was enough for skip if she was just fine and she had something to do with a stick put out a lot more life. If wasn't for me lying about it your dad don't know some key euthanized her dog 'cause the main enemy doesn't really happy Father's Day and how. Doing swimming rather Biden was a doubt or whatever what else is gonna be fun well okay. See little dear dad is in third capitalists or somewhere right in the Jasper now. Okay ICL so. Oh my god doesn't know that the gay and I don't know Ozarks my dad I don't know we might say yeah let's go back to north. Did DA that I turned sixteen he drove me to you rifle Colorado or to get my made my driver's license we drove me an hour and a half to get my driver's license. We drove all the way back to it to Craig Greg grew up and when we got back there was a truck parked in the in the driveway forming an had a big red bow on it. Oh all right all I ask you is he was happy to give it means so. I jumped in the heated media keys I was like I need to go to my friends house I'm gonna pick him up we're gonna go have a grand old time so we got in the truck. And we went out and we urged crews in the streets in my friend was like let's go let's go into the mountains let's see what we can do you know. So we found some back mountain road dirt road and we are going on the dirt road and that's were common back down the mountain my friend is like. What struck a power slide destruction. On dirt road not your source trying to. They're driving and I got a genius and that is a great idea I will get that that is the great suggestion and so I tried a power slide around this curve on the mountain. And I over corrected. And we went off this side of the mountain careened off the side of the mountain did you crash the truck and a ticket but luckily we didn't roll but we. Bounce and all the way down the side of the mountain. We got back on the road finally I looked over the truck there wasn't any like really significant demons the front of the hood was a little banged up you know there was some sage brush caught under the bottom the undercarriage so we drove the truck call my parked in the driveway and like three days later my dad came outside was like. Where that didn't come from. If it goes like you don't remember the old guy that we bought the trucks from said he hit the deer right before we body IA life's. No I didn't remember that OPEC. Went along it in. No matter what you ask. Without a doubt I I totally crash my car the very first day I had my license the deed that they handed me a truck for my birthday and directing it. And they have no right definitely halo you. According get a lot of mostly every a lot of people who likes you broke something crash something so we pulled some other stuff also blogs and read it and whatnot. I want persons and with the dad doesn't know he's the sheer qualities of LSD MD MA Ted mean DMC she she she he he he's an extra token other assorted drugs have ingested in my music festival career good. Other persons have what my dad is no. I know my dad not might now be my biological father. Who that's good stuff. That you hold on to that secret not have to confront somebody. Somebody else this is a really bad one. I sound of my parents relations tape pool didn't know what it was so I popped and then you move. My dad doesn't know is. I feel like coming to puke everytime I think about it owed his dad mom was fine and that there have been a bad you've noted a lot of beautiful but I. How does airbrushed capsules amount and I just say that the that I read that and that never occurred to me and you need a lot of I'll probably be pretty I should grow and I was I don't know. Let's see how do you have no problem with mom star and that's sort of the ideas put -- did border commuter car it's just awesome SA when I was thirteen I told my parents are sleeping over my friend's house well we've all the most when dad doesn't know is I took a four hour bus ride to Los Angeles and watched Marilyn Manson playing live in concert will play each release are you kidding me that's awesome. This was my favorite you're gonna understand why and a second. I took my sister the wall bimetal bedroom door and my parents house my dad doesn't know is I strategically placed. That is still there to this day. But I live in fear of the day when he decides to remove. That picture that's awesome. No I mean thankfully it's our wars franchise lives on and so it's like let's. I want more before we yours my dad doesn't know that I never graduated from university with a master's degree. He was so proud he got me a mortgage on home bought me a car or a walk I never ever graduated or even lied to my employer. But they never questioned it. I'm pretty educated in my field so it's never been an issue. Deftly handled I still give my dad 200 dollars a week to help out applaud Jill good trackerless way recently. Lying about completing your college education slice