Slacker and Steve - Dangerous Drivers 2/16

Thursday, February 16th

AAA just released a report that found that millenials are the worst and most dangerous generation of drivers on the road. 12% of them think it's okay to speed through a school zone. What's the most dangerous thing you've seen behind the wheel?

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And the driver. That's under their utility behind them tests I'm never ever do we have this discussion I wanna go through all the reasons why ice I fear being in. It's actually been salons around with you you might actually be better but he's ready mellowing I actually I may Tom Miller you'll also know. And I don't know why if you know this about Steve let me tell you something known as one of the best cars go tender ladies and how we ask 58 Q just. Tricked out blacked out it's a beautiful car yet. Asked to take it to the dealer should give winner winner rubber put on and then summer lake bank board members. And all he drives is this peel west had the Jeep Liberty the patriot crappy job and it's my winter vehicle. So. All she is six. I go it got to the point because you rested you were some bad draw I expressed I can't take my off beautiful precious automobile out of monks do now do you do you drive that car the way you drove your outing. I do and I don't care about this wasn't you know you're items so if you cut me off I'm gonna doll what Jones imagine you Al. You're looking for an excited now basically our AAA just released a report the colonials are the worst and most Jenner most dangerous generation drivers ever. The way though there just used to new driving every generation is new to driving is a word Hillary knows more meals are older now on their their their own and no matter. 12% of them think it's okay to speed through schools on. Also it's after hours you don't have to. Smaller schools on until after sink you don't know there's dirt or they're doing and don't college schools tourism as if you yes you driving straight through the the lamb don't let it go you don't come on dude. Thumb if so this is what we want from UNS and you can read out a millennial you can rent rent out yourself we appreciated you rank yourself numb arm. What makes you or someone you know a dangerous driver. This weird I understand this if you can actually be taken in for this one has been pulled over for being dangerous driver. Because the the cops saw her driving. One hand on the we'll I'm sort of right there you're way better driver than I am about 80% of its it is your year in underlying sometimes Chan. All a lot of fun changing parents while on dry should I wish you know that I hat and shirt yes I see you want to change your pants just take off your. She used to be that that's when you leave for you did you enjoy setting your chain involved in your knees are like oh my go ZR one leg over on the gas Kennelly. Anyway I I use different body parts sincere steered this woman has a hand on the Syrian well I don't think she she didn't take it at all. The problem lies her other hand was on an egg rolls. Kick wage you just bring it to her and I can. You almost we all they that rumor is she might have dipped it she wasn't holding the dipped in the other hand she lies he still can have your hand on the wheel he did. No habits of the duke was in the console or even both certainly and there's and yet doing the ball on one hand you saw a sign expert uniforms or results elite even corn. It was weird. You can do you can you decorum a couple of one hand if he had to what you what what's is so pressing that I need to eat corn oil and grounded more fresh corn dog she is still UT. They expected it to get. This out on the ticket she was issued actually says egg roll and dip. In their remarks section of the ticket you can dipper you I don't know my husband's our president pro has an afternoon main on different. Some would like the mustard that's a mustard it's this it's got to doesn't go to most who yeah I'd tell him stimulus hobby burned did jobs so I'll. So yeah put on all of us. He's still with us who are you it was I was hustle us or wrecked or mixing Moussavi was ginger as she is she so. I mean that's actually somebody is dangerous driver because in a row you off. Somebody out and sees Nicholas the Minnesota area they just got busted for reading and James Patterson book. All dried herb block argued I'd I'd I'd say this war when I was a career there was one courier she had her brow was exactly I was the courier who would drive fast and get stuff done so I never knew what I was doing on any given. It was nice to be going here to be going there if there's a heart I'll get it's there's I'm like did. This chick a cat the route she went all the radio stations. She was the one who drive the airport. Got a bunch commercials and then drive so she knew our exact wrap. And every time I'd see here she'd have her hands both hands on the wheel it's both arms holding a book open water season will you add all day every day how can you can't pursue a absorb what's your reading because your your eyes are down up down up don't you can't do book what are you tour this woman said she was weighted as James Patterson book. And downs she knew it was a mistake the cop pulled her over but. Shiite city of millions and she absolutely did good. But she's a dangerous driver apparently see if you ever read I think you re read books more than TV and off I just watched a movie script with the. Go to the movie could total loss allied drives. Her there's another couple who. Were affectionate. Well there are getting dizzy but she likes on his LB site where I can see in them unless she's driving and in Europe there you know. I see only two ways to pull that off. There's observing a moment to tell