Slacker and Steve - Drunk or Kid 12/8

Friday, December 8th


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And lucrative it's a drunk or did you never heard before well where did you bet Jack Drucker kid we do it once a month and it's basically. You tell us something dumb you've done in your life and we believe it's happening when it two times it's either when you were hammered her when you're. But to child struggle did and so the example I always give this super quickly tried to ride a skateboard a smooth. So nice ramp and gold. As a child I remember thinking that would be great idea jerk as a drunk I remember thinking that would be great exactly neither time is it a great actor. And he has told the couple stories from the news you'll tell them to us in the first person. As if they happen to him and we will try to guess what those stories are. And you will call into this horse still teach you to get all of your details gleaned details so lets you know put us over a stroke or two because you and I wager we do away a there are side bets on all this sort of thing so. We will be playing Drucker kid if we hear a couple of examples from little taste. So I am Allen about trying to you. Our guess running amok if you and I saw a truck and as like you know what I'm gonna go ahead and steal that truck show and so I stole the truck. I interrupt running a red light and sides wife's idea fuel tanker and it ended up causing. I've got a fuel spill she shields forty gallons of fuel into a nearby river once I hit the truck goes like I'm not getting busted for best dumped other truck took off please add to chase me down and up catch you later that day home police hole looks. Wow that was a lot now writes open. See our Cyrano. It was a joke yeah yeah IE O'Neill personnel you have to go first everything about half moon. So a lot student and both children I mean. I was a child ID I'd be pretty good ambassador and I would run to I. I zero. Nothing to go on that those ones easy it takes what do you think this though you have to go for it and I'm gonna say kid dang it. I hate season I itself. For me I'm focusing on it took authorities like half a day unify the individual foods is drunk. Go find birdies pretty quick right but it's a kid smalley to soil our he has slam luxury somewhere so it's just I was a kid has lied so both lists aren't here but we're the. Isn't nailed it fourteen year old boy and thirteen yeah joy ride street Lou and a river and everything else brewer in this room that's an in my comeback album. I can't wait until. Or. Good ball he get out. I get a plumber but I don't yet know there are two huge things in Texas. High school football and the county sheriff right here so I went to the county fair and you know I have never seen that ride that's like basically giant circle and it kind of just like. If what you upside down you get faster and faster but it yeah yeah I got closed roller coaster where she's doing a loop yet he's also that was that the county fair. And I decide to go on that well. Once I got on the on the right those like you this this wasn't such a great idea. My stomach started kind of fuel map bubbly stuff a little whim we'll all the bride was upside down. I tossed my cookies. And it ended up falling because gravity was in effect. All of the people below and behind me on the ride catching the remnants of my out of my pew. You notch. Saw this one's easy to go ahead. That ride you have to be yay high arrived at around and so good to Medicare and had been drugged but. Its arm through his own. Hmm yeah it's a kid and here's why OK okay. Spot because they had we Thomas cotton candy all that other stuff in final came only like 48 inches and both my kids are the tall enough to ride all the rides even at seven years old Kursk's. I'm sorry I don't feel like I all of no I will say this little deep rarely takes two stories of the same yes that is true that's why you're so your own drug I'll go opposite just keep it interesting because this is the pre season if you Obama guy I believe. It was again. Slacker is undefeated in three. No you can have preceded and I. Are you today. Yeah episode there's no words you get the idea you tell us something dumb you Don or attempted or you got hurt or something like that. And Steve and I will gas if you were drunk or kids. Yeah yeah. He's regurgitate. So I would you know went right back sprang aren't Saturday afternoon. Recent eras is now nevermind the stuff. I. Know. And we're watching them all and we karate movies then martial art many of sweet and today the guys are jumper and I also room open and Ayman Walden. Or and it's. Acrylic finish does. There is no way that that is the reality they would have died right there. And economic. Well I think you'll do the volatile and attacked I'm pretty sure I can jump off your career right now while it's. Lee. Climate Ladd air in Ontario. Got a bit yet and it took me a little bit to get my nerve and I just take a deep breath and jumped. And the split second after he left there