Slacker and Steve - Drunk or Kid 10/6

Friday, October 6th


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Slacker and Steve on. Hey Joseph Thornton couldn't calm dog and booed too. Or did don't predict. If it. We should rehearsed. Have said the doctor did you never heard it before where if you can do. It's so where we get you to tell stories of stupid stuff does happen Ian. We knew were either drunk or did you eat out deep pertinent. Details. When you and Iowa trying to glean Enid. We're green or out from the story we try to decide if it's drunk. Or Q did you go once a month and since I have almost no short term or long term memory I don't remember who won the last one but that was definitely me landslide. It was a yeah it was I don't remember that was brutal so do. As producer I don't think maybe you have about sharks are just some sort of I used to appear. It's the fifth to trust me look if you lost your physical but look at a puppet. For the Bethlehem center except that it's. And the fact that you pointed dear friend and well on the radio yeah. Carries on the people until the completion to peer commitment the pennant and see. All so you tell us what happened my example every time we do this is you grab your state board tread ride off the roof. Maybe you do that when your kid can you needed a little more velocity maybe you did that when your drunk because you've watched jackass there it is whatever it is. You tell us your story little. Which makes us even more angry this is why we only go once a month otherwise are already dysfunctional relationship. Would be. Over so tip without further ado little. And now we'll have to guess whether he's drinker gym while waiting for you. So I was walking on the street and get you know yeah you're walking over like the manhole covers the sewer grates all that kind of stuff and I fight I got this. Walked right over it well the moment that I walked over it does that cover it gave way and I fell twelve feet into the sewer line. We stuck in a foot of water for hours because as I felt my cell phone came out of my hand and landed on the street above and had to be rescued by fire crews. Hours later after a man passing by heard my screams for help tang did this in selling this well and he's only just okay and we know must know all. On the yellow first on this and it's your first you've. This happened to a female on bigger read the story she was a well I've. How are higher credit like days before will leave his erratic. Same story she broke both her ankles students who may be oh. I'm gonna live bands they should Missouri yes. I might have read the same story though I didn't shall. And we welcome. Only people who can tell and you've got one toll brain cells that hold on to something and it. And it's happens to be a story he takes for drunk or did you run record today Levys don't talents towards a final totally count them out they did you Daytona in reverse so if you're right. OK okay I'm going drunk as well as deep what what was they tell you the rights lurid and well early we can't rely on Steve's memory because on a twelve year old girl. Right. I not girl or boy it. All right. Well I read another story was similar you do rubio I am a song. I guess do you ever do you how all twelve. The editorial telephones and I know I'm not condemning and FaceBook accounts and I'm not making union Africa until my soda to drink he's now I didn't look at it. So well and the slugger outsold. I so that's no points on one and no points and the guys so I was out about one day and I needed to get home everybody that I was calling was not answering so I didn't have variety anywhere. So I called the only. Other number I could possibly think of and I dialed 911. And told them that there was a fire at my location and that I would need a fire trucks that come to help me out. When the fire truck showed up there was no fire and I simply told them today. Thinks I can maybe get a ride back to the fire station by my house. It's. So I read the story earlier she is Photoshop graphic that's. All the sudden you're a voracious reader and what are the drug did. With honest I feel like that logic. Is. Way more drawn logic then kids logic I hate I hate to say it like you kid I don't think would be brazen enough to see you. A kid wouldn't maybe even called the police and say I am stranded on the lost but I feel like. The whole way and we'll see dates to door and pretend there's a fight here. I gotta go drum Gunn Allen staying your reasoning is sound it really does everything I gotta agree with that it was a drunk little big. Yeah I'm wasted you have always the guy in England did you actually read this engine did you really unknown. You really didn't know. I don't know. One more so we can break this guy get another one yes yes take Yahoo!. So you know how sometimes when you're sitting on the couch some stuff falls out of your pockets goes in little couch cushions well there's that little space kind of between like the back. Cushing and and that no piece of the cal Pyongyang since does start to go down there and my coach was until v.s soundness of quality. And I was reaching down in that little crack in between the back of the couch in the base to try to see if I can dig it said item out and I couldn't feel it down there and only game though. I'm pretty sure I could just pull this apart and stick my head in marrying get it out and find your perfect so I pulled apart the top part of the couch in the and the bottom the base of the couch stuck my head in there. Its own set item but didn't realize that once you get in NASCAR and I'm I'm the strength to pull it back gonna make me and I. Got stuck until someone came home aid could call for help the firefighters had to come out. OK tell my tell us from our demo okay I don't know the husband Somalia Linda's death I think see that's you. Oh wire over this happened you a lot all the time as a kid or murmur used to tell stories this was definitely kid you know I'll just say this you always get your heads stuck in the week we were poor anonymous any money to fall down on the couch Owens was months. Top. Guys like who steals or some new. That's the heat yes that's what it was these sociology it was definitely a kid. I think you're probably right to just to break the non official tie I'm gonna take drunk. But he adds cutie jumping a leg or some drop was like yeah and they did you know it. Joker cute tiger so here's how it works people over cut summary is where you know we haven't taken a single call yet Mario world this you've got zero. If you've got a story a little we will help you clean up the details. You tell us that dumb thing you've tried and we guess if you were drunk or the kid Leslie. Lol yeah and Joseph is rooted. I am running wounded not to articulate. How. Grabbing handle this demonstrates you are. Holy See the sliding glass door. No I wouldn't sliding glass door