Slacker and Steve - Describe Us in 3 Words 11/29

Wednesday, November 29th


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Staying on the day. And we tasked with this thing ever once in awhile like. Management decides. The date date that we need a sales cute or something and that's what it is it's like and they want to there's this new trains towards. Don't meet you choose either five or six words three words like. Describe yourself do you think that's what those dual interview tech guys and tell us your three starting status the three things about you know it. Let's and so. He wants from us. Description of our show which. I don't seem arrogant sort of I would never know how to describe exactly because were in it right so what's I don't know what. Sound arrogant attitude you can do just fine our show because at times more serious than times were not alive I think. I think more often than not we were not stupid. Yeah but so is Jordan describe or show the way I think best as 90% of the time which is two words you just said goofy stupid. We don't even couldn't agent. You're trying to tailor your friends are important potential advertiser like you guys should hear about soccer series here's what describes you cease to be there in broad and trigger what's her. That's the code we we tasked with Dennis and we literally generously to can we just have some other people do this forums. That's so it may be lazy is the third that's me right there she is title M lazy ass come. So what are your FaceBook page re able to get that's a load just nothing in this place where you are finally did load so we'll read some of the FaceBook wants but we want you. To give us. The three words that describe. I snuff you what makes it we can do individuals you could just describe Stephen is noncommittal. Sexy. Cool while I'm just this buddy rice and I'm just doing the way I think people think about you help I think he'd be better if we just stick to the whole show but if you've got if you if you've gotten nine words. Or twelve words you want and you can threes or psychiatry perceives there's a little. The biggest thing we need right away though is the three for the show thank you and what are some of the ones on his face what people can be cruel slaughtering how many of these can we actually read a low C needs less candy. Meeting everyone loves to use the pseudo them supreme candy when they call and so we need to get I think the problem is with candy. If you're new to the show you don't. Like I had people come to mean go. It's a little weird how many keep learning tenure on the show in the united explained we don't explain it on the elsewhere we go everywhere just uses that as there that's our fake name or even men have taken to using the think we should have a different name for member doesn't so let's say if you hear candy our show just means. They didn't want her name to be known and rather than just. Beat Jennifer right everyone just goes candy we just yet and I think they just want everybody you know this isn't any in nine innings I'm not even gonna think at heart and I think now and what else yet looking after net never occur after needs let's candy it's needs more cow bell. Lousy and out of control or out of control by some that doesn't. Thought out of this one what dot dot dot dot dot dot com and that was pretty good totally free to moss. Am I. Amateur at times. There injuries to losing to proof read your posts on FaceBook or more than one of the we'll tell you guys. I wonder I wanted to exhaust track but we got different interns or do different things and we got. People who worked with our show for years to let's do our means and stop them and she don't want does a lot of our means forestry is all around. But she sometimes miss spells an obvious word. And there's a little part of me that wonders. Does she do what dump her who saved the whole goal to get riled. Like it's the end of the world you. Like I don't even notice it this bonus because. I'm sure your brain doesn't she read and you see you what year break on one just see both of of the thoughts on Ito's. Well it's words he liked to sit there waiting for what our entrance. So I. I ate I respect the one who does the the spellings and I don't think. That's more than three where it's funny entertaining and goofy. So that that whole thing is I gotta make a confession as I accidentally misspoke and stuff and the water source put it up and it went in and edited it. Yup it's will. Yeah I'll beat the video and spell check current year and it doesn't show up ten safari when they did it if you if you but I change I caught it may change it does not before they did. On the all right so you aren't you going to mourn those are both the good the just so does this what we're gonna do those are decent week we're tasking you. We just coming up with the rest of them. We need you to tell us what the three words are they describe our shell Shelley. The guys what are three words that. I'm a little airplane and they shouldn't chaos. All that's cool I like chaos. If you in the studio today meantime JR this is the most chaotic show me supposedly run in my entire body is used with the yes. I love that