Slacker and Steve - Dating Advice for a Teen Girl 10/24

Tuesday, October 24th


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Staying. At full disclosure stealing from red. To. Red thing going around and I would like to come steal it personally. So that I can have everybody calls in and play it for my daughter and a couple years lacy goes your immediate. I've read it was doing a thing that was dating advice you would give to a teenage girl and turn them right now you know I mean brio. Let's think about like that dating advice I mean I got data I got no advice from my parents. Night at a school or did you kind of sealed the deal though have some you know I mean in my parents' generation it would be like. Be careful don't get in the back seat in a call learn if he tries duo who is ya like that the pressures. Endless things that happen at different ages now are so incredibly different and ended it feels like two generations are. Developing so much I like my thing is I don't even know since it is this advises her teenage girls. Like younger your thinking my. Unfortunately did it before they turn in the senior U bomb. Some of the stuff these people say. I do not wanna get this series of what do we want is. What what advice he would give us your teenage self right now if you can go back to know. Watch out for six. Do this differently some of the things these people say makes me feel like all men are the Harvey Weinstein thing authorities got no I think he got me thinking that. Men are pretty wired to do some pretty messed up stuff and then more and more people are coming about different. People different agents different. Directors different everything and then. You know people. Will be liquid to chilis and a bit to eat chilies managers forced themselves on people. Some of the advice that these these people on Red Hat for teenage girls or liked. Pay attention to red flags does his concern border on controlling dizzy pressure you physically. If anybody saying those things to my daughter I wanna know who the guy is maybe I am going to harm him irreparable you'll take care of the problem but I mean you know she. Got to send her out of the world eventually she's got to do it on her own you're not going to be there this sounds absurd but it as a person who's never had kids and never well. What advice do you have for teenage girls right no right I was trying to think about us I think I'm pretty much bankrupt and advice the only thing I would I could think of was. Tell her that. You're in control you have the power you dictate. You'll you'll what any guy dictate to you you dictate to them that's all I shot I got up and that's great advice how do you how do you. I mean you're you're saying did that. I'm Taiwan's what you've got menu should. So just keep that in mind. I thought yes you he has so you have to you never show that. That's got to know us. It's very deep crass Sony no that's actually good because what guy is especially to teen age level. Do really well. Or attack Tony year old level what they're dating teenager which is always so. Still need yeah you're in high school there's a college guy or should be in college nineteen and our own senior girl and what they tend to do and that would be my advice is. Don't fall for it. It makes Joseph is also the older guy wanted to link to it to a teenage girl because. There's a reason he's not fishing in his own car yeah he's an idiot he's a loser she's a loser now he's. You may think you're the coolest thing on the planet still being in high school and being in high school is really cool. But a guy coming. How high school or news you'll figure this out when you leave high school. That guy easy tool the us can't run with his own generation in his own morals he's trying to use you. Without saying I don't wanna make you feel bad teenage girl. He's assuming you have a smaller mind any knows you're less emotionally able to process stuff you mean you're probably going through a phase right now. Where your match your mom and your marry you dad. And you just need some sort of miles from somebody and he seems like the guy who's seen all right thanks to fly only seen the rankings do you. Because he doesn't know how to say it to anybody his own damages rude so. Tell mr. Romero boy I do exactly do and you're ready to go all your meals ready. Dude I notice. They won't listen to me I don't because you're the parent there dad. She asked me the other day we're losing our guitar teacher and she was like we teach me. And I can't. They won't listen to me. When I realized that I can't I can ski better than almost anybody I know and they won't listen to me Steen. And she must learn guitar and I feel like I can't do that and to take it to the next level. Everything I just said probably hit home for every single teenager that's not my own while it's good point too because that is true. Other listen to you last the other one it's on here that bomb. And I really like him we want we want the advice you would do as well. If you wouldn't let a child get away with it don't let your partner. We have ago while ago if you wouldn't let a child get away with it don't let your partner. Oh the cut 'cause. People smacking on the but I do wonder sings to you physically low cut Coca fear of breaking up should never beer reasonably your partner behave badly gay men and that's huge I see a lot of