you what the other thing is then see every so far backs somebody's got a long legs. We're cruise control that there are new. If you do at. Actually do that there is no god no he's got a theory why no I know I know somebody in high school who's doing that mattered on cruise control may wrecks because the crews could like they went around our corner and the cruise control satellite 752. It was like a 45 corner and they wrecked. Wahl who usually movie. I'll dot they were not stuck by that the the police found them in a state of disrepair. If your donation yes that's a remote. That's you know we I I hate like being in the Miller show and thinking of the next show we still want you to collier dangerous driving things. But I mean you know I I think we need to do thing that we did a long time ago with what would be in your debris field. Assets like when you roll your car if they won't come flying out. Just don't couple shipments of wind. So that would be myself. I would like life but they naked bodies in my debris field would be an awesome that's pretty epic. Sudden there was a guy who got ticketed for watching TV while driving through schools I'm not a big deal news. Million cups playing trumpet. Which he too soft promised the money to own that was little. I don't think so no other plans to. I there was a new story a while back of a sign of just yeah just got to stick it out the window yet this flu when I was underwhelmed here or something like 27 year old dude was intercepted by Highway Patrol. But people Seidman a black sedan driving erratically toward the city respond when they got up next and yet a brass instrument. Out their and he was like. Typical T Cornett is smaller eagle with a smaller when you do when you go. Yeah well you know Linda know Val so there you go see now unless you're obviously. Don't need another hit a good point thank you know do you weigh now. So yeah talks to us. Steve's on the substance the song both yeah got to move this is desperate now what are you go moon you knew you move your head looked around and not do on him remove them from moving here I'm the metal and put a couple more that day. This one is one of my favorites thumb in Montana. People were seeing car swerving erratically so please finally confident they have five. Behind in the car boat home and these look like bees don't just hang in the hive. So yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. They've learned so he's like although I'm not elite yeah. I I assume that's smoke in their actual these guys move. Here's some sort of barrier between Peter Cook the current and they're dangerous vehicle and the reason this guy's got good. Marriage and it's fun odds tonight that could lead to an important may and local women are you. I don't I think the U I don't think he had a tough permits and getting them in the he's slow his cigarettes low yeah okay that's. War took the smoke if you if you clan make sure you all don't you go ahead plus yards as she can John Rowland out of that. I. A look at how. Do we use your winter vehicle. Yes do we feel for it but I don't mean finally Ireland police pull somebody over to they were eating while driving a full plate of chicken curry. I'll curry your estate get up to Ireland and now dad yeah. Standing. Just stared hasn't stopped me. In my microwave and I passengers he. Okay your salute her for the. And dangerous driver we'll be all yeah. I'd say the next couple years ago. I was driving on the interstate and I looked over and there is a woman that was kind of like swerving back and forth erratically and so I kind of stayed behind her until I got to appoint Gregg a passers like Don date now is gone past and I did like that. I'm look at this person and see if they look like as much of an eighty it is good drive yeah. We ought to do. And so like I looked over at her and she must I can't imagine like Revlon would put car adapters on their hair straight years or anything hole so she must have had some third adapter in her car ready to go because she had the full on like hot iron flat stringer. Oh and we brush and going through her hair like she's you know she's sure I want you dreading I mean. I let like 75 miles an hour sun room that's asking me and respect though she. Women can do that okay nick yeah there was a controversial reference and you don't. Let's see you should take that. Why aren't as LA yeah yeah. Here's here's what we want for new age you'll admit they sort of dangerous driver M we want rat out some you've seen. We're looking in it and you really have to be millennial if you just in idiots behind the wheel while you're dangerous driving stories apparently. Someone has seen someone playing critique. I'm digger you saw somebody rocket fuel truck at a corner it's. I didn't do not need all island I mean it speaks. Car. Looked over and do good clean the trumpet sheet music on and that's. Hold still angry all right so I would I'm drive and I'm improvise and oh yeah I agree she. So full and open solo Jackson Griffin. Really it was only try out all morning just how good. Intel yet been wary of warm up but it was treaty fun. We saw you saw him to turn the page over and a lot of my god people Laura your back is that would be dangerous guys hold a and is it now we blew you. True thought I. An average grade just found it gives me a weird feel I should because that's just I lived in Nebraska. Study hard and well oh. Would you want you to relax it's not new legs. Yeah. Horrified that it is any stereo again reading again or watching any of your favored trump lists a couple Kayla. Yeah guy is dangerous drivers stuck. I already though I and I nursing mother. Say a word on how hard today I'm usually raise the babies were quite a little bit. And my I think that's where I