Slacker and Steve - The Diary: Entry #30

Monday, August 29th

Slacker found a diary eight years ago as he was walking in a park. A while back, Slacker and Steve read the diary on air, in hopes of finding the owner. Technology has improved since then, so we want to try to find the owner again. We'll read one entry a day to see if anyone recognizes who the diary might belong to.

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I'm the diary here. Crazy com. So where we must look dust did. Thanksgiving follow out as still. Looming over us this huge side between Aaron Tim. On she's going back and forth between. Living with my boyfriend here in the being whisked mom and they both have said. And just moving here you don't wanna go back to camp you guys are on the outs so just moving here she didn't want to make that decision. December 6. I don't wanna be a grown up I think only seven year old. Really wanna be grown ups but I trade places with one. I'm trying to remember being in seven and what you do when your best friend of years won't talk do you accept the notes. And trying to remember to avoid someone. Trying to remember ever feeling guilty for not actually feeling guilty. I miss Kim because I miss having that person they tell everything to but I don't miss the fact that she never really cared. Or just repeated its others. When I was seven I don't think they knew what being fate felt like. Why waste your time pretending. Especially when you can access about whether or not to move in with your boyfriend. You can't fake that. I don't remember ever feeling like this. She's. And into. The current champ I mean. I don't know if it stays like this where you didn't you just. And you keep going but I know we see is we made a pact together and we're gonna stick to it. On the so. Dead obviously your relationship with Kim is over hopefully she's gonna move in tune with Mike maybe we find out we read another diary entry every day at this time.