Slacker and Steve - Deal Breaker? 6/19

Tuesday, June 19th


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Staying on as we did this dilemma Al there. Italy I don't know if we have time to really do this just is mean we we do it. But his social media Oca school up down vote thing trying to show him sentences dilemma and it was it's it's basically. Even dating for a little odd guy and a girl been dating for a little while. Arm and he was like. I'm gonna all be over in about an out. She's like cool CNET. And then as guys tend to do you. Get distracted him. Two and a half hours later she finally and I mean. He was late to ally. Home brings excluding call your husband. I mean you're not is so well one more shot truly know the guy who. When he gets to his girlfriend's apartment she opens the door and unloads aren't real. How dare you said you would have been here now or nine minutes ago she's let him have it understandably. Arnold couldn't tell. Has she said she said to him and here's where I have to quote is this is important. Next time you lied to me about when you'll be over. Just CF I don't go to my ex boyfriend's place in screw his brains out end quote wow it's very rational. Regardless if you think because I'm late and insensitive move you should be. A trail. Well. She definitely has the right to be hurt and mad and upset to dollar retreat every emotion you wanna throw in their right. But that's what she did next what she said to me that's way over the line but here's the here's the zillion dollar question mean she mean it. Or is that just. What you stage. Two media and it doesn't matter it doesn't I don't care what your motivation if there was no what would cause you say it if you said it knowing that you didn't mean it. As soon as the Celtic are you take you you're like we're done three that's a threat. I mean yeah it's either an actual threat or it's this is how hurt I am then I would. But yeah I mean the guy's question is. I can't shake it. What do I say we put she immediately and if you're Steve you're like doesn't matter if you meant it or not by. You you you were you were. You were speaking out of emotion and usually when that happens you wanna you're gonna for apologizing eventually she come back and go you know that I I I didn't mean it or I was over more or oral she's never very emotional and I said stupid stuff and. I mean it goes to that other question with Heatley she was getting emotional like if it's what does she said that when she was struck. I sometimes think restroom and it's like when you're emotional when you're intoxicated. Are you saying something that you don't believe or you saying something. That you didn't have the courage to say without the adrenaline bearden was the alcohol. It's firm for a guy like me I would churn that. Over and over my head this relationship would be over for me no Monica because you're keep churning it over and over your head is like his is it worth that by so. So I got to live the rest of my life wondering if you're gonna industry Iraq's third is this does this a censored where I didn't buy you a nice number to predators this defense and my sister and boyfriend -- because if she's gonna say that when I'm an hourly. I got I do something also Miguel what yeah I scratched your car. There it is now and it's true you're slash C he just does anybody thinks is girl. Is okay who leads. You think criminal defender or will anybody defend this girl because I mean she. We keep gold over it but she said in a moment as seeks an anger dot. I know logical person and I don't care what your emotional state is still you should send that exactly because even if you wanna take you back it's fine it's still in my head it's still a threat I still have to keep in mind every time I might do something wrong to say. The break up. Sage. You're going to be to cook a bad didn't say anything but you're just screw ya. Some guys who you don't even one of the US anymore and if you see that you're to the point we're saying the that I believe in you are that you're thinking yeah. That would even roll off my I would never look at my wife and go. I'm gonna go nail my ex wife that would that's not even a giver her a break IA is all right so you've got the premise. Is the guy overreacting to this did she overreact. What would you do if your girlfriend said. I'm going to screw my axe if you're ever late again yeah. Hit us up on the soccer and Steve FaceBook page.