Slacker and Steve - Disney Pointing 11/17

Friday, November 17th


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I actually don't Disney. A lot of have you seen the thing I think I don't know why I am so fascinated by a medium to CD maybe it's because it's kids and I like to go there. Chick filet. And played note it's my pleasure and I know it's one of its thundering herd that's if you go they have to do you drive through. No matter what no matter what you say to them they have to say it's my pleasure all value so you think the key is see how many times like. You would think. Didn't he wouldn't want their employees to sound unique and say something. But they say the same thing over and over and I I am fascinated by company puts that much pressure on their employees to save the same thing. Well other companies sort of putting pressure on their employees to try to do the same when they got away from a pretty bad right now Disney. Makes chick filet book. All their culture and their hold the other culture you this performances are over here are teaching you really tell the biographies of closely about in turn one degree Roy Disney's are the disease biography. And then stuff came from him. Or what was it employees was buoyed kind of guy who made these rules you Royce thing once. And it it really trickle down to every CEO that took over for decades after. Did you walk into the park he'd seed the smallest scrap of paper and he would go over to pick it up. You couldn't walk with Roy without constantly following you around picking up trash he picked up trash she was so you know what about cleanliness he was so I think a lot of these cultural rules might start with a Roy though wonder if freaks me out the most. I. I remember seeing it because we got lost when we went to Disneyland we have lost about cents a week I thought going in Queensland is over whereas. We may point they won't point with one finger. And I like our parents that's weird I sat. You know white it's it's always a two fingers I think or the gore got him or the whole handle him while I just spread the reason is 'cause one finger. Mean something bad in other countries. Oh yeah yeah Obama. Universal plays people govern from all color and every stroke it's. I know what the Asian culture you're not supposed to smile who just was sugar tea that is so rule that. I Richards they're taunted Disney dad to do what I thought that meant. All these employees of Disney have to know about everyone else's culture what not and what to do you started to say this will be an intern named Mike who used to work down. And he's back with a little. I might pump the real could use I don't know you you're allowed you were allowed to smile directly weaker teeth you're allowed to green that's that's voters there. Yes he's showing absolutely. It's his place on earth and I don't used to show your team right know. As an employee you don't sort of think back siege or what do you call it did eight did you practice called backstage you can cease. Things that would probably make you cringe a little bit but. And while there on stage while they are all cast members they all have to abide by the same rules so they all going to be no smiling pointing with two fingers. He addressed certain people in certain cultures it to address the mail before the female. Also we are. Shouldn't she mail is the one translating she said. You know we need this you answer take him not to our because in certain cultures it's. It's this is very bad to speak the woman before the man first you have to know every employee has to know every culture practically that you go through a very long very extensive training course just to be just one person working as a janitor. Ahead are you serious. Even the janitors are trained extensively on so that they can even if somebody comes up to them and want to ask him some questions there. Keen enough to be able answering question you have formed an eighteen point would once a year earlier what happens if you get caught doing some like your viewpoint with 21 finger where you least. Or somebody like secret shopping you watching you all are there are always watching so for you it's no longer the happiest place on earth just have to cut a three hour. Yeah but that's what we do not argue fighter what happens I think it was something like that when it comes the culture it's no questions ask your pretty much gone I heard reviewed sire did you ever seen ever redo. Don't know I just can't if you don't walk away then I think right there you know if there's a jam off. Well I mean the only if you go to magic kingdom in Orlando. There is. Tunnels underneath in there is areas where they stick a drunk. Up people into detox yeah absolutely it's a decorated with the prince's. You go down there you can see characters without their heads are maybe having the occasional cigarette to see and I don't know he'll be unreal talent at five years old that was the most shocking thing for me was going in the tunnels and seeing making their way to go there are five years old and I was Norton for Disney for 45 years so our. The ring. I guess he was so yeah Ireland summer that was my daycare was my mom would go to work in sync here you guys have funny my brother we go to the parks and at the end of the day gloomy my among. Turns us what you know everything about. I am I don't know why I'm so fascinated by a whole culture it's now I wanna go there and it seems like to chicks only game where you like try to get somebody take and what we try to get off your team. It's too we do that or tell you even try but they're very well trained and mean there's hidden things he can try to be like if you try to. Uncle passed the Toy Story characters you can still know there's an Indian real salt of the ground. Well. Hello I don't really. I thought he does it deal we got some tips from him. I want you guys to blow our FaceBook page which last year around this time I was going to do is you are that's right just blow us up with any kind of slowing insider information you've gone on Disney.