Slacker and Steve - Dating Disasters 11/30

Wednesday, November 30th

Blind dates can be rough, especially if you're shoved out of your date's car while he's on the run from the police! Yep...this actually happened in Alabama. What happened on your disaster date? 

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Steve I. You should probably have a few stories but this particular time and yet now or maybe people lose David you should have now I. But we we wanna do dating disasters this is only degenerate this story. I've been living under write this story has kind of gone viral a woman in walker tyranny Alabama who. Com she's a date in her man got pulled over the guy's shoes on a day I think it was like the first day right okay. Arm. Gets pulled over tells the top I don't have any identification no. And who comes and rule I need something he does in his name cup goes back to the car. 'til like run his plates are one run plates from the name whenever the dude. Pops open her door boots are out of the car now and guns yeah. High speed chase on dirt. Now that's not. Michelle Flores. He was beating Jo them for doing that you are on it. Crack no he won't protect dinner he knew we was gonna take off didn't monitoring ball in the high speed chase she's innocent bystander C boot her out of the car. That's his etiquette that we should so when you get in high speed chase is on your first day and you ought to shoulder roll honey it's a little lower. There's a Colombian and that's after me and I think they're behind mussina to shoulder roll out of this and I got a motor. Right I think that was their first state to. I'm chasing handwriting so radically in so faster neighborhoods and stuff that they decided. To call off the high speed chase yeah you know we didn't wanna be to anybody who got a ways Ichiro is still big double back and got her on your name indeed they think he's this year though the she wants me even more. She should she's yeah. Please. Finish. How are so I'll. Now I think she's done. It's at least somebody who was quoted as saying I think he's you are off to a bad start their local food security it's whoever picks them up has some standing toe loop. That's incorporate what he is definitely. It is a terrible memories PGA now nobody's gonna get anywhere near that. I don't think well you look if you had a date go completely. Disaster asleep we'd love taught you this this duty in Nam. Pennsylvania. I guess she's got a company scoops up pooper something you know pre lucrative. Honestly what I'm looking like the people who I've known who've done that business. Does she that's a hugely lucrative there's always is still now. No because rich people don't wanna pick up the poop and they'll throw money at it did our excellence there's some whose jobs why. Don't. Highly the other day and there was somebody in a pooper scooper car an ad like the poop all over it's like to be gone or whatever. We did Cadillac CT yes a little I always like the Mary Kay Carter. Let me yes oh well I'll only do you play close to drive down highway we in a twelve car. I mean you're making batted Moussaoui has those shoots it Selig believes that he obviously doing well with this. Did you ever heard the have to will travel it was exciting you're right yeah like seventeen different nights he felt fine there. Meet zillow can always access that's all of anyway who patrol dude had a Secret Service ID card and baggage. Physically it's it. What do you you're you're meeting new warming you're trying to impress tribunal dropped in the cooling trend your fishing in the larger pond and it's like you you're driving a Cadillac CTS and you've got to. Has some bowler job to back it up and it's like how you afford this nice house and it's great why not let it I don't know. No arc. But this dude well can I Secret Service that piece of you would have played in no way that's his roof right actually work for the government to quickness as your service person you always smiling proof. Court to. My job with Taiwan and I'm the only kind. I guess I don't know if you want to go on as Edwards and memorable but are literally because they had the official seal on and stuff if you order stuff from China. They don't care who's at all we take a symbol. Joseph I believe so she's Biden is my and it yeah. Anything like it used it to like rape a hotel rooms and stuff in ninety did did better rates in hotel rooms just. Anyway she's dating disasters are over now guy now I. You can Google I thought all of us to Jerry about zealous. It's true. Prison Craig do you get in there but I do because. SH ID. But in reality I just don't put the but at the pets. As that's meant no offense so cute little more refined it was a bully your dates not Jordan dates. Would you do the coral who died said Paul Hoch and basically was a total detour from that or Joseph. It turned out that she was the third person ever profiled in America this close wanted shots there was a hundred cars and she drove that she was she drove her dad's Carter was a diesel car. And fuel diesel cars back to and you had a warmer we couldn't jump in the wintertime and start you had a hit this globe plug and let the engine warmup yeah so she's sure you don't wait for this guy and he's not going away so she's a newer car. Get to watch it yeah. Absolutely no. Gotta weigh in it was about a month or two later she lost track in the guidance luckily these logic Gergen. It. That's an idea that's weird yeah I even matched up with a cold blooded you know America's most. It's truth I knew we found some stuff on mine where it and Mike 01 is the first one. After they were divorced. So it's like greater. Job now there. Is. Yeah. We think based on your profile this guy would be perfect. Visual boost its guru ways were Herbert look. Hey it's we you'd still news this. And so London. To show them you wouldn't want