Slacker and Steve - Drunk or Kid 3/2

Friday, March 2nd


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I asked my favorite in the months it is yeah. Okay death trucker did if you never played her kid before whoa whoa okay. What we do as we did you tell us stories of the dumb things you've done in your life. Leaving out these. Pertinent. Entering words it is it is pertinent details that would tip us off as to whether you were drunk or a child and down. We will gas we will gamble we will you. Putting money or any shame on this in a while it's been all right it's okay though because I've been winning you know while I wanna last time yet now I think you did OK I go to. You know as a producer you would think you would keep track of this sort of thing you think ray. Thank you paid to be here right at. All so the example that I give every time and I'm sorry if you've heard before but it's basically grab a skateboard grown up on your roof. Writings to borrow off your roof that happens either do your drunk or kid so we want to call. Tell us what you did and we'll try to guess Andy do you into the mindset Middleby has pulled a couple. Traps even a few stories from the news. And he will read into this is a thing happened in and we will get warmed up this like car is our stretch now would you agree with fast feet and things like you're ready for drug could hit. Perfect so I'm driving through the great state of Pennsylvania decide to stop off at a hotel there. At one point I get locked out of my hotel room three mile rookie card in the hotel room get locked out and saw. Didn't really have any idea what to do you didn't the first thought they came to mind that my mind was not let's go to the front desk and making money back in it was just like. I don't get everyone's attention all pull the fire Ronald. So I pulled the fire alarm the entire hotel had to be evacuated and then once they let everybody back in I was let back into my hotel. Moon. I mean. You know he did their right I mean everything you do is like I'm traveling I'd I'd get my hotel room just I'd say it's no sway you away from kids here as a 100% up. And I've been intoxicated enough to go. I just need help and maybe the fire department can help me. Well we've we've also lived through where there were a couple of drunks and pulled the fire we should we know we've been evacuated. Hotel what time that's three. I'm so. Because these don't count how many tests these. Good his whether she's doing the reverse psychology on us I'm gonna say. That this is kids today because you're gonna sit I was you to say and I just feels like she started out with select new meal should you would do drunk guy immediate community it's this one right I'll I'll just for the sake of monster drunk too soon take another look at OK as did my name's Andrew Nemeth 35 year old drunk man from Oklahoma and I saw you saw the whole way. But the fighting mill news. What happens to did you know the into the swords what happens somebody does actress I don't know the toes dude she pulled the fire alarm mirror and hard times some ten. Just pulled the fire alarm. It's very it would fire extinguishers all up and down the hallway as righty yeah and barely gotten to sleep like bastard that was not conforming yeah. Andrews arrested for causing a false alarm disorderly conduct public public drunkenness and criminal mischief in his later let out on 101000 dollars bail dude all right. So I'm and that's 11 points from I would go back to the same well again here so I'm CNN hotel got a gambling. Never all my family says you know. We're Tucker now for the night we're gonna go ahead and we're gonna go to bed I'm not ready to go to bed yet so I tell them hey I'm gonna go down to the hotel lobby and hang out for a bit. So I go to out of the hotel lobby go back upstairs to get in a matter in my key cards not work do Rio and so I say I don't know I didn't know what to do you didn't think to go down to the front desk and let them damion I. Short of the fire alarm. Instead what I did is I said I'm just I don't wanna wake my family up. Some to go head lay down and sleep break here in front of the hotel door. So I laid down in front of the door fell asleep for a little bit couple hours later in the morning a hotel employee comes by and wakes me up and says sorry. You're on the wrong Florio at the wrong dole. Nose was easy don't have them okay. He wanted to be courteous and kind to his family. No kids ever going to be that way. I don't I just so terrified residents. You can disappear really act and it's a while we're goes up and go drunk and no I'm gonna say this I have been sacked slipped outside my hotel room as an intoxicated person. You with your stammering. Doing so UN drunk on the man. I'm going to I you know would be I don't know why I'm over thinking you'll see his own towel and I I I honestly believe this one as a kid. Because it's one of those things. I think it was partially you know when we Stanley did he didn't wanna get caught that he needs a gal trouble yeah all of us so OK so I think he was probably ten on this one. I'm wasted taxpayer. And not our intern in media. And. Observing. As we totally just pass out. Duplication looker I don't know my URL machine she she there was an adult OK if he yeah how warmer she our. So there's much people over at my house and I was trying to show lost himself message hey watch this see this Lago piece I can totally stick this up my nose and so I stuck the Lego piece up my nose. It was a little bit bigger than I'd anticipated and I couldn't get the Lego piece out so I started freaking out all my family or friends that were at the house. Started videotaping me and the videotape of me now freaking out that I have a Lego piece stuck up my nose has gone viral. Knowledge is gone viral the word look like idiots for not knowing what it is. Well why don't you do you have your are you go first here's a tango mango screams. And I am. Right up until the point where urban search videotape there and as we know John Julie are you know cheering it so I'm gonna say it was drunk hole. Little he