Slacker and Steve - The Diary: Entry #7

Wednesday, July 27th

Slacker found a diary eight years ago as he was walking in a park. A while back, Slacker and Steve read the diary on air, in hopes of finding the owner. Technology has improved since then, so we want to try to find the owner again. We'll read one entry a day to see if anyone recognizes who the diary might belong to.

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All right still in the diary it's diary that was found in order. Reading an entry every day it's intriguing if your mad about it sorry to bitumen that's exactly bomb yesterday. Was kind of the second half of the two part entry. Arm the diary writer and her roommate had gone out and Taiwan on the night before the yen down when they got caught she'd gotten a promotional work they got home her roommate Kim. And the boy she'd dubbed Malibu cam ten had relations almighty. Came downstairs Saab Malibu can. Mean they didn't want him around would cost the use the truth which is weird we also found out a little bit more about her past she has an ex boyfriend named Justin. Who she said that she misses or does it. She was too that dunes yes I'm for this. At the issues like I don't miss them she dismissed somebody making her feel young because it was her first time her first birthday with Al Justin with her and Scioscia and it would just. So now you're kinda Qaeda and here is the next entry. July 4. Judy and Joseph got married last summer so no one sees much of them anymore. They're parties used to be famous or infamous famous and infamous mean the same thing. They're so good together and their awesome a park to. It's been awhile since we've had a party it's really good to see them. They're kind of the only Mary people like can be your round sometimes. Anyways I play myself on a lawn chair far enough from the volleyball net to not get hit by a ball from more so I thought. One man and I'm learning about the fascinating you on world of manufacturing sales from Joe's body. And the next moment my legs are up in the air skirt down showing everyone my bought. I must have been 500 shades of red. I like all these people and several running to my rescue I froze. I look like an idiot around people wanna think I'm cool. I was making new friends shopping phone numbers and email addresses. Now none of these people ever wanna have lunch with me whatever. So I had a naked in public kind of moment where I felt like a loser. It was over just as fast. Three of kiddies co workers lifted me in the chair back operate and Katie I go in the house to clean me up. She gave me a priests undressed aware inserted brushing the sticky sweet mass sun in my hair if I had an older sister I'd better have hoped it would have been likeness. You'll be a great mom someday I told her she squeezed my shoulder and said and you'll figure it out someday I'll. Hopeful which sounds weird but it's probably one of the nicest things anyone's ever said to me. It was the Wacey she said that while she was still brushing my hair in her voice was almost whispering. Joseph came in with Mike who was the guy who spike the ball straight into my head. He was so funny about it and just kept apologizing over and over and over again saying how sorry he was there was I OK including get me any thing. All these people are so nice I wish Katy and show would have more parties. Mike kept checking in on me all afternoon and making jokes about me suing him and how should take him for always worth. It was pretty funny and I really appreciate everybody putting me at ease instead of making me the center of attention. There's nothing worse. Think when people asking you over and over again are you OK are you okay for you okay. Is finally you're so sick of people asking you just wanna screen I'm fine. That didn't happen and I'm glad home. The fireworks were awesome Joey Katie face this park where they do a show in the view from the yard was so great. Mike and Joseph walked me to my car still making jokes about Mike's athletic ability. I hugged him goodbye and Joseph made some crack about how a fight didn't sue I should at least make him buy me lunch and it made me laugh. It was a really good party. Katie called me this morning to ask me what I thought of Mike and had given him my number. Apparently he was hitting on me and really like to me how did I miss the signs I volunteer and I had such an idiot. You'll figure it out Katie said again giggling before she hung up Ayman idiots. That is today's entry listen every day about this time for another one.