Slacker and Steve - Distracted Driver 11/16

Thursday, November 16th


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Steam on equities and not tell us drivers of the distracted trying to Delhi extremely hot. There's a dude. And they don't do this or why it. Is caught driving. This tablet computer and cell phone to do was turn left. So march because you do that all the time do you kind of you do worse than that I don't hide them I know you're just more is someone. Here's you. You some drive and on second traffic and I I learned when I was young to put my hands attendance you don't. If my thumbs are act now seven. And for no I can hold my phone directly don't make sure you can get a definitive thumbs and seven and four. I think no stop it why shopping because it's easier to distract her she was some. Vancouver police pulled the man over Wednesday morning apparently. Officer spotted him wearing head so who did yeah that's just icy deep awareness comes when they're driving that's illegal. Yes it's like you should be illegal although when I go back South Dakota tickets that are driving their first gummery first hear about beets I warmly and it her way you did all the way. You're not. Just when you change your sirens right here is our right you know so yeah headphones on homeowners he had like a big goal huge. Radio station headphones on that's what I wore any order you out the hadn't. A Texas owned it is steering wheel using a single piece of string you using it to prop up his tablets. She's. Means. You are so she's got an 81 dollar ticket is all Altec. He went. Putting all of our lives and injuries and guys were under yeah trash. Because of he could have Paul welcome Jim Wright you could've crashed without the stuff attached but the chances out. Lisa always tell you should call or when I'm catch up on stranger things terrorism careening down the highway I am I'm paying more attention. It's a stranger hey you know because I have to keep looking up I I check my mirrors more often because I'm like who am watching the show so I got to make sure object to my kids at the Belmont I don't know it's don't know. I am I'm hyper aware. Oh how distracted I had. Which makes me last distract. You know some other makes anti trust god to tell you that's right. Just sitting there like Saudi job driving but I'm not doing a second Deng and in my space out there but because I. Later no I just do it another thought you saw the one figures I was the mic you can't. Are you telling me that since your sixteen years old you focus Alter a new drive I am the only one though when I'm with the cards that is my hyper focused on the only person or are you are so focused that I can predict what other drivers are going to do and I'm not kidding walk. Cover so stupid it is not to tell you this long in this in defensive driving. Oh he doesn't you know you might ask Mike my sadistic if you think you have to go to defensive driving Suzy your license away. And are trying to launch an assist those who judicial realizing he had a new book which usually what they said it was. If you've ever gotten home or gotten the work you like. You don't remember parts of your your drives. And you drove your know your distraction no not not like blackout drunk if you can't remember. Every every time I ever drive drive the same but how serious. Are broad list but the only gone auto pilot so. What do you torch in terms of like. He also urged him to her I just I want our pilot I don't think about it and I remember now that they sagged in driving school. That's bad and I images shot to seek. The boom but what I'm sick answer emitting I would remember more of my drugs and like ooh that's Seymour who will gut like I would remember Mike although I was at this street. Was win headed to next what Nokia that's not what your towel that's not a she always makes me less distract what I drove through the red light that's the part. I was a girl. A lot of those schoolhouse wall. That's what they were in that pumpkin patch I just all the do we see he is growing part so he's not. Steelers never watch strange things but he's watched me watched okay doesn't sound like I. I hadn't had phones aren't equipped with and he was in the passenger seat next because I was driving him somewhere know you're real you're. Thank you you're on a plane and you're you know just enough to make you dangerous and make people each unit here early jitters that. Was it a compliment I decision didn't know enough to be dangerous is not a couple there's that huge fight or Colin Powell were to shoot the smartest. Little thing. Why don't I screwed up over the weekend. What's that did not. Suppose he has. Six episodes into season two so he's got no spoilers. I must review the tree I was like a hero who each three impending I mean somebody has watched him by now right. And I hope like spoiled little thought. Here's an accident but a new way we want your stories of distracted drivers if you've seen one. Or you've been months out we got enough stories from you. There is a New Zealand police officer and pull over a man this week as he was playing the back. And that is hands on the wheel of time he's clearly playing instrument learning car. For his fingers from going a million miles an hour outside of a church organs GPU picks. The mobile. What's cool front is covered we can take you know my back. I was playing Phantom of the Opera folks at the earliest claim that. Backpacks Syrians some. Supporting your bag tied for all of us and rebounds this idea it was a black black type instrument looks like clarinet and the drivers last about a morning. I didn't realize Aristide got the bad agency and even your I seen a guy I truthfully seem to instruments being put. Well three if you can't relations but to listen to iciness allowed us. Oh flu. That as senior trumpet. No French horn. Format for Google no different trump it would be easier to easy all the bandwidth was only three. Probably about all of the French French horn is only put the ball that's what you talk underneath your. Yeah sorry any U kids and I just ready to drive with your meat you can. Did if I do want change things and drives was doing scales I don't know what he's doing let me go to mantra to your right I don't know we don't know what's he was like getting ready first try outs but it. I don't WW second store my old friend is someone who. They. Don't wins and I didn't listen. Just end. It's kind of cool so my brother Steve French horn player guide is that safer than you want you want to change is as stupid show. It's I said this before but there was a person when I was a courier who would read it. And telling you that's were