don't really have time to combat street Eliot think even Yom. I snag. Get over eggs. Wave cute it's the pump so work in my car. I birdied two little twelve volt saying and you're you're a full laws you milking towel. Wet while you're. How does that suit your current let me yes what do you see you T yeah because you have to be with your yardages you hands. My wife got to a point where she can hold bolster. Bolts of the things in one hand across the middle company as they went solo. Almost anymore you just let them up. So you have to use your knees both knees both hands on your boobs Omar and secure a cease to exist not she's holding it like construction company Leo and then she's okay I'll let you. They and then drive him with the means a couple mock up a piano Iran WiMax a stickler is a lot. Wrongly that go well there's you gotta do what you gotta do as a mom's breast yeah Haas thank you for the call Leila de Lisa. Yes. Yeah I dangerous drivers. Some I don't that I would say he had had gotten it over around about in on how like the stakes that are you mentally. Stress and how did that and I get like a lot to end it guys stayed through it. What just one they wish and other people besides me understand how roundabout slash rotary works whatever you call it just keep current towns that's all they have my guess is that's where you that's exactly as usual mountain towns sometimes how else I get it. I think I think Jermaine is right I drive truck and I drive straight over the ones in my neighborhood. Just. A throwing error. I thought it I don't. Tots units down. I'll know he did it that kid and he did you cut it really integrating yeah I did it. An accident itself yeah you know I was not consistent and I thank you the unsung. Victoria. Yeah you guys dangerous drugs. I'm actually not huge story can. The first store is some I thought I am a millennial driver and I will admit to being a little and yet but. And I actually my iPad look at ultimately keep on my car and then put iPad on my dashboard that are left sitting in my windshield and I could lots GPU. This Larry. Yes I dead and that's you know to be back. Words you out and still bad ass outs tonight do you watch your green it'll stay and play you know Torre got a little wrong on the reflection needing your reason a little bit backwards isn't a reverse Charlie I get there would be lake. Yeah in the right kind of yeah and that's pretty clever action pretty odd yeah that's that's you say soccer. This city is going to try that bloody all you kidding me if I am I think you're doing and doing their jobs look at what's your other one. Now I imagine Florida not in my life I just moved here and I worked at the line in my if you're off. An error on Florida's feeling window pane and going to stop your window at their section does this person you'd like. Screeching halt right in front axle line so my spots friend out and apparently this woman had. I'm. Popping into her car because they've crawled into the whatever our. Oh yeah I would just say this now I don't wanna kill anybody but if there's a stage in my car you have no yet again going to head right no no I'm I'm like I don't I'm not looking at pedestrians on saving me a zest if it's on the clutch hit and run ended. The social audit of great huge right angle didn't know about this pretty news is well thank you Victoria. Seal leaks. Yeah yeah and that's dangerous drivers. Yeah I haven't totally admit that I image dangers striker. What do you. Wow I love about 101000 feet and not worry and I need to get to the big city and drive down the canyon I am receiving mandate. We see what you want my hanging out the window or. Yeah. I don't yeah it can you read but I deep down and then have bowl lottery in the current. Oh new wallets. But why she's. How can be Kurdish controlled then when you do when your regulation and flew me out your sculpting as you go longhorns do you lay and Steve Taylor. Only time now we got to assimilate and when in Rome Italy played (%expletive) All my hunch. I I can't decide if I would find that high or dangerous Israeli ex you're exactly like this. A little bit OK you've never crashes a result of your your stating technical and I think. I think. You are. Saw horrified and that's that's a lot of other guys they Sealy steps and let you know cleaned up there she's. Bernie. Yeah you gotta pay dangerous drivers. Elena again Eminem on the PMI green on time and she would lose their millions and had me drive from the pats decided he was being targeted at the grace that you chart three but I would be here. And anyone saying stop did you need this stopped. Yeah correct and his colleagues for like hours or just I'm. Or. Very near as I mean I did have some pretty much an anti aids. What what vicious they give them drivers see how I act if you migraine coming on maybe don't go out there is that's I don't care if you don't dance classes yeah. Assets and we danger roses on the ice three wow you could they even call Ella. Yeah I dangerous drivers. OK so I'm on the highway and I am putting come and Caroline at her. And I'm and I need to 81. Forehand. And I'm praying com pipeline. You would start or you're supposed to already have your vision incorrect yeah. Start but a vehicle no law okay who. Married. MM ma a my friend's leading man. And both already been deeply. OK but still reasonably your contacts or any other beauty of tying the you do well that drives. On Jake and and yeah. And oh. Yeah look at who make up until now well now that's. Actually if I see some good contacts and zinc iron and amounts of lead to 8100 god that day you've really gone. You still wanna tell us what in eighty you are on the road. Difference urged to ease pullover first and didn't have the saccharine Steve since the days just.