Slacker and Steve - Delivery Drama 4/4

Monday, April 4th

Ordering things online has never been easier, but delivering those items can be tricky! Have you ever ordered something and gotten caught up in delivery drama or had something go crazy with a delivery person? What are your delivery drama stories?


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And odd delivery into rom go crazy news lately Jimmy John's. They dig deep because we talked about it is not a commercial for Jimmie Johnson talked about that freaky fascinating like they'll make the call knows little about really anything yet. Mom so this employee and during Jimmy Johns is not necessarily happy about this zip. He's on his bike. Trying to deliver a sandwich. And there's a train in the way am. You literally jumped on the train. To get to the other side note did meet Grassley joined on the train and did your ride it for a long enough to get through blew pretty strange items outside yeah we do deliver the thing he may have had deserves a raise everybody's like that is awesome he's live in the Jimmy Johnston toy Turkey club wanted to. Attorneys as. It's I agree with the thumb. And they're not happy about the it's it's I feel like. I guess it's not safe to do it you know people to the untrained and indeed such underneath that includes a land of new goal. But hey it's business is Jimmie is. The first thing about dad goddess inspired to do to do. Delivery drama desk whether you you were the delivery driver may be you had some drama with a delivery driver. What dodging any kind of delivery drivers and you're just on Martha's Hoover driver I don't read the whole story. But chances. This I didn't double delivery driver because he's delivering a human. Who's trying to deliver a human yeah yeah answers the call and apparently it's a pregnant woman and she comes outside of the apartment and she throws up there on the sidewalk and he's like who yet new. To say no they they are just like a limo driver with ladylike bachelor party sound right so it doesn't matter whether his bodily stuff like that he goes and making good this cost a thousand bucks to clean this cards are coming out of my pocket. So I think they're allowed legally to turn those sick though field by how many people down. She was pregnant fuse so and there's a mine New York disaster prohibited from denying somebody a ride to the hospital so they couldn't tracked down the driver's name did she bring Greg got the receipt found in the driver's embassy now later on this story. This is probably wrong with it might have been a female. Driver. Refuses it this woman on yeah turn into a big battle over thirteen dollars because she wouldn't take a pregnant woman not all that's right Hoover driver just talking to the pregnant woman on the sideline you're doing your for thirteen buck she drove it down okay yeah I was sitting on dry heat. Yeah at a restaurant area could go a little delivery drama then there's a FedEx driver who got cots sleeping at the real yeah. Eight that we have a friend. Yeah he sleeps at the Wii is a model employee toes the line music instead of really does it well he's got turned did you see defines we need turns it and immediately. Take it up so different. I did I say his name a good drive right in rimes yes no no listen this guy down you have. Just pulled over the same was asleep and sleep tomorrow dry eye and nobody it's kind of like to Jimmy John's Montrose likes. Excellent shooter believed what I mean this is much how many Pristina when absolutely part of daily com. Or. He's been. A big hole. Well yeah president Tom Hanks in castaway here and there you lay out these are not. Yes so that's delivery drama well and here's my favorite. Here's dude. Who know he's delivering and it really doesn't even matter what happily drop off paperwork at a club is what the story says. Wind is a dog called buster. Lunged at him it's a Rottweiler Boehner. Okay are you okay and. And it being dragged on news junkie did like well. On the dog didn't make it months Dedham and umps clamped its powerful job on his junk and he punched him in the head. Desperate to get loose in a denim on the arm you have any cells are grown and agony within on a one inch cut to his arm saw hawk. Yeah all over delivering people to publicize. The ice it's the truth that. When liquid. Diller people workers don't permits and what does the scenarios they roared to thank god and is junk yes latched. I'm. Not so many different stories from when I was delivery driver and I told the one they got real belief. A bowel. Blown up circuit boards and take your company's satellite parsing their own little deal I would just talk about that he was or he was a courier for awhile to. It was her time and I know you're so mad at me up just one but. Sometimes I would deliver body parts. To hospitals like step hearts kidneys all the ice in the cooler next viewing your truck I'm gonna say this in my own deferral. Or honor before I complete the story. We had times we was like you pick yourself up to the airport at 320 and you were you had to be. At this hospital two towns over. By 520 in debt and the surgical crew were waiting for you fights when he gloves everything they're standing there waiting for a year you get there for 45 you're too early they're still not gonna take it from Tel 520. That's really happens that way Mo and I knew how fast I would drive practice physical body. And you'll. Shriver guy. Still ahead of schedule you can just like I