don't like to know they need you for the call. Amma. Yeah what are the three words not just. Steve is that what. If it's if he said. One asks Lisa and I like that I'm this good that's that's do we do that a lot do we catch you off guard. Yes imploded a good way good yeah and you she never said in a little ignorance of that shelling. Todd Robert X. Diet yeah I three words describe us. All right document on the entry of the great words describe bureaus. Dynamics. Because you guys you guys cover a multitude of topics hot button there and greater audience feedback I'll. I would also looks like a war will be multi generational. And let's see Gary is my 22 year old actually guard my Turkey Euro lecture bureaus. Jackson thinking. You know we you know we are consultant by the time we hang up the phone right there what you're doing your job you have a closer look at the dynamic multi generational and. Passionate very Ben. A number of times where each one of you three little piece. Both of you have either crock caught every close to tears milk alone groups Saturday each other you guys care so much you were your emotions on the sleeve and I love. Because we'll be in slacker always ball and about some. Good god this sob and boats and Steve is cool video you cry children's hospitals so you can just shut throughout most of that hole may eighth dynamic multi generational passionate thank you for the guy's Robert. Team for real we hire a new high for Ashley's. Yeah eight I three words describe us. I relayed a full house later and can see year. Well why don't. Oh that's cool IV that's nice of you I like yeah you so much yeah thank you for the next. Are you guys I would think he every day and honestly I feel that all of those. Every time I looked Ngo. Her call thinks I. Now it feels self serving really pandering for comp I don't think there's some what I brought. Running that we could just and in general this is assignment that we were given grabbing you do our home ratio of zero to the hello a clue. What it yet what's a three words that you describe a senate makes my head. Home. To your home that was sweet of you thank you for that. Back in school that is very nice thank you. Our Stacy case. Well yeah yes. I describe disagree Lawrence. Light burning. A wall. Our home. It's actually that's how we told our producer what do you mean what do you mean life ruining how we. How do you put under. And somehow you guys got involved in my relationship. And get my name you know porn friend Walton not anymore my ex boyfriend. I you know exploit showed up at Thanksgiving and all Mac and we you know what she really totally insane and we've gotten joked that I in my boyfriend. Her out. Well for now actually kicked me out and it had something did you look like you're racing there's something it says and that's. And I would tell her what do you have her you know coming confined mean he's. No way no that was not our to her you this. Mike you're describing so not everybody knows which are talking about but legs in the last couple weeks week she. It I don't think it's Thanksgiving thing we do you understand you. We didn't do their weight like all we did was give her advice on whether or not she should allow all. Her daughter make her daughter wanted to taste giving what mommy and daddy. And then. They're the wild card was you're gonna be there you when Jerome Dyson DC because you said you asked the daughter to call you mom this is that's how things got really into this is DC apparently. I mean. It's your screen you want to describe this in three words as funny and sexy so. Did you see you say that's a little deeds so you can get through is that your little bruise or what's your deal. Don't think at some point I think the point in the fact that you all you know orchestrated bit this beast. Orchestrating we have to advice from our listeners so we did and then and then she won't exactly. Amber I think there aren't three years it was anywhere beyond amber who we decided to know but like your. How we are so weak puppet master we told her goal there are you a fight with you. A week we did nothing of the sort of. I mean I had a nice evening planned. Week you know my play different in their daughter and yet you call me mommy Meena didn't in her life and basically due more than her mother. Lot you know and he cared where and that's really has nine. No solely U plus the fact is you got this woman showed up not only did she show and I find out what we need in you know my point. So how we order and say see I'm not trying to be right like you started this whole conversation off on the wrong foot. We didn't orchestrate the sis finding out we orchestra you call her mom of that we can orchestrate your your man taking you out how do we. In years. When you show them that you should not give in an unstable woman fights to come controls means our. It's just wouldn't even tell our Thanksgiving. We place. How this argument on hearing more yeah really honest Michael we did not do. Did you live but honestly think you laws should stop learning people lie. OK let's move this to remove this to yap OPEC CC when I mean thank you for the call yeah I had to do turn for the worse.