wouldn't do three drunks Sara Lee could that's how he won the last one is right on as. I'm still saying drunk Tuesday it would drunk yeah I am job on your your Irish owned or did your gonna be correct but I'll just for the sake of distinct the opposite is. In addition to the actual competition would not get a point off there's he would soon. Yeah all. So if you like acquiesce crap you're doing right now I don't be deducted half a point wool suit us three independent so I said. What does it look like it's happening and as a kid. Always guys are you drunk he said drunkenness and didn't seek to destroy the size proceeded. Yeah are your kid let's read enough and holy smoke it was my dad that started videotaping in the video's gone viral. Yeah okay that's fantastic learn to go away with a couple of what did you get better. I you know I don't works Telus is stupid crap you've done. Either drunk or a kid little. And we will try to gas. Steve we'll be guessing you'll do is we lucked into it owes no I will try to figure out if you were drunk or a kids Courtney. Hey you guys. It's got a good story we're not gonna tell you where you know we're thank god I don't have Drucker Jim what happened. Iowa City at steamboat Lachey and I forgot you put my heart back at all when I would and that I lock depth chart can't they are my stop and let. It. I think it's. Okay I am. My first unsure yet this way I can guarantee that you can't you can't see and thank you just can't choose the wrong thing on for a move. This was easily your what I know while. Mom you're more you forgot to do the hook saying fishing. Fishing is. Wow fishing alone yeah I'm drunk because of your fishing with your paws. Lucic was officially today. It does your taught America. But you or you were yeah you are plowed with some of your drunk friends she's yes I'm going drunk drugged out deathly happening corny when you were a kid because it's always the kids of forget the we'll continue to drunks adults who remember that book. Himself under this was totally kid. Okay what were you. Yeah yeah Rhode Island. EC. I don't look good living and look dude I'll lose because Greg. This is this also selling process I don't know if you if you just tuning in every one I said I don't have any more you hey Courtney congratulations you children or kids go and arson Carlson heroes and it's not your fault and I'm terribly early warm enough embodied. Just barely one. How about we make each point with Tony five points to your comment here you know I feel like you just jinxed me with all that million Dan's. Yeah ice junker can talk kid. All right so strobe lights can mate Joseph. Ceiling jammed look a lot slower where America orange post eat right hand guns yeah. We're going. I. So since we thought we could get our head up and down there or it wouldn't. Guess you date up to speed is should we couldn't tell what are really want to do well obviously bond shall speed him dead. Which you back around a trip short and that led to believe it's so hard on the sorted into a bridge and down to sell that dog duke (%expletive) hole into a mosque belong. What I see your first go ahead go yes our members CU we have I've done and I tried this both as a kid and has drawn some stuff but. But she's so there was a bunch of you are re known hanging around. There's a good group of kids I think one would try to do it wouldn't wouldn't have the guts to a big to drum a juicy this happen you when you're drunk okay obviously he's. I have nothing to say okay my logic doesn't work. I'll say this I don't stroke play during both as a drunk and has yeah never it occur to me to put my head through ceiling jammed. I see you said drunk I did yes I feel like the only time that would happen would've been drunk I'm gonna take kid just to try to get back on the board okay. So Dan what were you. Our current column that's. They are drunk do you yeah so it didn't hurt that they don't let you know oh yeah that's awesome dams hope you have a great nine man. Okay and it's here yeah NC chairman. So dearly early to be enough. I'm dead serious guy did tell us your Felix I don't know how I felt more elusive I don't have it. I don't have the odds are pretty darn becomes a comeback actually. I I don't. Well I got into an argument with another person because they took pumping up among to meet them and they chase after them trying to retrieve that. And they fell down the stairs dislocated my cap. Two holes. After your first on this phone text here's the things logic says she's still an argument you stole some that's a kid bank. Chasing around belted think everything about it kid so I'm go 1100%. Drunk because this is that moment where my gut tells me. That she's doing the reverse psychology so I'm going drunk it has to be truckers for your comeback begins I am going to say this happened you're actually right but I embassy now and not do. Does it but it obviously your kid what were you. Murder yet to see soccer. Let's include. But if it doesn't matter who will update you Brokaw actually I don't want cleans that many come back let's make this and we're two point all right. So Toledo three to afford a one yup. Okay good okay here we got Jessica. Yeah hey I. Urgent. Done my best friend and I were playing around in the tree house planning Dierker can box on the catch you look first Uggla parents that she did at the end she broke her leg. And I never dumped. Do this mar oh man I'm gonna do I have to the first our source treehouse screams kid yet. But he can also take you around if take can't take it this is for the way this is true or no clue when I know. Big bucks no Emmys it's all right here amen and so you told me to Tate tunnel just I'm going to take care because of his or lose a word on what you told me to blow guys so it is your analysis cheated out dude I sucked no easier taking your gonna get this one yet. Jump out of a tree house as a drunk I'm taking it for the win Jessica what were you. I Olympic and hold and shoot as I got beads and our. Slacker would happen. All we don't they drew incursion into why it or may be like among some things.