women. Stay in relationships would. Or because they don't think they're good enough for anybody else. Are you ready for this are they now. Does better mean you have to you know get my daughter we have doctors think he's he's a few years behind me yeah do you have advice for any. My my advice would be. It's OK to disagree. But when you fight all the time it's not the right relationship. Well what slacker so that it's passion no I don't think I would it's all that time Mo and I think that it's that. And I think it's OK to disagree and to ask you about something but when all you do is you fight. Yeah not the right relationship Oca bud guys claim had Danks and right in high school. Teenager and it's like the dude teenage girls not to oversimplify and over generalize. Are so. In love with being in love with their lights. His heart soul and I'm gonna stay because he's mean Sunni. Aims pressures mean. But potentially exposes you know he's hard at her hiring Steve and her diva always joke in turn can do is go to war to date. Here's what we're gonna deal. We've given some decent advice. But you know them wanting my when my sister she's usually younger than I am so I was kind of older or more mature when I saw her go through high school and kinda go through all of this stuff. And the one thing that I took away from it more than anything I guess is that. Like even Smart and it's from what he smartest teen girls don't fall for the dumbest jokes jacks and you know it was it was amazing I was sitting there like. How do you not see this like it. It's a huge glaring red flag and Freddie are facing now are falling because they're in love with being out there are crazy there are no excuse almost any yes and her are just feet. We're gonna keep this going if you've got advice credits started it we're gonna say initiate an I'm gonna give it all to my daughter and a time capsule in ten years. Advice. On dating for a teenage girl Shana. I you any advice or teenage girls. We TO isn't cute first trying confidence in themselves and know who they are like now what makes them happy. What makes them sad. What they want what they don't aren't and then beaten even matter because. So washed and I see it even nodding teenagers it's 25 year old girls could never get a cool chart of buying validation in themselves term relationship. While very good. I like done a lot it's it's tough to tell a teenager when they see all their friends make you now I think she made RA oh she's at second instance thanks. And then that ended their patient they can watch our relationship does shelf abstract at him where that girl she's destroyed. She sits pregnant she's on MTV. Or are thank you for the call us a nice nice some interesting. Yes. We've got night but he effort teenage girls. You they're not didn't have to be. Her father delayed down. Wa huh. You thinks I'm not any yen I don't want any teenage girls listening to think they're armed trying to be condescending do you think teenage girls. Have those still set to recognize who's good enough to be a father. And a husband. I am I think Dana the difference between the brother they have weather is good or bad. So yes they do. No place. You do you think that why do you think so many teenage girls lay down for the wrong guy. Because they don't have a good example. And like you said they're looking for love. In all the wrong places if they just went to the one person they respect the most if it's not okay for that person that they respected Medicaid for themselves. Very cute dogs great advice yeah I love the dole laid down part that's the part that I want my daughter and every daughter to listen delight. And he goes back to you Steve you have the power know we tells you wind laid down big Zach knew how he and power over any gas sold. Thanks you have that joy you show him when to lay down hey you wanna lay down 220. Don't lay that they meant Heather. Yeah yeah I what advice do you have. Listen to your friends and family if they tell you there's something wrong. They're probably right. And Heather the last person a teenager because it was sincere. Eight and admit their right our parents and family services. Yeah but yeah they're. They're friends they're usually going to talk get too rich don't know it's Christian. Yeah your that's a great what's so then as parents we got to make sure they got the right friends not just the friends who were telling the right to lie. Tell uninhibited access to a pulley on so thank you Heather. 83. Yeah I. I'm not my people at midnight is bad boy very dumb never lawyers out there than I Manet you know like the rise up for you. That's more than I should because you start with the boys are dumb but it. This show is living proof the boys are Don. Which I think it's the premise of what our entire us they're were idiots and we need you guys. To make us smarter and I did. Did you I hate asking this but did you not follow your own advice is a teenager and that's why you need here and now you know. I mean. I mean yeah not a so I think you have to find out the hard way definitely bike. You can tell somebody about a million pact but you're only gonna have to like. You're right. Right you don't lower yourself for a boy makes him come up your level he meant by that Rory ended their more stuff like this. For our teenage time capsule over on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.