Slacker and Steve - Destiny 10/4

Wednesday, October 4th


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Staying on every true. I'm Justin Barrett is do you think it did I mean I know you're normally do tour but you've got to admit these coincidences are amazing. Hero bill. There's there's a story right now on this couple. Who is getting married. The tone horn. Home home does that sit in. Hometown mom. Massachusetts I guess Jessica Gomez and Erin. By dios got married on September 9 they were each born 828 1990. At the same hospital in Condo on on you. Know it's your clubs. And stay here every tile game and that data is all gonna ask you the way you descend it was of the bus next and I deadly bomb blew it because like. What's it works there it's at with us whisker close we announced work Chester was a whisker com. Content Johnson yet on. Are they were born April 28 1990 at this same hospital and kids are about forty miles south of Boston. The two grew up in communities a few miles apart before meeting through mutual friends in high school. They need to figure out there were born on the same day pretty early on. It's an drivers every education class together and saw there proof on their learners permit. And they said it was love at first sight it was destiny they were born small hole in the same hospital they're linked. Far apart eventually their starters. Began to like pull and miss universe. Had put them together from the very beginning today. A Big Bang out to areas around. Enough. And destiny was like no you don't hear it and prepared. Who it's destiny pulled them together. Until they met they sell and lows and now they're married. Terry gates earlier than the reality version now how this always goes is this how you take you burst my bubble I do. Yes. Both of them they're you they couldn't find any partners they were having a hard time finding love and stuff like that and so Google the hospital there aren't paying and so they met each other and inserts. Realizing all these unbelievable coincidences. To the point where they have. Their heads that all health destiny means that we have there's gonna make us be together they've brought us together when it's not. At all. They're real love each other do love the fact that they have these things in common with each other they said it was still first site look for sites before they knew they had those things in common is so astronomical that they have in their heads now well we have to get married now we have to fall in love. You don't have to all here's some other destiny story. This one's not assigned 'cause it's das in 2002 a seven year old man was killed on a road in northern Finland hit my truck while riding his bike yeah. Two hours later his twin brother quell cross the same road on a bike about a mile from where his brother died and was also hit and killed. My truck. Test. He wasn't so here's the reality they lived together in the same neighborhood there's they bite that it's common place on the same road and I'm sure the chances of getting employed trucker great. How come in seven years neither of them had been killed on that country road but one day. Just typical of the most on the necessity that something happened on that day but wasn't just that it. Just think it's if you would you see a more breath theory doesn't make it more it's just. It's sticky bomb one more know where did your best and that is a crazy coincidence story though. It expects. Cost ST scares us when. I hit this guy's wife and her brother we're traveling through Europe in 86 he knew his wife was like I think she's in this town this day this dumbed down. So he randomly calls. He calls the lake terrace operator it's as teams passed me through any pay phone. Daytona night. Was actually in France. Eight they capture him through to a pay phone outside of Monet's gardens in give Bernie by saying that right now it's pretty yeah. When you say it's thirty year gap. Fifteen rings later somebody answered the phone that I instill us a song of the truly desperate. Testing don't but it wasn't there was some desperation there hasn't it was his life. Please do joy for the what he's marijuana when he's he's he's white was travelling he's like. I'm Jesse destiny wants me to talk to my left and he didn't catch me sir I really but did she didn't say you know ominous and try this I caught. You pay phone stressed any Pathon. Operators like this is really bizarre sure Patrick won in Germany. And his wife answered the phone. You know wherever it's not density test coins and it's good. I totally suited for stuff. It's of the dam so why I was on vacation homes last time you saw before but if you did see one did you ever answer absolutely deserve to suit my spouse is trying to call me from America. These are guys like coincidence the same hospital now married to twins sign on the same roads and what Julia. Coincidence or murder for hire. If they're young. And the third one calls case found great family and friends snow gets his