Slacker and Steve - Delivery Person Drama 3/19

Monday, March 19th


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You. You're delivery driver or you never had an interaction with the delivery driver and William for delivery drama packed yeah. This porn star is claiming that Domino's driver. Offered her 200 bucks for relations board uses of the word between a porn star and the pizza delivery guy okay. Well I know I can't tell you hang in time. Has clarified the two parties so we do Saturday June. It's I just shook you know I don't know I don't know and his dog who's always shield on me now museums wanna make sure that we have and we're we're clear I'm. Would lose to Arkansas she's the full reports. Nations would amend the money. On camera at. The fields in the pointer his only option was to deliver neat and cheese soup a bread. I was loser I stick to news. But as well now it's. Spawned. The pizza chain says no that's what happened she was seen at a hotel Milwaukee she got hungry side order pizza from now looks nice. Few hours after getting the pizza she got a text from driver author to her box. Four election it's okay she immediately called dominoes to its complaint exchange said. Not said hey about a cinnamon twists and steps to bring trucks. Is that with the 200 to right this is what you don't lose your personal Coca but I don't address the reforms I don't know what that is. She doesn't know what the sentiment was. But it's what could have. We'll find yeah. The dominoes investigated telephone number that she was Texans from didn't belong to the employee. Oh away. Guess it's good stuff at Wal-Mart but it trachsel. But the Americans are burning in that truth yeah. I we should run the numbers notable so you can be lying to us a closer look at my numbers. I just had a pizza deliveries from you and I mean Milwaukee's. But I guess that's how. Lot of people are my I mean people watching me but there are my number but we are siblings pizza giant is making a. Excuses. Women they're suited it's. Just the success of its. Yeah it's the perfect. Shot. Let her way look the part was OK I don't know what to do with the limited amount of info we have what so what we're really in a new lead into words. Earlier this point it's really tough to sell it but I. Mean towards horror because it close and it's. Okay it's written on the outside of the needs of its. People had access to be tomorrow. For instance she didn't do ours is figure out. He's just read. So did not done this tournament squares she didn't have. The. Hi yes so no I mean yeah that's a deliver them is a Domino's driver I'd look I'm not trying to slam nominal drivers think yes or else you understand this guy to do in two hours ago on tracks on had a big yard like blue route you do and stupid smiling no bird. So we do we'll from a Smartphone. How are ideal phone was no more room. The clip that. With that in between two pizza deliveries. Yeah. Our let's see what else happened and this was from awhile ago that didn't pizza the pizza guy by the way did enough to be pizza okay credit any delivery drama. Did you guys got caught on camera even toppings of these fast bright he will pick a couple of reasons stuff off of their own economies and that is sometimes you you'll see the commercial weather like. Six to meet. And you get to things like we are PCS and I don't wanna say where from. In the Morrison a bad things yeah. A hadn't darted down the. But anyway we. Orders pizza and like we we have which looks like detained so one side's nights she's and then she puts some light talent Pena Rosen green peppers on your side and was light. Big big dotted sort of right with a toppings but then they came in with their little chopper saying they weren't all I don't know we'll tell us why didn't I didn't. Good Mason Dixon line what is it you'd see that some people would want this wine. And some people would want. That Martin who's just always like. No I didn't so you get these hybrid pieces to the ball absolutely sure wasn't cut and all the teams that now I have a problem so I get my damn little. Lawyers yeah we estimate there's are you pull the it's not liked it's not me it's good. Job. Good. I sort not gotten stuck. To songs. Did you ever drama story argue all he had. How Jack yeah changed name yeah. I'll put reasons particularly. Those people a driver could deliver deliver packages there we go there's lots of companies. That I don't Wear brown or white or orange or yellow third best champions. This one Lou whose driver he is so that you can smell when they're they're calling marijuana. Yeah I saw his job is to take to smell a marijuana package and you have to problem procedure did not tell people what exactly did I'm a crisis that Yelp. That this has marijuana animators always procedures in the situation well she read that there was another driver recently in another city. That she was hauling the drugs brought it to the attention of the supervisor followed all the procedures. Lesson a week later that delivery driver was killed. By the drug cartel because they were like they found out that he MPG though delivery of their product so a friend to show delivery driver that I that we know. Who does everything by the book from 1940 says I'm not saying anything. And they sent a message I saw Carlos and and we will