Slacker and Steve - Do Women Like to Be Surprised? 12/8

Friday, December 8th


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And and it's females. To help us out with the as I eat. I I have always said and I don't understand women men this statistic when you remove a quarter estrogen. I you know it's been bumped up from closer to only about 30% and you still don't I don't get it you know I'm. This did this stat is licensed to it statistic anti palm had somewhere in the neighborhood of 90% of women mean. Don't. Want to be surprised. And now. Anything is just Christmas is that specifically right now it is for the holidays for their specific big polity president but I think most guys if you don't realizes realize this but you ladies. They don't like to be surprised. I I feel like that's not true why because. Women. On coms and the scary tale world in so don't think one Blake no because we use it all does is permit to be set up for failure because they're gonna get something wrong in the surprise and that that's always the only thing that women can dwell on them. Is you don't nobody. Try to do the right. I'm sure I'm buying you jewelry like you'd better old seat right it's over matter it's gonna be that and when it comes a holiday gift. And I was asking you a little Dijjer wives know which are getting them already because they wanna know what you're getting them. The reason why is and they need time to know. Does that anytime you know this steer you into what they actually want because they don't want you surprised they don't trust you get it right so that they steer you to where they want to within. Want you to get them. This is my million dollar question women. Is Steve. Wright yeah do you genuinely. Not wanna be surprised. Flip point of Christmas all of present it that's the only thing I life. Is the surprise of opening and gift. But they. So for women than they always 90% of the time they have to do the fake surprise I don't know if they're used to take an true OK did it well okay good the book with a Holley president yeah. Half the practice of fake always had just yeah. And new YouTube moment when their man just blew once again. It's a ladies need time to steer their man in the right way they have to find out what their men are getting them what they're thinking about getting them. And then that's when the ladies and go to work out and they do what the subtle like kind of steer what they want to get it right. Jams husbands bison lingerie and I just I told her laundry is stupid right just you know demands did you Robin. I told him we both saw these hearings with like blacks out players and on that we're so great at this address. And they're 294 dollars Don easy C. I read every year your wife knows what her big gift from you was going to be I'm gonna be totally honest she's never thanked now she doesn't. She usually. Don't know like one year I've bought her a MacBook. OK so did you know what she wants specific. 100% so you're good you're a good husband you figured it out before exactly what she wants so that way you don't screw up as and that's all she can well I'd it wasn't and I just thought she would really like it and I told her favorite song on iTunes on MacBook he really touching and then you've got. It playing when she team they she came down and she's like we're the hell's that music food that was playing underneath a tree on the MacBook I got a devious manner that's clever us of her husband. Yes that was thoughtful but. You Millwood on that one because you you do that's what she wanted and you knew her favorite song you better know because guys you get what went wrong that it's us that's the name that's all they do is he just asked. My dad he had this on the that's like tests on five years ago it not now. It's only had a media on and on that forces Sarah. I. Ain't got no player has because it's wrong what he's never gotten right. I learned there eat and my husband is the right to me on several occasions and I loved it. Unfortunately I didn't work out between that's the bird's eye. I'm slightly surprised you didn't stuck in. Somebody answer. Eat it I went out my I'm and apparently went to dinner and he hours waiting for me on the table. I'm not like Matt he went to Greg and I hit it. You know I had ample time but I might like red towel in the oh yeah it hurt you beat. Would he surprise you with you for your phone cut. Out. That out of the great surprise if it was a surprise me that. The no no that's okay she thinks well you call yeah. So don't wanna be surprised. Women don't wanna be surprised to steady team upload was 90% of women down yet even the birth the chip they always wanna know the gender when it's time for bird women I want him. On the site on breeding. I surprised no surprise. No right. No one not like well here to help Chris I just don't want emerged a dramatic. That amount about it. So I don't want it to you Rick you know. Expect something like. Guests. I repeat don't like I would the crouched and I wanted to birdie and it did you do dot bet it would turn around which the would be burned there are brought it any okay only. Yeah turnaround and urged that straight out. Our dads that's what I see that read that's a good point seemed to wanna be surprised you want to get it right on yeah they're spending all this money and yup. Thank you don't apologize it's a good corned beef OK. I mean I just aren't my thing is you come in and call say it's 90% of people might not that seems. Thirteen time world Kelly. Yeah nice surprise you definitely want to try it was no. No I hate to. Did did this so perfect. Talk to take a look at literally just this morning might migrate and only by your credit night but I don't want NL don't know anything about it that you're gonna have to do. Because I mean it can to how you'll have to be here at anchor I don't want to know at. All who you like to be but the but they never get it right though he was at the fate that only yankees. The. And get that right every time he's really quite unbelievable yeah right. On all the time that would be good to eat got it spot on. Are you gonna call Kelly but I think one ocean actual answer to your stats and look I'll be it was unanimous second watch Michael. I I I. I don't angry. He know that right there yeah. And yet know at that I'm sure I'm not gonna like I. It's neat especially and it's a win win for both of you than he gets credit for getting it right you help them get direct if you dissect the which won't. And it's not. I did himself it's an older one was once got from him if you create the don't know if there's a magical you're taking you squeeze and all the magic out of all of it. It's just don't it's night before eating them after that you've brought in particular business like she got bucks I know that is tonight I've plotted on Amazon I do you just. Would you rather have the magic of Christmas. Just that you could actually like use it was off. Yeah hi guys. I'm not at practice though blah. I don't like magic of Christmas slow magic led uprising. Is that it's great because then you just don't know in your all grateful grateful you're kidding again. And there's probably into eight and it just. I'd Barack. You wanna begin to run heat melt away here's the big golf here's here's where you get it wrong what I did in 90% of women. I think a 100% of women wanna be surprised. But if you're 90% figure is right. 90% of women with bad dude OK okay they're okay I'll do is that what your due doesn't know and there it is that you have to let you know CD. Yeah. You could surprise OK well let's. Her boyfriend sucks it that's what it's just wives are full of bringing imagination out of Christmas.