to. You haven't had an ex wife and I she talked like a baby the entire time all that he put chopsticks in his mouth and pretended to be MMS. To be a dear you went through leery of that when I do the job six are you are you knows you walrus. Are you don't know why do. Might do a good. I do that you'll probably does so a year slam not back down on him on the final before you tear dating disasters this is my hand when it's and I believe it's somebody went on he was Steve's. What you want him to date. I do in the quick act and he said that's all Idenix. And then pointed downstairs water that tee and you'll. Her seriously it feels like something you do I just I really show you how much jet that came this week you should you oysters up front but the impacts not gonna go in here I know I'm gonna do me a little some something. I don't know he sounded like I don't know if you don't feel the minutes is how I picture your persona and terrorism out of advances I applaud. Sure Cipro lasts three hours. But you can tell it's a mind. Outlook with the Pena got to know why I'm. I'm just not quite so please note you didn't until they aren't so you mineral ore mined its first day or otherwise all of dating disasters. And we would love to hear your wrists to eighty. Yeah I can you at a dating disaster. Yeah I'm not a great statement this guy can get there get flooding dying very loud like he talked to meet the lighting. And Sydney college instead you need how much each week that play where when we lock and they're like nine people have anon group remake and. And she drove you to know law but you know to be similar or word you say the first part or G yeah. Yeah yeah. Why some schools I tell. Although I. All and we do you do so it's. All are we less coalition is trying to flaunt now what I mean I really Yury in his car you have no way home run its supermarkets. That Palin had this really feeding my hotel I did sprinted across the parking lot found it can't teach an act next door I get cabin and I might just just leave it. Zero trying again drive drive. That's why Tom. Did you ever talk to reduce. Well who'll sell you what Thomas was just like gently get out on my dinner courageous spirit did a friend actually don't you go the regretted together. I did I had not a pop. But he while that is taken from zero to sixty memorable. That is shortly. Wonder what is percentages. And pledge how many times the women has to be decent as he reads it he's always human. Still it makes it you have killed nine out of ten times I think he would stop when you lose your at a meeting in at least four out of ten to go I think. Let's chillier furlough while but that is a great dating disaster thank you Katie. Leasing. Yeah yeah. Didn't disasters are. Was. Oh yeah me Jamal I can download now we will go on our own our first day each and waved good going into account and we had applied Carla Berry and code into the bank and also now no word tornado Kunstler who listened to my attention I should talk to the drive dole and Graham. George Sherrill we'd you know virginity are serviced yes and complement the source Yahoo! and everybody into deliberation the coalition can tornadoes come and tour. Should she so you survive a tornado on your first dates and now you're in your second tornado path of your new relationship. Didn't like and how all of them all of a and don't talk to a blowout on the interstate and we got showed you the relationship kidnapped are on the loss in the basement of the tire shocks. What the budget crunch and the bats are what you shoot their legs braced debris all. All are charge yes Muslim was still going out and. She and let's embrace of the old everything do you know the leg Rosetta to. Americans that the is that how you caught in the first place. Well you know I gave catcher a new got a leg operations Donnie shell bastard that was working with Andre it's sleep easier earlier on. And I'm completely everything about your story is amazing because at least. I don't wanna like called speed it up. Play relationships that start under elite big circumstances. Usually don't last it's like she's been your extra. You guys had two tornadoes a blowout in the leg braces. And here's your married to our. Austerity employee could handle that own our first day in thirty years later George kid you know twelve grandkids Slater were still together so I hear a word about tornadoes no more. He knew me you rock. I'm glad you heard from collier bridges. I mean he's eating disasters he's free to NYC. That's all men who took the usually get Danielle knows Obama. Lorenz. Yeah I. Dating disasters. Kate so first say the sky I think emailing him grow out and let live I'm beating a slightly go back my plane you're gonna make tricky but right outside I was anything. You were legitimately going to make cookies and I use like this is purely. You're like clothes or movies like you didn't know her and try to patch those holes now it's six. No and I forgot that I had committed to making number one all out anyway that the Internet access to ask you address Durham got there that there are thirty minute later he's still an act. I don't know what's going on I was cookies and yeah. How. Do you really know this guy and then you're G writes. I'd never actually met and we email but I had not you let a person to run back. Hoax and as we now see that's what do you could be headed. It's so finally comes out and he got its balance semi comedian attacks saying whatever he doesn't acknowledge it would make even more weird it's you know how wrong you're in there. Great so like we both know you're the commander brigadier mats and red X. He keeps after we got permanent leader I have a question Mario how do you feel like beating someone he'd always check even thought I in the near. I thought he was joking but you totally period you tell me your bathroom has gory lady and