learn how to austerity is so much because I'm not making money here to be a task force you should had a track phone. The dollar. I noticed I was Smart you're right thing he's gonna master. Bob so we would like to do this whole thing we'd like your stories about delivery drivers and we'll give you would track phone if you have the best athletes now we don't have traction with a blanket it. No trash talk. We wouldn't series and whether you were the driver or you had a run in with a driver. I mean when it's a little package is plenty of bad things happen I don't put any event thanks so much closer we're not gonna you have some of the best stories overheard have to deal would you be in Tokyo might do a quick the quick just version of one has enough. I was so Sasser I wouldn't get to hospitals before the surgeons already so I was taken some sort of organs county. I yeah. I. Shas almighty my singing and my weight Miller whatever it's called just kind spot I have to be enough a walk and a light. I'm home but did not attacked senator. I'm even I am home behind attacks are what I got time to stop for Wendy's bill you did not us not to know Wendy's still keep in mind there's a surgical teams standing by and a lottery is anyway do you have here and there waiting for this precious organ this. Yeah you're I have an I have mafia team Menem's. Hours -- legal bullet go away and leave and it is born knew a lot about this placement like Wendy's and arapahoe UK arapahoe road that we do you blow the whole road because it's never going to be good tried to do it no matter if we need to say we know has now why is it. Rattle road is a lost cause let's just forget it's okay heroine is more. So I get out of Iraq Pope and I don't tank went to win these. Mike yeah I say OJ is no onions. It. Don't want it but there is precious organ and it coolers dementia. An eye opener saying any easy single with no cheese no letters no tomatoes no methane and a stack of onions that would show a large farm animal. So that you would you you'd sure. Loud you're. Always. Don't know why my. This redo a manager. Oilers hard exploded in the color actually up close surgical team does what do you bring his car I don't think you're in Florida Iraq. They are my. Fast food drive war ships today still I like. They are. What I need forty god it's Monday mayor I'm just gonna say this year's run down under read you. I stuffed it doesn't Wendy's in the mid to call my. Do you want a health coach after retirement he won't call OK okay. Here delivery person or you've had some delivery I was there. We would love to hear your delivery drama stories. Linda. The sky is deliveries drama. Delivering medication to a gentlemen how are now and he called drug dealer to secure and you'll Marquette match. Drug execute so well sanitation engineer know your garbage you have sold your drug dealer to go on the. Yet delivering a tactic from my apartment he and I come to the door and see the only rap and like that Google blanked jet and he gets things totally out of it ain't gonna fine print Anthony trying to find sorting fault down. The court who got nothing under the white earth so I help come up and again backing his power because he was on the court and I couldn't medicine on his table and then the next day you don't make station came it out he didn't fly into the package you remember any to compute an Ambien. Holy crap is this I would just sega's drugs release its lowest. Amber is an Internet and what you don't. Down arm would pick him up by eight is curious. The black and a couple of our I don't know who's staying it's true she knew it was like or losing a money MB you know we've seen this girl what this actually all of I don't trust me. Delivery drivers we could probably if all all said was. You got hit on as a pizza dude or is it Chinese who don't plates oh yeah it happens always taught more then you think. The heat did you did you convince and duplex how do you convince him that he does drugs already. I told them where in the house to look down and know how to get America. I was there myself the same which if any do you let me let your relatives say what's. That given the Golan. Brian. Yeah I delivered drama. I would Paula and up to go pick up my delivery gained there was about eight women Brawley in the middle of that street. And that there was some police there and a funny thing is new there police told women didn't in my car and get. We get them out of there and there about eight of them. Second there's console by 8 AMD's top. Do you really. Load on the public and clutch. What are Torres struck a whole tour is did you actually take don't. Yeah eight women Bogut and Michael are. 06 books. I only hear the rest of the but I am sure you read about it in a magazine's debut album while he's certificates that they brawling moment Michael Serra. ICI's USB disguised and you are not deliberate drama. Until my aunt or grandmother delivered ever repeat tickle me. Erin merger quickly very customer. When he got there the car all we can keep up the majority need to include picture at all. And he'd. Yup he got two extra time so she had a taste she's sure not any pizza in front of the dudes. Me. Fifty but while and nothing else happens. Sorry you know as a girlfriend. Later yeah. Him is 6000. Isn't it and it will go whereas.