Slacker and Steve - Dirty Divorce 8/8

Wednesday, August 8th


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Staying. At about dirty divorces level. I love Craig Morton. Dirty at all Jack as you guys did is can't you guys are just did the performance you just did yourselves right are some paint furniture or if I mean. You're my attorneys to other salary you know she's very that's her mom. The weekend we were like we are better when their kids we do and that's easier the reason dirty divorce is on everybody's mind is Brad and Angelina I guess it's just it's just about her attorney quits. And so and so my quotes fueled with anger or Angelina is fueled with anger has gotten ridiculously. Unreasonable she should say Brad hasn't paid his fair share supposedly she's keeping the kids from him right now yeah I guess they had an informal agreement they have like a legal agreement about how much it when he's supposed to be pay and but I guess he was doing okay but now not. Mean is she short on cash well it's I think it's a principal with her she's Jesse. I don't know herb doesn't she seem like she's kind of she was scorned she's raw. He's aged so this what we what you tell us how bad it could be your own course of your divorce attorney there at a loss for divorce attorneys. Like not hit probably you know the same record they call I he's still. If you leave the names that he's so I once had a client to bend so that I think they're just cool did some weird stuff. We want to hear how bad they can get as I mean Brad and Angelina usually is I know. Jerk in the public eye if you do things. Eight it's gonna become national news story everybody. That's why I love dirty divorces because book all parties involved are morons because they're all acting on emotion not logic because if you stop and think why did you spend your money to all the attorneys to sell all your possessions now because that's who's gonna get. Everything you do get rich and I think that's why when I didn't get my first course or whatever week it was good she was like I'll just go pro sank which means she. Represented herself as and I stuff and I was like I'm not have this growth figure out a way to complete this tree over we just both views per. To sell other documents. Totally oh no personal class but if you're both paints her attorneys. Heats. Racist yes I mean if you're injured or get. 60000 dollars out here man you're getting at least 30010. And take dead a man who just take your computer just take your seven give it to your lawyers so. Here's any examples we found on the interwebs as we're waiting for you call and tell us how ugly your divorce guy. This guy was forced after. There it. The divorce proceedings or whatever to gives his ex wife's 2000 dollars a month in spousal support right. She did the masks and figured. Like you never killed for sixteen K com are so why is eight months I'm ahead of the game. Yes if he okay do the math okay when I don't know how going through divorce may suddenly murderer okay honeymoon. But he. I don't know I mean every time there's somebody if you sync you wanna hire a hit man and you Google it or you go on Craig's list you do whatever please give real pro tip him you're not talking to a hit man you're talking to a police officer are hard if it was assigned dumb question it's not. It's. Did you guys ever. Oh. Like the choke them and make myself. Did he shows up. All is this guy fifteen grand to kill his soon to be XY suit does not need to randomized use flies back to Canada. Then night. It's so admiral extradition. Geraldo Rivera does a story about this school all while turns into me. Massive. Bang he didn't get it eventually convicted convicted of seventeen delegates should you see yeah. He's the only guy eighteen months self. She's legally entitle the money. He insists it's just show up and grow up in Colorado Gina and I just found out from a friend who went through divorce you know how much they think your wife is entitled to thank. Gerry you titled if you are married for ten years Oca you've got to pay emphasized. Even if you're if you're the more the breadwinner whenever you asked set just to Pam for half the amount of time you were together. Oh Sosa it's going this year yet there then third of you've been together thirty years you're on the hook for fifteen years. Handled it a true story a must have person decides to marry again. But who would marry I don't know I think that's probably true yeah if they if they do get married again as we have a coworker who has been paying forever. Area she is she never wanted to get remarry so she you she waited the whole eight denying me I don't know how Americans you have got to pay. So kind of a dirty divorce are no better it is you can get here's another person who said the client put zip Loc bags of ground meat throughout the house. She's warrants. In air Benson added China water heater everywhere. Okay what these are twelve year olds is just so if it's your zip lock bag doesn't that pull deodorant. If your nose and not know even as rotting meat you Kia will permeate through plus you wouldn't think if it's good if it's yellow and blue red green. The people who I'd known you do it they shove it in the curtain rods that's where they're never gonna find out exactly efforts finish do what's sure shrimp and a curtain right hand that you are never gonna figure out where it's coming from the devastation yes got to act. They learn how Stan. So real stardust. He did it because they had to he had to give her the house so right before he center Doug legalese papers and stuff. You burn zone snow and and center in the paper right you hate your he'd come brigadier how do you honestly think that the police are kind of sorry it's illegal they're looking hanging on. It's kind of convenient they house burned down and then you send the documents over if people think I'm logic bomb. So we ordered him or series there's one more but it's really sad that's jumped into it the dog must. All she did was yes she got back she Q okay it's awful the dogs wanna pay the price they were going through a divorce. She agreed to let him have the dog. But he said well can you keep it for a week while I get a place she said share