look I changed mine. How do you mineral roof and this would it matter. Oh loan that's tied. A whole lot go first on this guy on the now contrary to what Steve may believe seemed if you listen to the show long NFC believes all children are made of cartilage and now you're just. Bounced right back up this is right relief armed. Here's staying. I know kids are still teenagers you could be a teenager thinks it's easy access to the latter you know where I'm. Maybe like go and get a four year old Disco ball or was somebody paying the house it's hard to say what's happening. Most of my soul. Says that this is dropped. Insult but is little. Like you wanna drunks are you normally do treason. What what's it what I'm gonna let you have drunk in Jerusalem you'll you are and what you're doing buddy to allow me to have this answer and when it was when I get it right you're gonna go. And JU I want loves you I won't I won't say. Or else are you worried death I won't I won't say are any I know how are you if you want trincomalee you have I believe it's drunk hit and I will take kid OK okay we'll be I will not saying if you will I don't know. I Christina which one where you. I was a twelve year old. We usually. All I'm masterfully money that they my partner just know I just Canada's whoever no other kind of feels like I do absolutely. Even when I was I knew I was under are coming to tell you what to think next week. Tina Nero are okay. They usually go casino right whatever. Stay with whom you wanna quit now you wanna do it isn't nearly one knows it's fascinating it's yeah I talked or two well you guy. Well I do I wrote that clicker odd door and then when I got to hop by our air I didn't locked down on my back in Europe my art. Road salt sugar SOS is going up your hang onto it so you end up up up above you know. Yeah yeah. This one's easier yes I haven't seen you're you're all for some spurs the others is absolutely happened to you when you were a drunken here's why because slacker has stated because you know kids are always made a cartilage and if you if you were needed he would've broken. Any thing you would just. You know nothing would happen so you're going to you're gonna we're adulterer or more makes total ass man yep you broke news if you were drunk deftly way to go I would tell you what she really want to check. Some unless you've got William craftsman fifteen horsepower garage door openers all they don't have enough strain on all the garage. I don't don't. No no I don't think hey you know. Daphne is slide you out slight roughly steady hum I have to set. Assurances things I'm doing it's. I've got a lot of garage door. Problems really feel that brought back my truck into and stuff that's true I feel like she was dead okay ask me which one where you. I would explore. And still. Like I. They're much manipulating that's so is there and I and I am just I said Aggies what I'm doing and I'll let you would take to the leader Sam Maggie yeah we'll guess what life were pretty much at a time tomorrow you can check it you've. We did take one more yeah you read the double those double good double and a triple. Now if I get this right away cancels one now if you want you wanna you wanna three point than just I'm a junior nothing Yahoo! is doing three pointer if you you know right thing you do to win out. And I'm already you know when he's Yahoo!. It's but there's a no lose working okay about this next one will be worth three. Points I have just one girl thought OK you have your first thought OK I know your place. Does that yeah JOO. And his sudden show we know. Counselor and this is only one point musher to win anyway I was three boy who has it. I they told her dead. OK you are glad we were clear and out of the rough is spook or don't know it was an act. Cut your tree out. And got a. My recap on the hey I. I handled flipped around my hands so that's the the plane hit the screen and they came right back at buying me putting with Arnold. Dick I'll holed it's yeah. Coach can say it. All right Gary and well let me let me guess here because I'm gonna say this yes I get nothing from her story I don't know I honestly don't know leaving I didn't really did you. The do nothing but legally do you wanna go first no you have no because your did you screw you and say let me say this guy nothing about it. But the first two were hit. Any us a little be doing three in a row to end this is good reason and astronomically. And it's not if you would never do it that is true but but but then would he. Because he knows that we think like tennis. And I'm gonna go where it's because of what I don't think he'll wants to do all kids. I'm gonna go drunk based on that alone you were drunk what do you think Steve I'm gonna go for the first time ever Lil B is it ago faltering there. I'll do three in a row how many say this happened to you when you were kids ready for the win were you drunk or were you what kids. I don't. Oh. Our pleasure to hit me this opportunity at all. I Iraq did I hear that this game I can.