Slacker and Steve - Drinking is Bad For You 2/23

Friday, February 23rd


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Steve on the day. Oh my god we are don't these two weeks his goodies it bad and bad let's just play the songs Letterman knows where rats. In the song won't work and I'm gonna try again here we go oh. And yes sure it was the last couple days ago we did is a good isn't bad. Drinking you know coupled here's a glass of wine and being overweight. You're real live longer a good thing apparently. Will tee it. A new study suggests that heavy drinking raises a person's risk of dementia. Especially the ought early onset variety so now it's bad. Arnold it's all vessels like the other story was like a couple couple drinks is good. And so this is heavy drinking what. Heavy drinking alone I'll see a differs the other story was big eight day looked at like did you looking at yeah. 40000 people out of the last twenty some years who's won this one looked at one point one million French hospital patients. They've been diagnosed with dementia for the last like five years sixteen half percent of the men and 4% of the women. Armed were drinking a lot so that's where they're here in this room yes 57000 cases come. They were alcohol related by definition so they're saying they. If you use in a bunch of alcohol. You could get. Early onset dementia OK so until now stud don't be. So it's just like everything else dude where I know where they can tell you they tennis. It is good news of a good arose about I was typing just bad again oak. But here's the thing he'll go talk to that person and yeah every time it's like. I know I don't whatever guise it 120 years old this is the newest oldest person they go Peter and Hilliard oldest person the United States what use images like. We have ever morning with a shot us dot cheered as I have seventeen slices of pork belly data in my Thaddeus kinda can't. I ate egg you oaks they eat crap these things and they lives. Forever. So this is my question here mentoring to manage no exact a little. Remember drinking I don't wanna have to put the ides of you keeping track. I think age nineteen is. Back to back.