Slacker and Steve - The Diary: Entry #64

Tuesday, October 18th

Slacker found a diary eight years ago as he was walking in a park. A while back, Slacker and Steve read the diary on air, in hopes of finding the owner. Technology has improved since then, so we want to try to find the owner again. We'll read one entry a day to see if anyone recognizes who the diary might belong to.

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So I'm for the diary once again hand them. Yesterday it was a hurt her last century I guess was February 14 is Valentine's Day so as a person who's. Kind of going through breakup and her man is now moved on from her in dating somebody else she just hates humanity everybody. But there's nothing good sheet she's she remembered back to when she was ecstatic and used to bake cookies for people. And she can't decide which version is more pathetic somebody was in down times. Day and lonely out for somebody who hates Valentine's Day. Because they're normally because she's AVG's only so obviously that was written on February 14. March 3 us. I'm the only person who can change my life it sounds like some bull crap mantra my therapist streamed up so she keep collecting money for fifteen minute fifty minute hours each week and he'd say bull crap mantra. But it's true. I have to wanna change my life be happy get better blah blah blah. I finally asserted taken up running. Around when I'm angry or overwhelmed or wanna cry until my eyeballs fallout. When I'm out there I can tell a much I can yell at myself for trying to think of nice things. I'm trying to get better and nice things doctor Murphy says beating myself up is not gonna solve many things. But I'm not ready to stop yet. My feet pound the pavement and I can feel each step ring in my ears sometimes it's a pleasant jog and enjoy the scenery or the people walking their dogs. But on the other days they're running some legs Rob Blake jelly filled the Jolie filled in the pounding in my ears is so loud. Now it's never loud enough to drown out the voice in my head yelling at me. I'm so angry with myself. I had everything a person can want. And I threw it all away she flies. To see if it was real. It sure hurts like it was. Some people suck it cooking your goals but I suck at life. Yeah I'll tell you the greatest thing that it's just have to networks. She says she sucks at life but she played she did it she's starting in not such a mess she did it's why she did what she won't do it again so might not get another chance just self aware so openings that you're rights. Believe she's only and now. My god I wanna give this girl huh. So many players don't ask you went to a third fiscal doctor or season an internship would quickly got a real pleased. All right all right Tom. Well hopefully these realizations we'll get more frequent in shall find love and happiness in all find out together when we read another diary entry at this time every day.