I definitely to try to get naked pictures LP. When you walked out of my bathroom he looked looking at naked pictures of him how hot has. I'm. How hole much longer did you allow this tool to do you know Alice. Not much longer I had to kick it out it was and I thought you joking but you hear yes. Hilarious if he's joking that polarity is very Z period and if so what did he offer to show you the pictures. He won immunity fail like Elena feed them but now I was Bieber. Now my wow. That is so bad is beyond bizarre. Case you Carlo and I is Kerry. Yeah I hate dating disasters. I'm not so I went on the spirit that guy and I he called me while I was on my way to meet a man and let me get blocked and he's inequality in his car. And that he did an example the day of course I'm like you know I don't worry about it I'll drive at all by eat it's I'm whenever. Clearly go wow he has no idea no nothing you're going to play that I know Bard that I know and interstate stayed out late completely Elaine did. Is that man that guy's a complete lie where I can you tell. She drunk could tell me where he lived. Oh no earlier song no UT didn't just leave him I'm sorry I know assuming they do wanna be enough but no. All I'm done I didn't. Trash cans Amiri left I'm dragging her out. Our ability and trying to get a leg to figure out where I live to keep popping out there and waking backup and passing out and we didn't even drink that much so I'm thinking you've. Her burger thing. It's so I end up actually leaving him out like one of those satellite police station. Yeah yeah. She's not your hand. Law. Do you think he got like a drunken disorderly your or whatever that particular is org or what happened to one. I don't know I never followed up I guess you know like text him later going to make sure you're okay week DC this is a good. I know I I was Canada and I mean it was literally Brian about nine hours a day. Yeah I hit driver that would mean driving your your two million skier are you still out there in single world. Yes I know you guys hold on just he's so discouraged after something like that. Amber on the old saying meanwhile. Let's update you recall what what are you which is ending I don't know to get a free meal get drunken engine driven around and similar horror. Britney. Yeah yeah I dating disasters. So I don't. A guy anywhere in the movie you and you laughed about half asleep real and that they get paid doomed they let me go away and I elapsed the movie theaters he without there. And are we. You are to believed he didn't say don't go to the bathroom or go get some popcorn you just gotta to masks. He hit ten you can go to the bathroom. So yes some like texting and halfway through my area okay you Mary Joseph what's happening you know free Scott not thanks so. I did the Q med I have been abandoned and out the IC. I. I'd send these is a good thing did you see you saw him when you must. You ask so what I locked up the movie theater it was a really can't Josh. And that and our I thought him out by reading her right now Germany. So he tried to abandon you don't and then I believe you were his rise to show you more. Another level here that's just wholesale home. You're you're even angry and not a guy acre complex chronic heart that's awful birdie. You. I'm sure you do it I wouldn't that shocked that I would like I I literally didn't know what else they don't like to get in the car and our burst in the ad. Gift that's as awful. Thank you very go Brittany and the show leak. Yeah I I dating disasters. OK I met this guy online I was 45 he said he was 39. I we talked a little bit a little banter I told them you know my car going to get sick I couldn't afford to get at its peak in jokingly I thought she. Said why are you need sugar daddy and I went our idea going to be my sugar daddy got a. Now I go to media yeah it at least. Have XP with bad plastic surgery. I he gets up a private room at eight out of. Golf resort kind of thing in our country club. Pro without a contract. More sugar. Daddy. Sold any. She'll pay for your stuff and what's in contrast for your side relations. I yes. And it had to be next court and then add the respect and I'm sitting there thinking differently to really happening yeah yeah. I had LA decomposition could you want something to drink it I'm like yeah I would like to go out there why pushed I'm sitting there listening to their thinking OK if this can't be real. And I. All of a sudden he reaches over with its bread and it goes out my leg and we're the blue here hotter younger version of my mom. Is. I like all. My god like you're ready you don't know what he wanted to show you how we that was in the area one of the multimillion dollar has I'm like oh I'm ready to go out and now the way I I watched him why I went left yet found that I can edit. My. God that I citizens yeah. And I wonder how many times that you guys and he's he's deal has worked. I came away with a sweep up that you're actually don't look well let me remind him that I'll say oh yeah I know that is disastrous and you Shelley's. Not teach. I. So I ran on that very day would be different diets in one week. No big deal and say a little bit of problem not the way that they got you Blair and I found out on at eight now you're up three didn't. There are 31 so sentence. We want prisoner of. Yeah. Yeah let me amend their cup we ops aren't on into. And you know I talked city diet one of my brother male the other you wanna break it would gang and implant Abbott architect here didn't like I had not doesn't let them but I hope to. No it was a bit as well placed shot but there. So well in Somalia. One that we compile your you attract. Not yet there are companies out there can't candy. That's incredible. If you low. I had a dating disaster and you can get through all you have to tell us your story on the slacker and Steve ceased paying just.