Slacker and Steve - Dogs Are Smarter 6/21

Thursday, June 21st


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Stay right there. I just want to confirm with you real quick you saw the new story where we'd cured cancer and all childhood disease like gold diseases are gone right you heard you you know I missed that I didn't really bright we haven't done that but scientists are like studying things off like. What's cooler dogs or cats oh. But what I Europeans have 080. Extra time on our sales of the homeowners like something out diabetes or something invented be cool wouldn't Tony had to do was call soccer and Steve. Hey what's smarter dogs or cats what are you they see our. Or I'm Laura. Our own or do you. It is pretty good and you no there are people. There's a little part of me that I know this research says the dogs are smarter. I almost in cancer smarter in certain instances I agree cats always come off as a lot more intelligent you are just sitting there because. Because they just set to yes if it requires. A great deal of thought to do it. Someone to love you enough to CGU. Two shelter human and you literally give them. No seeing in return periods are diabolical ER but dogs might you throw summit brings it back legs do learns you adieu here it does all these things really bar the door it's SH I mean it didn't work used to be a companion for you here you go learns to walk next to you know it's all these things. And the test is our offices they just. We think that would make them spoke record prices are more aloof and I'm in a needy but the university and sell fur emotional stuff. Has done a study. And decided that. Dogs are smarter than cats and how hard because that they examined the brains outer layer and layer of Malta dude. I don't know what's going me I think cats and dogs a bowl Smart okay amateur is it. They examined the brains outer layer of multiple car near Burris. Animals there even including dogs and cats and they studied eight different meeting the animals like brown bear a Syria Iraq soon. On dog I kept the Indian mongoose. A lion and a striped tie Nina. Arm and be whatever they did they figured out. Dogs not don't have the biggest brains but they are smarter. Than cats cats are about as Smart as mayor. Oh players are wicked kind of Smart though I guess but they said. It doesn't matter dogs are somehow attack dogs are using like 530. Million neurons. We have signed with coach yes you can. Write your surgeon there's police say do you solve sort of match hasn't had the dogs are also going to have to suck so.