Slacker and Steve - Drunk at Christmas 12/14

Thursday, December 14th


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And ask what's on the topic to where it's about getting drunken Christmas I know you would love to do. You know I people ever when they hear our show go I think slacker came in without what. They know what else do it moves you how. There's a story written and I think this is a ridiculous stat. 9% of people will get drunk before a family holiday gathering nuts too low that's your narrow ones hammered. Mean maybe not the scorer. Played before she used to you don't do this is you don't do a lot of what's the what's the do you pregame before you go to events I mean I know you and I have before we go to Alex and company things as you just know you're not that bright he wanted in memories can be ignorant only you know why don't you think about it the only time they've pregame was with you as well we are about to come with so what's and then I'm so well though it's just I know I don't record any of our I know I don't hang -- I shoes OK usually I got a drop out. And I know you pregame before you and I got together creative so you. Actually not true but it's not. But it's not necessarily out of the realm of my job in my life are so this study came out it was like 36% of people let's get drawn to for a wedding. 49 before a date but we're something's wrong. Yeah AdAware did not pregame we're taught in nights Jauron should hammered Saturday so. We're looking for people and this is very specific so busy they're gonna busier rock. Or it's gonna sock we want I guess it was open to the holidays but win or you. Drunk. For the holidays drunk for Christmas were gone that armed. I don't think I've. I have been melted down yet I'm I'm usually so busy on Christmas you are. Norm taught. Yeah I mean you're running around it it's easier to deal with your kids you know he's presence in the house to at least just to build crap. It's a dark hidden side of lakes. We are seeing a drop off for you bought from. Almost everything needs to be assembled even if it's something that doesn't need to get assembled it's here's a brand new Barbie. Do I'm buying new Barbie this year. We need yes a couple and then I'm gonna set a stopwatch and you you. We'll see how long it takes to get to Barbie out. Oh do I had a nephew was four years old and I was a Christmas with him that he would vial weasels sets of stuff and the backing heroism all your do we don't. Emotion gases are 8000 on a desk or their social safety got to just are caught never kick and because your cut barbies Tehran you're arguing rack every right now some companies have come up with this thing where they go here's an easy thing latest twist it always doesn't work like battles here today you know it's like slowing down. Like. I don't know come all the rings of the space shuttle with your bare hands you could literally regulate. Adult entertainment out of your own yacht. They're just soft she hit it off and have almost plastic and generic and that's why don't drink at a time because I know bleed out it's clear what ties these are drinking before and because that this is true bright eats you do you drink don't always. And get doctor Chris Miller is so I did one year and I kind of did what you're saying I I had this. I had gets to put together in the garage and so I was like you know what. We're gonna get some Beers gonna lie to the garage will be great low was one of those gifts that was a very step by step process I had if you stick stepped to the if you skipped steps to. But you didn't notice it do you got like stepped well yeah like and a post I. I don't take in this game present a part about 14 hi I am putting it back together and starting over it was you biggest pain I've ever had in my entire life can definitely hear dad or mom can't you by the time morning group Christmas morning rolled around I'm like all over America kids are excited I'm like yeah there's a damp grass. Right Eduardo Molinari told NASCAR. And so whoever you are. If you were drunk for the holidays drunk for Christmas morning your story. One of the ones we found online is one of my favorite things I've ever read enjoy mom had been drinking and suddenly decided she hated that your oh that's she grabbed it was a glass ornaments and lights all still on it dragged it out the front door insert in the front yard and she threatened us seven kids that if anyone dared to movie. We would be out there with it yes uh huh dad came home he just went to his recliner and acted like nothing was wrong. She threw pots and pans and screamed and Tom midnight and everyone had to go to church came home 2 AM and she may dad got their due to treat and made mistakes at backups. Christmas Day we had forty relatives over and we acts in she had to like we're one big catches sight joke that's rolled that is essentially dropped off I just on the holiday is Christmas so yeah you heard what would you do. You want to tree back with your little JGB going. And I don't hide them afraid of moms rafts are okay dilemma if you can draw Swiss we'd love to hear your story. Stephanie. Yeah first junket Christmas. I yeah I. I have my mom you know religious very well technically at the U rock at all. To midnight that I and it might bring Kara back from college and I ended up going out again a literal when he's been diplomatic friend Ted does picnic had to go to the deep south of my mom this. I have absolutely. And there. I edged why why the midnight madness exists in the first. Because I didn't expect fewer altar boy oh you walked in the midnight mass and you can smell you can. Room everywhere and I do see everybody lingers when it's time for not his career. It's I don't more same. The dads are not not a and it's nice to did you make you turn Jamaican jerk of yourself you were just ways Friday. I don't play no doubt heard note quiet didn't say no we didn't just go out there that's probably bass is fun do you really call. Rachel's yeah I had I Christmas. At and and I mom's house and that I have like maybe had a Q3 to cart offers to match line. Come and Wear and obeying presidential race and it's like. Like my grandparents and and I am gonna get from my hips up to Adam. And it's a time bracelet. And I just and share Lee and I laid parade down crying and sorry yelling at him about this gift about how late. I'd be my right he gave me a bracelet like this now like what he's not my father lake. Why now I hear me especially Olympic camp late he's not lake I think grass lake and. We want to know why and they do it's Christmas he's good and all of brain she's played being. I just got belligerent like I don't know I came over me although I and my eighth. It was like a lot of damage and then like not having my data Christian as but I mean this guy he's not my dad plays there at the mess them. But those must be your real feelings right because like I. So you got drunk and made up some emotions sack ladies I have really fueled. I I'm I mean I guess I do have a lot of pent up from stretching so late term over the years and I guess Arizona I decided to let it out man. Go off on everyone and killer laugh and so yeah. It was the end of the fun for Christmas. I'd be pretty game I sit up and hit an AT and this annual wage is your cloud. That's so yeah. Well played that is so good I just really say yeah.