wife sort of topic we're talking about is to win city school we Keating the topic we're actually talking about is. If you've got a destiny story we'd love to hear it Jeff Green. Guy destiny as it hasn't affected your life. He has. Comfortably. I'm so I need a spy aid or scholarship when I was twelve years old. Cute this camp. Nerd thing. Atari cells have the courage to. I'm a great merit. Sarra these. So I I have tried I won a scholarship violence while people. App and it went this we can't and that's really where it interest you. We're an aerospace engineering college is what I'm doing now. And I hit by a Q and Eric we and the daring experiment after years ago he had in my interview. We are talking without he'll howl came interest in that and Patrick Garrett is where I think I could speak out. And it turned out that. The mainly interviewing me had accrued my college debt and it actually eat meat expert opportunity when I acquired. Shut its debt your hat. There's just shut your mouth the boxes either she's a creeps and stocks you know you're in tiger Rais who took the court date or destiny is real why all this seem dude like look over your application. And was looking over your application again for a different and. Yeah I'd like to think that he could author of the NB that it are they giving out. And eat and then I obviously got hired. Please tell you Mary don't know then you wanted to let you know a little bit of an east RNC really turned me when you were twelve so let's take the mean. It's you you were put to me and that's launched your entire career. I've that is that is destiny there's something kind of cool about that was meant to be are you happy. So incredibly good for you. I don't I. It and that's kind of proves to me right there while destiny Israel thank you for the call Kathleen I'm Emily. Yeah yeah I. CD shifts coincident. I'd actually memory has been the way and that I was very few days. Know how we ended up working together again thank you globe it go to the most school. Are we worked together right school broke out of my everything good or anything but. I would he went after college in New Jersey pilot stage here. Aren't speaking in fact we are only starting blew out started eating. And all the spartans ever actually let my coach actually ideally he would like some architect will bring hero that's why it and went up like that I don't I don't get an error as well. Which NN that he had he written I can't clap a little earlier he island very Hewitt or. So we've met three times we ended up having three preach at her wedding are a little like memory is free it. It's kind of weird kid can do you know like I've known I have an. And directory. That that is weird Emily that you stand it's in the same town you were basically the same age so increasing of course you're. Cross pollinate what these activities Alitalia aren't. Not like we really didn't live anywhere near each other. Then we went to college personally come home sometime where you were living owes us. Now she's just trying to move and Jesse just kept shoving that America. Members are there. AM only weird thing that I wanna tell you and I'm not sure if you're gonna react well to this but Tom you're online number three yeah if you're actually asked. I don't. No see you're actually not him only your online groceries no we don't like law and actually tell you're looking at a broad employer you'll only. So you don't think we're. Number of black guy I know the nine numbers and shoes unlike Doris one. Whitney. Yeah I guess. Glad I definitely got that hey I mean I'm living and and other city without the man all the way. Nude here thirteen years ago he'll answer in riskier. I favorite a girl who. I'm Johnny who I just lived here. Can come to find out she actually when I got to work in about 08. And have that he or she hadn't deduction are a few days after I moved out eerie kind of stared at it we our markets are we are about. I knew you were you mentioned when you talk to her mother's open a permanent thousand much nicer guys there's all that stuff no quick hits just sitting so it is comes. Swoop in and destiny I don't Jessica order says. Oh somebody's diversity smooth small step CNN. It is. I have urged by the Clinton does and an IQ let me ridiculous they look. Once you and I don't demonstrate what color what all of a sudden you're like. You you think you have to I was like yeah occupied when you think you're old when I first ever he didn't all of my furniture. Someone can look at my party portion of data. I start doing its. Starting in destination Nancy Weiner says the were doing it at well over. Are so that more coincidence or a minute ago though player insists he's just gonna do that he's going to be like the prosecutor go. You wouldn't do you are. OK okay that circle yeah. You're a lot of I ever again and fascinating just coincidentally badge just as a cooler word do you stool trial all I. The sport you know I had a hard into hung jury so let's just. Let's end this now.