so much has changed thanks to Stevie is visual and audio insulates you can get to just to the by the dialogue and there was this woman she said she was on the lawyer Ron she would take all the documents between lawyers offices and she would do what I did. Lieutenant Jews sums it four and seven if she hold the book open on her steering wheel you have read that she was trying to right that's worsen even acts. Wayne Marshall the real quick yet another story it's great but Beverly was there were distracted. All the corn people record trail. Comes every time we did this because every time it is the biggest man dude what does somebody not heard. I just saw Stanley handing out corn on the cubs in the car distracted because I. I don't know it did clearly our road to date hadn't just left our house we were in a non residential areas so. Arrows they had a guy like how. Hot plate in the car the corn was just now ready we were you Ned potter did the solve they had the little things he hang onto with the you know gas was a little Japanese came in here and I'm corn everywhere in the car including the driver seat. That's I'd rather have them that you watching this stupid jokes he was a typewriter guy and it may mean that Boehner you're supposed to do and I go around. You know you gotta go around the horn should pull those who don't know who's doing random house a road trip him I was like yeah. I. Although it does slide it's quite so here's the deal if you're still listening congratulations you're distracted and if you didn't. Or seen an amazing distracted driver we want to hear your story Sherrill. And I. Distracted our. I actually I would like I look at it we had killed at her post you've actually breast pumping a bike or her baby. Right. And trying to do her mascara all of that they. Only what are just what she should do one or the other. Like yeah dry no. The priority pumping make up driving your. She holds Tuesday and had like Mandela compensates. But in Busan no I do I make up that's that's good subjects art when you pump fuel required to have you you know you could they do most people need both hands and if not most people it some people leave both as my wife's. Worked a technique where she can hold the brightened with their home. And then my cold the last one in between her she's index in other finger and just hold them there they went. It's dry yeah address. General under. No gaffe didn't like I don't I don't wanna ruin anybody's call I I've heard of people shave their legs who drank. We've just pull out the window and just what. Kind is clearly on the clutch so yeah it's cool right bowl it's not I think Steve you know this about me yeah. I have done this magic a few more times and I can count. Stephen I will leave the radio station to go somewhere and will drive like five minutes away and we get there permanent totally different outset and that's now let's go why don't mean I don't mean people should go I mean sure our outfit ID IAM this Superman that drive I'll give you yeah. Duval or maybe you really go Cyril it's geez are you an artist art yeah Jennifer. Yeah I distracted drivers. So I you have never get a ride home from work every day to my friend and shoot quite heyday. And they got games like. I'm honored so it's analysts are Mozilla whatever the hell he's played and it is no one ever clash or it's the moment the rolling log with spikes coming out of that thing that's really weird that's our country know show us weekly that TL zero free stuff. A component Cooley my own yeah. I was in the senate seat and I didn't do such stared at where you're at you with a filter your mom. You want to replay class or I don't know I don't have that thing somebody use it against me are hall com. In the past couple whatever I might US super guy you might figure yeah I did you just over how. I am basically how it went there are spouses topics are okay. I'm so your friend you'd play the did you ask her politely to stop doing now are you just let it happen. And weaken early after key issue here and it's going to match. Jimmy headset on was talking to other people around the world what are your kids that my company yeah yeah yeah there are other people our. Social she's cold again. Four or download play and heyday she. People you just riding weather at W I would Joseph Carr who could not watch your place all the way despite these and Erica. And I distracted drivers. So I would actually one of them and I with a teenager I would turn down to the beach and island and my toenails are painted I would paint them on the way down. It. Will you stop this slow class got a Whitney but somebody has. Wow look prettier toenails when she gets to the beach doing. People you killed on the way to the beach or she wouldn't be on the phone as she murder. She can call from jail and that's why I'm gonna use your lines into your items is miss. No harm no self. And Jesse. I think it's teammates the knowledge your distracted driver. Well I'll wait till like half black tie event or whatever and personal huddle but not sure. And they were really getting dressed and not their shirt or. Tiger boats and wasn't at Toyota Tacoma pickup. Okay if that's RT okay me naked. I have done it I I you literally changed everything but because. Because I don't like my shirts to be wrinkled when I go out to dinner whatever and so I have my dress shirt sitting in the passenger seat hang in there. And and yeah. Yeah I'll get naked I'll give myself a little French asked about a little site you'll emerge from the calmer but I don't want to let us see. I don't. Lena. It's. Hey guys distracted drivers. I am I not tire on the highway any had a different one and NN open and then. Coffee mug like a normal copy copy drink at home and a bowl of cereal. He went managing all worries. I eighty mile an hour. A new class life. He said the I teed it and you have to watch your show at the same time it's really hard she can do I have always got to somehow my songs stranger things have known. With the Omega weirder than yeah. That's what I did the gala where I've always just a moment comforts and you think yeah you're right it is at the with. Yeah I know I distracted drivers through. So slightly hate me I act used to watch anybody or driving. Because. 5000 dollars in damage see not how we're sort of we're burger or. And you know there are passionate dorsal but it or didn't you know cause. What he's. State Cameron Bright young right there but she's all caught up on stories like that it's a solar. Why doesn't function she had. To bet it was right now. Naming naming names there she's knows what's going on around strangers and Charlie anime though she wins it I'll.