with ulterior motives she put the dog she did move. Now it's not a murderer him. OK we got to do more to this one is me I would do this last one you would be vindictive. I do this to my parents spoke. Ice sheet on the husband's. They go through a divorce she doesn't understand the DeVon nest thermostat in my household gonna she can controlled remotely from an app on his sound barrier go. So after the divorce she's such a scorned man to death for the next couple of years. He just keeps turning to heat up on the house so if we put up what was totally yeah. I don't my parents don't have a nest thermostat but I do have control you know like this is I know you endorse these guys. It's it's Kennedy they're after is awesome. But I I know they're username and password as I said it up posting his mess with both my parents will be watching like the Rockies he loved to watch the Rockies and I will just turn their TV to like telemundo. And coffee like I can just hear my dad back and look. Success. With the and I'm like move. He can tune things so good you know I just I can change when ever I want that is so deep bag dude they're elderly in the UK if you don't force me understand the electronics in your house are gonna work. There's a long long you are Wiki would reconstitute I think can I guarantee you within about five minutes I can figure out your it's an. Are your guys all know what you care or LA you give you know you're gonna be ordering porn like by the end of tonight. Who is that if you Jimmy my big long ball well. And here Wi-Fi password I can take you are flying when ever I want this side just don't divorce me then who operates pizza wrote your parents get divorced now and T yeah I don't know emancipation no remorse or if you've gone to divorce and things got. Now. Yeah I you are disguised what happened. Oh I know my old alcoholic I contrary later. You know my elbow had an affair with a preacher wage. All. Thank you so when they go to remorse how badly yet. I'm might have moved to play and what it may have been going oh it shouldn't that be an important. How do wife and her camera move troops or. She did did he stay with the preachers like cern are now. There. It's that's. So got a pretty of the creek to preach to help the victim in this much like a guy who that is dog put down is the preacher yeah basically just. Oh I understand you don't like you're alcoholic wife Ryan Nece clay got to sleep with minus fifty you. What a preacher you lunch and because you know porn addiction. Well preacher of the coronation. Well they're at church said is playing if you can imagine me going every Sunday when you're that sermon yeah. They cheer for the on the ground on the shelf are denying. Dirty divorce. How might actually it's retailing as a whole how the very. Well later modified that you meet every five dollars a month and he History Channel our weeklong vacation locales pretty worried it'll multi million dollar and send them. And you'll be harmed while making it on the money but he's somehow. Recording that he linking 82000. A year black. He utilized my public or wherever love me anymore Q Greg you're you're several credit card account where fires burning up the Allan Baird. And you've been pretty Matt says you look quite different numbers from a current global carrier through different plan Republicans are picking Eric our current. This is your ex husband this is your brother who is this. So he's going he's slim. The highlights but he's not reporting any of his income and he's actually instead of paying you your due he's actually running a dead in your name. He ran good there in my name prior to their efforts and I'll let Kurt how we treat. He hired thank you can think with the highlight what's your girlfriend or six kids from a different land. And he and how does. Modified the pool house where order without even getting a chance to read aren't. Anything get any paperwork from the front burner. Boards and or anything and I know he is. They ordered a cool thing to be modified he had moved 75 dollars a lot. And so all you have to do is face every five received yeah she could do all this weird and yes. She keys. Saddling up everything like he would be you will not prepared. A dirty a lot of courage and your putting the highlight Litsch is baby mama let's stick yet from the Everett man. Actually not going to that they might go to meet same car and everything you do though that the acts. Classmate. This is darn girl you know the sky is hate. Do you Shih Tzu miss. Are you need. Where it would rather that being heat where he. She's definition. All of deadbeats dirty divorced dads he wins apiece seven weren't exuberant call Michelle and he's just wanna. Molly. Yeah yeah it's dirty divorce. I'm basically my mum and dad got a divorce and how like CNN. And on nine out of ten and we found his talents to. To my hanging step mom's she basically what my mom. It's a good his left all of her dirty underwear all throughout the house that in just everywhere and their and a clean net. To make it look like they were evidence hair or just a lead nastiness every where her little bowls of basically just mink a process that much longer. She by antenna goes you renovations and everything. Yeah just construction workers can't sign a dirty underwear on the well I. That is a dirty divorce thank you Molly Jennifer. Yeah yeah now during the course. My tax cut and each year bond through a divorce so I was trying to make a traveling and and my daughter and I were living an entire NC chapel up from north China and stay with us to them but hurts and I'm yet to go back I had to go to work real early exit pitches you know lock up the door when you weeks and that takes steps to school. So I came back to my house twelve hours later extent all of my shots with my child utility link and reaching want to remain. Omar. My old. My air conditioning was turned away Apatow medal winner all the windows my house where oak bench aaron's. Slipped something in all but toilets to prevent special but plunger I'm going down my toilets ran for twelve hours who ran. And that's that I'm alone isn't. Better and how. Dedicate it is and ask did you just gave a bunch of people really really good chances.