need a new low drive an and I do I hit my points in unlike. I'm gonna get to thirty minutes early I've got an installer and herb. Annual wasn't hard to. I I don't know I didn't know lady as human tissue but I knew wasn't hard because they're they're labeled a different rush then you get he was a junior livers you're gonna get. It's bigger even then I'm like I stuffed into our stuff like get my guns and listen or to learn those people try to slow learners because it's you I pulled over. At a at a hamburger I've tried sterling did. This is my delivery drama so I'm sitting here staring at somebody's body parts with. In nick and I pull up and I order or number one which she's someone doesn't know poignancy that. Arm they give me a thing I'd pull out a jump back on the highway on the Holland but on the road no my personal trust and open up my tank. And tool immediately. Dry it's your guy exists. The agent Carmen himself. Damien number one momma minus tomato minus she's had this lettuce minus tech job minus Muster minus managed there wasn't a single. On the burger excepted to inch high stack of ordnance that's the American Medical Association BJ didn't come up with zionists were slow. Murderer drew was the organs. Or get on the passenger seat complex. Look nice long my burger and I would do you. Oh yeah. Yeah sure all the way I was still fifteen minutes earlier this sit there wholly agrees. Wait for this surge ends I want to combine the two is ahead you know appropriate. Really I think the curtains close yeah. But I was so mad you're all young and while also. Oh. And boy you sure we see the guys might know I wanted to update that Asian I feel like they would never tell us but I feel like temptation. Not everything he needed you see you'll want to. She start cutting you open basin much and they no woman to be there and I was still their way and a top athletes who. Even after getting an onion chips for those of us is that. Makes me now. Our rob I consider really that I was like generally you so you just said look because there was a little part of me. There was like you really go back I've done. It's so cool but I can turn I get all. Is it just I didn't get shorter turnaround at this deliberative organ narrow it down so you could I whether or dog bit your junk. Aurora Canada finally large dent the pizza guy maybe you made sweet loves call. To the sandwich delivery guy and if you've had some drama. With the delivery person or you're the delivery person we want your delivery drama stories on Donnie. Yes sir I don't necessarily. Don't. I Hillary John only tourist. Yeah look at Strom are not that we are not mount with a bunch of friends and not. Have a good time we tried orders peaches. And now. So obviously the pizza delivery guy came awhile back error you know what it a couple of minutes came over. We had they. A lab actually locked in a lab to name was Rupp finished she walked right in and where the caddie says Abrams that's how we don't know much fine no problem. Like you wanna be here yeah commodity shut down him and there was about I don't know six or seven others and well we're talking chilled to reference in the dark talking about the day's events. And the elected watch about twenty minutes layers like and get some pizza delivery guys get stock in what did. I pull out and flirting with you guys. Shaq got its start cracking on my roof vision of Baghdad that's the only person. Hole I. You won't see why you're gonna get any party and some meanwhile Steve is sitting there now waiting for lunch hour I love her. And my kidney and slacks it was a little touch and go to Disneyland in Bernard. Wow. I understand it. I understand so you don't you know uncertain I'm cal there's not a lot of leadership on dogs. Yeah so that's how we knew ruthless whilst they give a call about ten a dramatic if you really pizza delivery guy asked to use your bathroom always dropping your pizza off. I actually have you know war yes did you let them. I did you see it I thought my instinct to go make one or two like you wanna know. Definitely it's. Yeah and this is over. You know I mean you're scared did you like please don't go where it is just murder my stats -- but what I did I let him go land and it was I think your pizza would you first three yen he had similar scenario is that it cuts we're gonna nose like I. Is tennis scene outside adoring leaving the door open and then I'm weird Cynthia. Yeah hi yeah I delivered drums. Yeah our friend of mine and I we're drinking when I. We just ordered he and they only decided the match with a pizza guy sold. It to dollar closed on. Mullah mullah. You guys got enough and on all. Uncle nicely today I'm guaranteed through the door her dad and I can't. He really. You know I'll tell contour I really cherish our our students. It's really tough times numbers of these residents are kept EO it's really not let. Do you guys human. I'd hit this you know I mean did you mean you don't really give you move you know it like not look we didn't take too low learning that. Hatteras island to Texas can hit. Wow I that's what I know I yeah we need some drivers who had somebody go proposition is there another way I do tenure IE now barter system day given the costs India Eli. Guy behind deliveries John must. But he got yes so I what I want to delivery driver and if there was in college and I was delivering a sandwich to a guy one night and it was so I went the wrong address. Both the guy kept a sandwich and he you look at me funny