of Europe where you don't get. You have to do the very last and I know we don't attended you're now what is happened the very last and you have to do when we come back the very last one on and no the other one. Oh OK he's got 20. Where she worked as. Oh I'm so. Why do you assume it was her. Good. Paid just who's written this here. A hundred boys are so we'll give you want more these what we want yours stories what is this thing your dad don't. Now Brett. Hey cage that don't know doesn't know. Yeah it does not know is what I was about 6070 years old I was gonna speak out a house. C a girlfriend monitor each and I couldn't find the latter and I in his work church chat one on so are took his work charge. And Joseph all the lord her how to judge Norma Spock chuck. Just viewed the latter he didn't dare let down you never hot and I never got to try and agitated day he's still without. Not to be inside kind of love that yes. And you. Yeah end. And die and you got how to turn their lights on so I drove the entire way with the bright dot. She can call you're just holding a little subtle little you ask a sucker turns signal thing and why don't songs that's an excellent thank you Brett. On merit this or. Guy that doesn't else. I and every day and why my mom liked them. From all. Wow that's a lot of information to process why why why why why did you break your parents are repeat. You can't I threatened to my mama that I would hate to reveal her out of air. That's you're driving with another man if he did it if you didn't leave them that I would help out. Then you you were literally you black he's our guest is a black male sort of makes it all mean yes I must. Lever or how are how did you know she was having an affair. I ate I skipped school I would XP and I came home. And the other I would go over. YouTube did you catch him in the act. So all of us. I hit my walking in on them as they were like engaging in the air extra curricular activities which you'd like the thought that it made me wanna vomit. Z. He did this other guy who has like. From the car from office or something I don't even know like arm. She got you coming out of the that your. Like I'll have badger. How old were you. She you pencils right then you told her you you leave forever or I will tell that. Art are basically. Like the guy laughed. And it was so crazy because it's not right. She stayed with a guy that would finish like this passionate filet and I would I would harper garbage everyday I mean erode our family and I was like. You you can hide. Do you leave or I held out. And you always just blind sided and it was like just your mother last. Late and has no idea that you're the reason it still doesn't. I yacht and took down I didn't not know. That aren't really the marsh she laughed. And I hope that's a lot for a six united is. Do you feel like you ever tell him. I don't know I don't know what can you tax you still love your mom. Move slowly he questioned you mean to care. Are they angry aren't but really angry at my mom because it's. Baker might got a great I love my god don't watch and I'm I know my mom go read it. Of course I wish you really are our third our part people crumbled like our our government crumble because of her actions. While that is down. Answer really heavy Gatti dead doesn't know thank you for the Comair and its wow crescendo. Yeah yeah I'm eight what dad don't doesn't know she's. I guess he doesn't know that when I took his class my freshman year of college that I got a paper that change I agreed. Drum up each 18. Heck yeah. A classic she was teaching. You have any good grade papers write their kitchen table and I could have started a task I'll collect a sudden things. Good for you though she is using he doesn't realize you had a plagiarized paper now I know we got him. He's still so proud of you and I kept. Did rewrote the fifth after the apathy that's exactly. Well slay how long ago was that. Outlawed at 81979. I think you can tell him by now these so what he got a mention probably. I protect itself and every extra. Reliever. Oh man now that's pretty shady but that's it's it's a perfect day at Donahue would she go on and exhume her agenda. Ali and German media back on no voice disguise or candies. Are eaten high tech you're voice is geyser is activated what dad don't know. I you mark you know me I know I had a 40000 dollar buy me but I am not myriad. Walk Howard you're not even sinister Jenny here or what it was all Bruce. Yahoo! were not legally married broke the whole thing. They're planning marketing on the tiled. Why did you literally no matter who paid for everything yes it's just watch. Do you eat. Guards are your only daughter and me if you wanted to get married but I. I don't know what the target today but we don't want to be legally married they're just stalled. Underground. I was a big one to merely. Your dad desserts like G off stats. Like Chad don't know.