what apparently doesn't. To regulatory but it. Whole lash out like we usually don't concede she neighbor heard where they got glass door since it is one hole. An issue out. And though he won't let the vertical which shattered but yeah. OK so I think it's meets first on this one isn't as easy fortune. Oh this July I the first I don't know you go first no immediate don't know for somebody who's got it sold to the non. I know we got a guy I would go west. Thank you heard ice cream truck out there and you win Bolton through the door so they get I feel like each. You want you to and we see Bible do you kid if you want his kids that's why so these. Definitely just so you understand that I just I let you there when you lose your friend goes seem. Now we're in no desire to lead youth I just tricked you in the same thing deal was curious so you're choosing did. I don't you have to go first I have the luxury of a bit don't you just committed everybody heard you just said you're taking it simply can OK you're taking can. I you're drunk and the reason I say this is kids will bounce off that glass they don't have enough momentum but oh don't oh it's bigger. And jolts I don't know what you were running towards I don't know what you need outside. But I feel like you were dropping it what were you Leslie. I was junk. I was I was running into the parents. Are or what. You have your parents and having kids and the physics of children glass doors he nailed that was really I don't really doesn't happen I just. She was told this to pick whatever I can't. Are you okay because you don't get how you were drunk you bleed out faster and. I like Cleveland could. To conclude that newsprint up my course pretty and. Wow thank you for the call Leslie hits both sides. I know that's one to zero team we are uncertain who's who prefer one of us that isn't you moved Bethany. Yeah yeah I cheer the exerted. Now island at a friend's house in their building a brand new house. And when they're getting an op I hate. Jump dot Blatter hair her you've broken punctured a lung and I broke my humor. Hole he's so you weren't you thirdly the building site up our latter and you jumped off. And and you've punctured her long and you broke your humorous Steve go ahead man I was OZZM Bethany who clearly your appearance at a construction site. Would bring kids around especially put him on the latter isn't climb and all that some destruction it tonight to really know your dad was a construction and I think he's my entire I don't know why do you live pictures right completely did the people like. It could be good for the better part yeah. Jack's got so no kids there's a year you're doing you're saying not a kid who's who's up flee when Bethany who was hammered okay here's a thing OK all I'm saying there's really no. Know her friends' parents were there on the house from her dad was probably in construction and everybody I went over to dropping grew up around construction so everybody was comfortable on matters. That's when he was not one of the construction kids sushi was too stupid okay he didn't realize this nonsense why she jumped off the latter no construction kid jumps off the latter. Unless they're really good at it still but either way you were over at eight childhood friend's house. You were completely sober like you were a kid. Worry about getting to. Know why I'm sure she'd changed. This scenario bold he's he's he's you have. Yeah. Don't suit that between. Jimmy Stewart you've got lots are. All I'm not sure about it very real time. Glory and I agree you go you know we're going to unfurl a busy girl but it construction arousal how's your humorous to put it. Larry. Oh and I take it to the call outside. Types suited up to now I believe three denouncing and consumers in loans and took the the C Jessica. Yeah. I. In the Georgia game dork dude. My friend and I came paradise AD and that eager at ironic and got re I screw you we're everybody. How does that work off. I push her you know you can do that. You go wow I didn't know you can do it either and tried staying paradise city and we're eager to make Jamie create green. You as the road club and then clearly a guy sir is it means first though I ever Disney first let me just really try some your religious right has got to I don't just try one quit saying oh you're your name again I don't you're doing I'm not cheating well. You're shooting you're. How is this cheating. He seemed. Now she wasn't it yeah. If I I got my answer right there you don't know you do didn't wait extra cheesy you're sober right now oh man that it might have screwed me out. Seemed paradise city into this thing at sonics in duty free ice cream. It's nice I don't know I'm still would have I'm going I'm don't kid I know what's wrong. But C paradise city came out a long time ago kids would know his lyrics though hole I did. Put oak. And I. I don't get on this one okay good Jessica I have no absolutely no other choice and to try and catch up here have to go to you were drunk. What were you. I want. I do. So happy hour I pity when your kid you. Yes I give isolation. So I don't know right now passes for children. They even called Jessica also were so outside doing your kids and we are not times OK time chilling new video just the bats and we'll. I don't do ball low if you three point Thomas when so you could. If so that's why all right take you Emily you're a triple questions for fifteen give Steve a fighting chance in this otherwise going to be six to nothing you know. So I was cold you know it's cold here and I put my arms inside my sleeve to try and keep them warmer. And and that's beginning. Pushed and shouts. And. I'm broke open my chains they display she's not hanging down. And ended up having to go up classic third in order to get it checked. Oh my gosh I'm only a mile you first saw this was easy so we are you were a kid. What do you. See who is here today ways of pushing down part villains are gonna come of pushing down to kids pushing out of that other kids down so. I got knocked over knocked over. All of our our energy was so. I still don't enjoy the moment you want and I don't mean do you want to lead at this is a union tainted ploy for. Gotta take each I'd do it on TV I was seeing and still in there and I appreciate that heavily armed signal a kid. I honestly in my heart of hearts the nose yeah yeah yeah because I am I used to put my hands my sleeves I see an October. It through my own list yeah. Lot of different stories there but just to prove that karma is on my side today guys are gonna go ahead in taking drunk. And may be low you tie this up and and today. We now are you feeling like terrible it was a three point core that three point question and then two point question a walk outs her right Emily what were you. Great chip and now the question is though Emily how wasted were you so. You know they're. And spends all. Us hey do your.