I told him I needed and assignment credit card receipt. And he tried to tackle me in any punch me in the side of the pet. No walks. Up. So I'm thoroughly confused I call the cops on this guy. Say go to the right address and disguised that ordered this anyway we're all just sitting around doing like a recreational activity. Oh no ruling in the wrong guy basically you know all because you sound so I know I would assault and other. For drugs as you were manager just. You heard John Paul. Except exactly I was I was kind of like well I got a call this guy and he just punch inside the has. The almighty god is general port other. Just wanted to give Beirut a sandwich you tool. That. I I know ourselves filled to leave that after an effort ever wants to ensure. And yes they did then and I took actually took their reduced. I charge on him because apparently the guy I was just out of his mind drunken you know I took one for the team I guess he wants. Why. It's. That's. That's delivery drama all right thank you calling Eli Nicole. Hey guys delivery drama. So I'm we had to beat the crap speeds animated rated it probably about a week already brawl that write what they saw. Are they trapped or not to burn out there are I didn't you check out in the open up the act attracts people how big giant are. They eat eat eat aren't on top of the Philip Currie diet. Ernie it eat your. All lines. You've been waiting for you and you're out there Palin all the town I know nobody I just want my TV yeah. It's. Stripped I don't mocked the track to hit. Oh contents settle. It's all old man as saudis they replaced a dough don't days. I. Don't expect a whole other story so I'll know it. Oh my god and stuff over there you earlier today and light pretty strictly. That's not saying thank you for the drama Nicole. I Jens. Yeah you guys deliver dramas. OK so one Halloween I had a friend get super do you urge front and her people to come pick her up like she was so drug that after fighting with her. Well he was sitting in a broom closet crying for a half hours he refused but he said that he would paper. If we could get her into it happened this but the problem wasn't that we couldn't get a cab to pick her up like literally three tab that no. And nobody wants to just getting drunk girl that's a liability it is no way. Haven't said. No not taking her so by the time we got to look for cab. I light up and I'm like we got to figure out a way to make her looks sober so it's Fries with dot I had him hold out by the back and neck. I opened gave her like three X the dumped the first thought she couldn't top that cannot eat and now her breast and since he's. And weekend at Bernie's did. Your trump brand. I don't remember Hewlett obnoxious and she would just an eighty she couldn't end up. And Lee brewer in the back of the cab and I shut the door and I read op. I think I would and it's a cab drivers from snow you know cars. Yeah I my Q I can't wait to get paid we are not it is not my cup many more and then I worked with your wife are a couple days later. He didn't feel as well in the gut it all worked out yet and and ended up marrying the guy that keep the cab fares though I guess it. You come out and do during the hot sexy oh yeah thank you really comes ends three. Yeah I delivery drama. I knew what the delivery person in the charm. It yeah I AM. Do bill avert catering orders and they have to be darned 24 hours in advance. There are usually freely business meaning to collect that ten. So I go to the store and deliver all these images and maquiladora and it's an orgy. Follow that all right now we're usually hungry you know Chinese sandwiches and almost for breaks I'm good yeah yeah I would let break I guess. You decent you walked into an orgy. It was like three completely naked people and then there are. Other people other voices from inside they would let me looking and. There's probably other delivery people and. Why is he doesn't need signed up this doctor was so. Every guy you usually you overcome it and that's what you'll never miss those human teacher and you won't replace all those tough gig delivery center resistance if you. You name by UN is. Today it didn't invite me and welcome a man loose canons you know I tell little left out but there's. Say yes that's creek and this is based solely on that terrible HBO series from decades ago no real real relations or whatever. Or receive calls are never the people you wanna have an orgy of assets that you can't breathe they surely I would Bihac have an orgy with MS statement when you see the people who show up you're like again and now this nice thing is now I was take sharing exactly sure and I it's considerably less weights on this some. And I eight dreams. There's not since today gray hair in places new Mac. Yet and it's lovely since I think you variation. I'd Jessica us. I I delivery drama. Amman and they notre peete bill and turn my age play out Sharon and my shelves. And let me open the door her ill and my biological father that I have not seen teen years. It's possible plot Ricky Bobby's. And two putted and as you know. Okay. It's your bio dad you're like how does so much yeah he's. It's the truth to the lake Syriana. You watch two of you might immensely huge you tip did you when I want chicken. I. Haven't figured he could be doing how well we read only or observed god now back ransom delivery driver you still got to Hillary drama story will take you come at least we're dot com slash slackers Steve surveillance.