Slacker and Steve - The Diary: Entry #61

Wednesday, October 12th

Slacker found a diary eight years ago as he was walking in a park. A while back, Slacker and Steve read the diary on air, in hopes of finding the owner. Technology has improved since then, so we want to try to find the owner again. We'll read one entry a day to see if anyone recognizes who the diary might belong to.

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Timer again for a diary entry armed where we last left DOS. She's spending time. If bad for the holidays with her mother and stuff almonds already driving me crazy was like to like to first de L pro and her time there. On she got a Christmas cards from. Her her break up my boyfriend that she admitted she cheated on my H it demeanor. It touched her amateur emotional. She she wondered kind of on paper as they could ever make it work out or anything to never move on a whenever much. They just keep any time they get near each other they have breakup relations it is so she's still kind of torrent still battle they're crazy Stanley. That entry was written on December tone. He force. This one's December 26. The mother says she's worried about me I'll bet she is I didn't come home and all yesterday I missed all the festivities. I didn't miss them really because I was right where I wanted to be. She's so mad at me but I can't told the truth so I'm just refusing to teller. She says mr. Reid is unbecoming on main overlay. Mike and I stayed in bed all day oh god this felt amazing. If you watch movies ate ice cream and we made love. Honest to god I've always hated that expression meiji a move. There's something he Cuba but I can't exploit. But that really is the best way to explain it it was incredible. It was like heaven. And then it was even better because ice stay aid. I didn't leap out of bed and throw my clothes and do the walk of shame I didn't run away I'm kind of proud of that. We talked tonight cried and we laughed and we nap tonight watched him sleep and he brushed my hair with his fingers and we both told the truth. I told him I was afraid and that's why I made sure Wright's career all up wow I'm afraid of everything. My thing some the most insane person he's ever met he said it's why he can't be free of me. I don't think it makes any sense but I guess a farm the crazy one I should be trying to make sense of any thing. At the end they picked a fight because I was afraid we were getting back together. We don't wanna be apart but I don't think we're ready to be together. That doesn't make any sense either. My head hurts from sinking in my heart hurts from feeling. And my mother was barely speaking to me in my whole family things I've lost it and I'm sort of fine with that and that makes the least a sense of all. I'm afraid of everything in Mike's afraid of me I guess I'll have to talk about it in therapy. Next week. Wall. So do so when she said she picked a fighting ends I mean after a day of making love just snow ice cream and having great to come sorry conversation push him away again. She doesn't feel like she deserves this happiness only in but what he or she falls for is like a duck when you Jesse White guy no we're doing QQ did you finally started shooting and I see your behavior patterns although her. You knew he loves her he does he does. News he was he all in one but now because of her craziness maybe he's pulling back a little I don't know all right well. Maybe we'll find out what happens and a therapy session I mean this was only two days between diary entries maybe she. It's gonna continue to make love with him over her Christmas vacation could have got if you wanna hear happens next well we do another diary entry every day at this time.